The SugarCube SC-2 Is Here At Last...Clicks & Pops R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by DigMyGroove, Nov 12, 2017.

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    There's many a naysayer polluting this thread that have never heard the product and are making assumptions based entirely on ignorance of said product. If you haven't heard it, why are you assuming the worst? Gotta love the internet sometimes. Just because you heard a different product that didn't work, or you just think it's a bad idea, doesn't mean anything and isn't helpful. It also doesn't make you correct.
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    The theory of how to do this processing has been known for 40 years or more. Three audio manufacturers made versions that I noted above, during the peak of 1980s hifidom, and those three companies went out of business. Tiny electronic kits companies made versions for do-it-yourselfers to assemble and solder. And later Marantz did one, and that unit just didn't sell. And one model is still available new from Esoteric Sound - halfway down this page, for $425. This has been available for sale new (I won't say "in current continuous daily active production") since 1999.
    CEDAR, noise reduction, hiss reduction, click reduction, sound restoration

    There are 50 or more software programs that do it on a PC.

    They all work. Of the software, some are poor, most are pretty good, a few are better. Any of those could have been licensed or ...

    As these things go, the click and pop reduction is not "difficult". The Marantz (Philips) version, around 1992, also did it digitally - convert to digital, process, convert back to analog - it didn't sell in Europe, or Japan, and I don't think it was ever released in US. Even the older analog units 1979-1982ish did the sensing in a way we now might recognize as digital sampling, but always kept the signal in analog.

    The new thing in the SC-2 is storing the files, and with internet-found metadata. That's not really new either. Your phone can basically do that and has for 10 years. Putting it all together in the SC-2 could be useful, but not really new.

    I really want to hear comparisons, with not only the old analog units, but a good selection of available software. I'm open. If this is "better", I want proof. If it is "as good as" something generally available, that's ok too. I want to see files, from the same record/turntable/cart/preamp, before and after the SC processing, so I can look at them myself.

    I'd like to hope this is better than what has been, I just don't really see/hear/think how it could be better. I'm not trying to be negative, I think and hope this is good - it is just not new. The indiegogo page says "A new category of audio component for the Vinyl Lover" - the click/pop reduction SC-1 is not; maybe they mean the SC-2 package in one box.
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    Sounds like a fine idea, PM me.
  4. DigMyGroove

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    They. Have. Jumped!
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    I checked out the samples posted at the CEDAR listing you linked too, not impressive at all. The SugarCube actually works, the CEDAR not so much. When I have time this coming weekend I'll make some comparison recordings and post them.
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    Yes, because those do create the clicks and pops. As I mentioned, my SC-1 will not completely eliminate groove damage that is buried inside the groove. But it gets rid of the scratch noise, and even dust noise.

    It is awesome.
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    The flaw in this logic is that new algorithms as well as ADC and DSP are always being designed. Advancements in processor speed and DSP processing abilities may make these new products surpass the stuff that's previously been used. I look forward to hearing this device and will make my judgement when I have listened to it for a few days in my own listening room. I hope that they'll sell this very exciting new product through dealers that will allow one to audition these and return it if it's not acceptable.
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    JohnO, I can appreciate your skepticism, I really can. I’ll tell you personally: I’ve used my SC-1 for 9 weeks now...there is absolutely no sonic degradation. I have played over a hundred albums, and a ton of 45s. I’ve auditioned it for family and friends...they can’t believe it. But it’s not some unexplainable weird-science, nor is it any confirmation bias thing, either. It’s good science, lovely software engineering, and a solidly built component. I have a ton of used lps that I am now enjoying without background interference, and that is a pleasure.

    It’s truly what some of us have been waiting for.
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    I’ll probably get around to it sometime, but you can go to and do a search for the SugarCube and watch one of these filmed by Michael Fremer.
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    There should be a dial for attitude adjustment.

    There is also the bozo list.
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    Anybody remember the SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System? I have one. It kinda works. It can filter out minor ticks and clicks, but pops punch holes in the audio, and if you turn it up too high, it starts removing the intentional impulses in the music.

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