The Walking Dead Season 7! Part 2 Sunday February 12th 2017!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Michael, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Hall Cat

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    I think that's what they're doing. I mean, they're having them live in a junkyard
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  2. Yeah, I think that's what they're doing, too - or more, rather, what I would like to believe. I mean, it's far less goofy for the group to decide to use short, clipped sentences, instead of the really far-fetched notion that their language devolving in such a short span of time.

    I've got this image of them keeping pretty silent to themselves, unless they have guests over and they have to speak. Maybe they sit around, in a circle, and listen silently to DEVO records.
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  3. Bingo Bongo

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    I would be gone yesterday! Dog eat dog world at this point...
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  4. ssmith3046

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    Maybe Rick found a bag of good weed. Happy, horny, has the munchies. Acting goofy.
  5. Cerebus

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    They're in one of the most populated parts of the country. It would be pretty easy to head west and set up a camp in the mountains or on the plains and then learn how to grow or forage their own food. There would be less to scavenge, but fewer people would also mean fewer walkers and less danger.
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  6. vegafleet

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    While Michonne wants to get back to Alexandria soon, Rick wants to stay out on their romantic outing, completely forgetting that he has two kids back in town, basically defenseless while the last two alpha warriors left in Alexandria are out having the time of their lives.

    Wait till the kids find out dad went to the fair with the new girlfriend and did not want to come back to them!

    Also, did Rick throw the sword in the air in slow motion?
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  7. GentleSenator

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  8. ...bring back cotton candy.
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  9. Manimal

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    I think Rick wanted to stay out as a last hurrah. He expects he or Machone will die when they get back, might as well have fun while we can kind of thing .
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  10. kouzie

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    I really expected to hear this while the sword was in mid-air
  11. Cerebus

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    I've noted that they're showing more of the walkers rotting or falling apart. It's not really clear how far into the outbreak we are at, but at some point there won't be enough fresh walkers entering the population to maintain the herds we've been seeing.
  12. kwadguy

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    Yup. Rick and Michonne are kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters of zombie foraging.

  13. kwadguy

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    If they're going for hybrids, it would have been cooler if they'd made it a dino-truck.
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  14. Manimal

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    According to Kirkman The southern zombies are more juicy due to heat and humidity, however on the West Coast where the weather is dryer the zombies will last a little longer. Whatever that means
  15. Manimal

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    I say go north like in Z Nation (novel). They freeze. Plenty of elk or big feet
  16. Deuce66

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    I don't know what to say about that last episode, are they even trying at this point??
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  17. SteveCooks

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    Act I : I remember the first season : I had to convince my wife to see the show with me. (She didn't feel like watching zombies).

    Act II :This year for the first time, my wife asked me to watch it with her because I simply forgot it (this season bore me to death I even fall asleep several times watching it...)

    Act III : During this last episode : like another poster, my wife checked emails...
    How long will it last before we both drop it ?
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  18. RIP Richard

    I mean...


    I mean, Richard!

    Really, I thought this was the best episode of TWD that I've seen in I don't know how long. I couldn't find a bit of fault in it without extreme nitpicking.

    Scott Gimple: even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. Fantastic!
  19. xdawg

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    Morgan really turned things around on that guy!
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  20. spewey

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    Totally agree...that was the best episode of season seven....which isn't a high standard to beat....but I liked it and I haven't felt that was about a Walking Dead episode in a loooong time.
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  21. The scene where Morgan told Carol about Glenn and Abraham was heartbreaking. Both actors really delivered. Also Morgan's breakdown before he offed Richard was well-filmed.

    When Richard was giving his whole speech to Morgan (although Richard is a bit wooden in his approach), you could tell that Morgan wanted to beat Richard's ass then and there. Morgan was pissed!

    Then after Morgan killed Richard, when Morgan said "Dwayne" instead of Benjamin, he really pulled off the job.

    It was a nice touch that Morgan and Richard had that conversation about losing people before they even went on their first drop. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't see that talk telegraphing that something was going to happen to Richard. The whole thing when Richard was digging, and his daughter's backpack was there, I just figured that was Richard's way of symbolically laying his daughter to rest as he prepared for inevitable war. It looked as if he was burying the backpack.

    If anything felt wedged in there, it was that little blurb from the Muslim chick about the weevils. But even that paid off in the end as they did their little planting thing with Carol.

    I have wondered, however, why every living person is content to leave the zombie blood on them for so long. As soon as a zombie blood gets splashed up on their faces, I've never seen an attempt to wipe it off right away, which would be my natural reaction. Carol walked around for a while with zombie blood right by her lips. Imagine if she had forgotten and licked her lips. Then Morgan comes to Carol's door practically slathered in the stuff.

    Remember when Rick bit that dude in the jugular? Rick sat with the blood on his face and in his hair all night. Gross!

    Anyway, yeah, this was certainly the best episode since... Maybe that other episode when Morgan learned Akido and to make goat cheese? That was S06E04.
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  22. Rubber65

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    Good solid episode last night. Lennie James, awesome actor, really nailed it. Wife and I really enjoyed it. I told her that the whole episode with the Kingdom and their characters are more interesting than Rick's group. In fact, I didn't even think of Rick's group at all while watching the episode. The Kingdom has it's own interesting story line and their struggles with the Saviours. I personally think it's because we know Rick's group so well, it's nice to focus on another group for a change. The interaction between the Kingdom and Saviours keeps it tense. I get the impression that the leader of the saviours who come and pick up the offering doesn't like what he's doing. He's always keeping his group in check, especially with that long hair loud mouth who was told to walk back. This is what I miss in these episodes. Solid acting, good little story, nice little twist with Morgan's flashbacks right before he finds the melon. Hope next week's episode is going to be just as good.
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  23. spewey

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    I'm hoping Morgan will really go out and start killing by one....

    Like that one savior who shot the kid -- he's walking back by himself.
  24. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    Director: Morgan's temper tantrum take 1

    Morgan is in a blind rage, throwing stuff around & raising all hell. At the end of his tantrum, he lightly kicks the box concealing the cantaloupe.

    Director: CUT!!! What the hell was that? You couldn't kick that box any harder than that? Meh, good enough. Let's move on to the next scene.
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  25. Hahaha! Yeah, that was actually my biggest smaller quibble. It would have been super comical had the melon not rolled out.

    There was something else that I thought was cheesy, too, but I think it was also very minor. Oh yeah! How "Katy" was written on the backpack. If that was supposed to be a child's handwriting, no friggin' way! If it was supposed to be a print of a child's handwriting, I'm calling foul, as well, because those fonts sucked.

    We need some more voices of dissension in here, because I liked the episode so much that I think I might be going soft. Heh.

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