The Walking Dead Season 7! Part 2 Sunday February 12th 2017!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Michael, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Michael

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    The Walking Dead Season 7! Part 2 Sunday February 12th 2017! RETURNS TONIGHT!!!
  2. Wow! Nobody's biting? Okay, I'm game.

    Does anybody else get the feeling that we'll spend 8 episodes getting ready for war, only to have the war begin in Season 8?

    Meanwhile, Rick and the dum dums duke it out with this new group of female survivors (because chicks with guns are cool), only to team up with them later to fight the evil villain. Ezekiel has a change of heart and decides to fight, too, after consulting with Carol.

    Somewhere in the middle of all of this we find out that Daryl gives his hair that interesting sheen by rinsing his hair in a chicken fryer.
  3. ssmith3046

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    I watched the season premier last night and thought it was OK. At least I made it all the way through it.
  4. spewey

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    Little Rock
    I think the lack of replies on what used to be a very active thread speaks volumes about how lame this show has become.

    Either that.....or people just haven't watched this continuing trainwreck yet :D
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  5. noname74

    noname74 We The North.

    First time ever I forgot about a WD premiere...
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  6. Jack

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    Orange, MA
    It has jumped the shark.
  7. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    Agreed. The show has become utterly predictable.
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  8. Aggie87

    Aggie87 Gig 'Em!

    Or this is a new thread and there's been only one episode that fits this thread, and that episode didn't really have a lot of drama, just stage-setting for what may be coming.
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  9. Joey The Lemur

    Joey The Lemur Forum Resident

    I enjoyed it. At the very least it wasn't the miserable slog that the first half of the season was. Rick has his mojo back.
  10. mattdm11

    mattdm11 Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    Worst premiere. I give this show another two seasons. It won't make it to ten.
  11. videoman

    videoman Forum Resident

    Lake Tahoe, NV
    Still better than 90% of what is on broadcast/basic cable TV these days.
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  12. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    So who are the people who surround Rick at the end. He smiles back... Maybe the first time he had smiled in years... So I assume he knows one of them...
  13. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    Little slow out the gate.

    Pretty cool watching Rick and Michonne mow em down.

    I'm in regardless.
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  14. jriems

    jriems Audio Ojiisan

    Hmm...I took his smile to mean he was pleased to find another fairly large group of warm bodies that he might be able to enlist for his Stop-the-Saviors plan.

    As for the episode, it was OK. The best part was that sequence on the highway, though. That was a new take on walker decimation!
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  15. Now that I think about it, it wasn't all females in the new group, was it? Definitely the females with machine guns outnumbered the men with machine guns.

    I'm thinking that Rick recognized Heath.

    I'm thinking that the group in question are comprised mostly of defectors from the all-female group that Tara ran across, with a smattering of stragglers from here and there.

    Or, Rick could have recognized Father Gabriel, who took all of those canned goods to another group as bait to get their help.

    My money is on Heath, though.

    It kind of blows my mind that there are so many groups in one little area and nobody knows about one another. It's like:

    "Oh, which group are you from?"

    "The one that's about 1.6 miles south of here, in a place called Alexandria."

    "Makes sense, because we only scavange for food west of here."

    "Oh, so you scavange in the area of Negan's group, right?"

    "Who's Negan?"

    "Well, he has about 300 people only about 2 mile west of here. It's easy to miss them and their big compound, though."

    "Wow! Do you know of any other groups?"

    "Nope, only The Hilltop and The Kingdom... And oh yes, a large group of females only about 2 miles thataway. Otherwise, not a soul."

    "Whew! That's good. It's nice to know we're pretty safe out here alone."

  16. Rubber65

    Rubber65 Forum Resident

    My wife and I actually quite enjoyed the episode. At least the show isn't dragging out as Rick tries to convince all the communities to join him. His group is already getting to work to put an end to Negan. But something Morgan mentioned was interesting he says maybe they could capture Negan. Wonder if this would have anything to do with Morgan's prison cell. Overall, not the best episode but not the worst either. I personal don't foresee this series lasting more than 2 other season. I'm guessing they may just wrap things up after season 9 is finished. As for Fear the walking dead...I can't imagine how long they will keep that series going.
  17. projectcookie

    projectcookie Active Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    Yes the decimation scene made me laugh in a good way. Very cool.

    I don't really care much if this show has jumped the shark, I'll still watch it haha
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  18. dead of night

    dead of night Forum Resident

    Northern Va, usa
    I'd love to see Negan in a prison cell. Now that would be a scene.
  19. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident

    that and they have GUNS galore....I don't think they'll have any problem enlisting this group
  20. sixtiesstereo

    sixtiesstereo Forum Resident

    That's why I at first thought it was the Oceanside group of women. When Tara was there, they
    had a huge arsenal of weapons. But since there were also men with them, it apparently isn't
    the Oceanside group.
    Also, I think it was Heath that Rick recognized, but we'll have to wait and see. But I did enjoy
    the episode least Rick isn't a wimp anymore......
  21. ex_mixer

    ex_mixer Forum Resident

    New Jersey
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  22. Well, if we're using real-world logic here, there's no way Rick, or anybody, smiles when a buttload of peeps jump out with automatic weapons and they're pointing them right at you. Anybody would have to assume that they are hostiles in a situation like that.

    Of course this is TWD where real-world logic and physics do not apply. But don't worry, we'll find out why Rick smiled in a few weeks from now, after we've had an episode of nothing but Carol killing walkers in the woods, and another full episode of Father Gabriel getting lost in the woods. Someone will come along and save him from zombie attack, and that somebody will be a new character.

    This isn't a spoiler. I'm auditioning as a writer for the show.
  23. jriems

    jriems Audio Ojiisan

    I think it's probably that he recognized someone in the group as others have said. That actually makes a little bit of sense, I suppose.
  24. Cerebus

    Cerebus Forum Resident

    Nothing to complain about this week, so I guess the episode was a success.
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  25. Yeah, you're right. I just dread the episodes in between season debuts and finales - that they will suck because either they drag, focus on bit characters and/or don't utilize the whole cast.

    There's no doubt that TWD goes all out for the beginning and ending of seasons, mid-season or the start of a new one.

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