The Walking Dead Season 7! Part 2 Sunday February 12th 2017!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Michael, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. vegafleet

    vegafleet Forum Resident

    The bar has gotten very low. I liked it too.

    So now the "mid-season doldrums" last from episode 2 till 12. Good to know.
  2. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    Ok, I thought it was pretty bad. Inane situations & dialogue. Carol killing zombies with road signs. I can't stand Morgan. I always try to be positive though & pick out one thing I liked. I liked where the gardening woman said she peed herself. If I lived in this post-zombie apocolypse world, my pants would be permanently soaked so I could relate to this woman.
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  3. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    This season's been so bad, I think even Michael has bailed. And this is his thread.
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  4. vegafleet

    vegafleet Forum Resident

    Carol using the road sign was my :doh: moment. In real life, those things are very heavy, way too heavy for a skinny woman to drag up a tree and use as a lance, repeatedly, with her bare hands.
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  5. Okay, yeah, now that I think about it the roadsign killings were pretty bad.

    Actually, if you think about it, Richard's plan was plumb dumb. On the surface I could go with it, but in reality a lot of things would have had to go right for things to go wrong in Richard's favor. There was no guarantee that Richard would get martyred by pulling that stunt. It was probably as well thought out as one could hope if you cared to risk the chance of someone else getting killed. Still, if you want to swallow the irony that he got what he wanted, and was still able to start the war, Richard did it, only it cost Benjamin his life, too.

    Richard was always a dumb ass, though, wasn't he? His let's-start-a-war speech to Carol sounded like a teenaged school girl. The same with his speeches to Ezekiel and Morgan. Then he tried to pull that crap with Daryl and Daryl almost put him under.

    In the end Richard was just as worthless as Deanna. Karl Malden Richard was not.
  6. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    Yeah, we laughed out loud when he kicked the box. It did kind of undercut the epic nature of this montage where he's freaking out, nearly cutting his wrists, etc.
  7. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    My beef with pretty much any case of someone "killing" either zombies or people before they turn is that his show does a really weird job of portraying the kills. I know the show is comically inconsistent with how soft the zombies might be, and how strong they might be, and how someone can shove their hand through them like they're made of cream cheese in one scene, but then in the next scene a zombie can overpower a person. But I've seen people cut a stick of a butter with a butter knife with more force than people in this show seem to use when using either a knife or some other instrument to kill people or zombies. I just laugh every time someone stabs through a freshly-dead person's skull with a knife while barely putting *any* force into it, as if they're putting a toothpick into a cake to check if the cake is done.
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  8. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    He sure had the nose for it...
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  9. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    The problem with Richard's "plan", and the problem with any "plan" where interactions with the "Saviors" is involved, is that the Saviors are illogical and prone to arbitrary actions and reactions. His "plan" was that the Saviors would kill him, but it wouldn't take a genius to figure out one of *many* possibilities would be that someone else would be killed instead, or that they'd kill two people, or that they'd kill one person and maim someone else, and so on.

    I also think this "starting a war over one cantaloupe" thing is ridiculous. I understand, they want to portray that the Saviors have a code and they have to "prove a point" and all of that, but there's NO way *any* community would last very long dealing with the Saviors, even if all of those communities wanted to. There are so many reasons a community would be "light" on shipments to the Saviors. It would definitely happen from time to time, and if the Saviors kill someone every time it happens, then they're either going to kill off the key people who get them the stuff, or they're going to make these communities realize they might as well fight back because they're not dealing with even a modicum of fairness.

    If the Saviors were portrayed more as more strategic and cunning, it would be believable that they'd be able to have an ongoing "deal" with numerous communities. But as it stands now, it's like one of those bad mob/gangster movies where everybody is double/triple-crossing everyone else and it's not believable that anybody would join or be loyal to anyone, ever.

    *Or*, it would be interesting if Negan is kind of slacking off on managing these off-shoot "pick up" groups, and would get wind of these groups kind of biffing it and/or escalating things needlessly, and then Negan would crack down on it. Then at least Negan wouldn't seem implausibly dumb too.
  10. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    Ha, I was expecting the same! What would be even funnier was if they used the Sanford & Son theme song for the first scene in any episode with the Garbage People.

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  11. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    You guys can run this show down all you want. It's still my favourite sitcom.
  12. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    If I was running the Saviors wouldn't you want 3-4 of your own people living in these communities full time keeping tabs on what is going on?

    It's not like he can't spare the manpower.
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  13. vegafleet

    vegafleet Forum Resident

    You are so right about knifes going into the head. When Glenn (I believe) killed two sleeping Saviors at the satellite station with a knife to the head, he put no physical effort into it, the knifes just pierced the adult skulls like butter.

    I believe it was the same with Morgan and the dead Richard in this last episode.

    I am sure the actors are not holding real knifes, but they have to ACT it out better.
  14. Heh. This is so true. In the service they taught us to go in with a knife at the base of the skull, on either side, where the spinal cord meets the skull, because the rest of the head is just too hard. It's a small window, so you're better off not trying for the head at all if you can keep from it, and the last place you want to stab someone is in the eye, unless you can manage an upward angle, which most of the time you won't.

    Of course we've also seen zombies killed by just hitting them in the jaw or upside the head with something hard. You have to pierce the brain, right, or sever the spine?

    Luckily I never had to stab anybody in the head, or anywhere else for that matter, but I have seen some autopsies performed, and they really have to get after the skull with a sharp saw to even crack it open. Yuck.

    But remember, it's TWD where real-world physics do not apply.
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  15. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    Don't understand most of the comments above. All the second half episodes have been very solid so far and the last episode was brilliantly acted and very powerful. One of my all time favourite episodes, very moving.
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  16. I liked this last episode a lot. We just have to have something to gripe about, justified or not. :D
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  17. Mr. Grieves

    Mr. Grieves Forum Resident

    Agreed. They're really turning things around I feel. The pacing is much better this time around, and haven't been bored with a single episode since we've returned. Would have been nice if AMC gave em a bigger budget, but I suppose that'd be asking too much for what has to be their most popular series currently airing.
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  18. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    I've been hearing for some time now complaints that people complain so much as the show but still watch it. It's not a totally invalid complaint.

    But I think this show is unique in its ability to somehow hook viewers in (perhaps partly out of "sticking it out" in terms of people who have been watching since the first season) while making the show maddeningly tedious or awful in some respects.

    For me, as someone who got in on Season One, I probably watch because the early seasons were pretty solid and I want to see this story through. I'm not watching *solely* to criticize it, and I'd love for the show to be good enough to not criticize. But the "Governor" era was the last time this show still had some solid moments. There have been individual moments since then here and there, but the overall style and arc to the show (stretching it out WAAAAAY too much, awful CGI, unbelievable zombie kills, character death PR stunts (Glenn), poor writing, long silent pauses where nothing happens, and building up of mythos of characters who don't deserve it (e.g. Carol), and so on) has been steadily poor for several seasons.

    The show needs a new showrunner, and not just someone who already works on the show. They need new, fresh, outside blood for this show. Hopefully, with news that despite still excellent ratings in comparison to everything else that the show is at a four-year *low* in terms of ratings, they may finally consider letting Gimple move on to something else, and maybe he can take Nicotero with him.
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  19. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    Bring back Frank Darabont.
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  20. jriems

    jriems Audio Ojiisan

    For me, the series has taken on a sort of "daytime soap opera" feel. By that, I mean I find myself tuning in to watch it each week much the same way I would tune into All My Children or General Hospital - it's become more of a viewing ritual than something I look forward to each week. That, and the fact that my wife likes it better than I do, is why I'm still watching The Walking Dead.
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  21. masswriter

    masswriter Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    that last episode was so trite, dull and uninspired that I have given up.
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  22. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    Re: last night's episode. I appreciate that at least some stuff actually happened in this episode. I think the opening was ponderous and neither the writers nor showrunners have earned the justification to do these five-minute-no-dialogue openings, but that's not a big deal.

    I still don't understand *at all* the Rosita/Sasha thing. Their plan makes no sense, as does the fact that their "plan" didn't even really have any "plan" to it. If Rick and everybody were still saying they had no plans to go after Negan, then maybe Rosita and Sasha's mission would have some justification (even if still hugely unlikely to succeed). But Rosita and Sasha both know that Rick and everybody is building up to attacking. So why do they really need to jump the gun *so close* to a legit counterattack being launched? It's selfish and dumb.

    The underlying idea makes no sense, and their lack of planning or ability makes the thing laughable. They sneak out of the Hilltop, start trying to hotwire some cars, and only *then* do they start discussing even the basics of what they plan to do? Huh?

    And it's a big deal they aren't telling Maggie why? The writers haven't provided any legit reason for Sasha and Rosita to do what they're doing, so I'm left not caring whether Maggie knows or not. I guess I'm glad, because then we'd just get a third person jumping into a stupid idea.

    They've been doing dumb, illogical stuff on this show for years, but where it frustrates me is when the showrunners clearly want us to *feel* for these characters even when they do dumb, selfish stuff. This weird thing people do on this show where they're kind of selfishly selfless and just want to throw their bodies on a landmine for no good reason really tends to get old. It's unrealistic, and doesn't help build interesting characters.

    I thought the 14-episodes-too-late discussion between Maggie and Daryl lacked any emotional stakes at this point six months later. The "is he or isn't he?" with Eugene is moderately interesting, if oddly plotted out.

    I will say that the "Vegetables - say the whole word, we have time..." guy delivered one of the best lines on this show in YEARS, and perhaps ever.
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  23. spewey

    spewey Senior Member

    Little Rock

    Sasha wanted sooooo much to shoot Negan with the sniper rifle....but instead of staying at the window and waiting patiently for her shot -- she spends most of her time learning how to tie knots with her new BFF Rosita.

    Was that part of the plan?

    Sneak into the tall building across from the Saviors' compound....and learn how to tie knots? Maybe occasionally look and see if Negan is outside?
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  24. Once they hopefully get Negan next week or the week after. I'm out.

    This show would have been so much better if they did a yearly series of limited adventures like Fargo does. Do 10-12 episodes and tell a different storiesof different groups of people. Have a beginning, middle and end and tighten things up.
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  25. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    Nothing to do with any spoilers (comic book or otherwise); I'd say my gut instinct into how these types of TV shows work, and "Dead" in particular, tells me that it's *highly* unlikely you'll see a dead Negan at the end of this season or anytime soon.

    I think they probably have to have the "Good Guys" score some kind of measured victory against Negan before too long, but I don't think that will include his death.

    I'd say there's a *very slim* chance that AMC will react to the fact that the show is seeing its lowest ratings in *four* years and change it up drastically, which could include dispatching Negan seemingly prematurely. But even in that still-unlikely scenario, it would probably happen some time next season, as they finished shooting this season some time back.

    As for different stories of different groups, that *could* be good. But that's kind of what "Fear the Walking Dead" is, and that show is significantly WORSE than "The Walking Dead."

    I feel like "Fear the Walking Dead" was essentially AMC's version of NBC trying to future proof "The Tonight Show" by hiring Conan five years before Leno's planned exit. Essentially, freaking out about the idea of losing a lucrative thing (in AMC's case "The Walking Dead", especially if Reedus and/or Lincoln walked at some point), and planning a replacement waaaay ahead of time.

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