The Walking Dead Season 7! Part 2 Sunday February 12th 2017!

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  1. Mazzy

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    Agree about Fear however my suggestion is a Limited series of 10-12 episodes. Fear is weak because they are trying to turn it into another hit series and drag out their stories for years.
  2. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    Good point. "Fear" may have been a bit better if they didn't string it out so slowly to try to have it do another 7-10 season run. It still would have been pretty bleccch with that cast and set of writers, though.

    I actually gave up on "Fear" half-way through the second season. I have the second half (eight or however many episodes) still sitting on my DVR. I don't know if I'll watch them any time soon, or ever. The thing is such an unbelievable slog.
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  3. Cerebus

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    I'm just not looking forward to the show like I was before; I subscribe on AppleTV and we'd get the show early Monday morning. For the previous three seasons I'd watch it as soon as I got up and before going to work, simply to avoid any spoilers. Now I may get to it by Wednesday, and even then I've already had most of the episode spoiled for me and don't care.

    I've also got well over a year of the comic unread and probably won't bother with "Fear" this season.

    Too much horrible stuff going on in real life to watch another show about people being horrible to each other.
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  4. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    If only Daryl wasn't held back and killed that Savior. Then Neegan could have come in and bashed a few more heads in as punishment. Hopefully Enid being one of them.

    Seriously, what was Daryl thinking??? Did he forget what his actions did to Glen?
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  5. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    Last night's show did it for me.
  6. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    14 episodes too late? I think in terms of real time it's probably been a few days. Daryl was kept prisoner, then escaped, went to Hilltop but quickly went off with Rick and is now back, so realistically this may have been the first quiet moment they have had.

    I do think the Sasha thing is a bit bonkers. Rositta I could understand, as her mind has gone, but Sasha seems to have her head screwed on and no way would she just run in to their compound like that.
  7. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    I agree on Sasha she seemed to be quite grounded.

    Only 2 episodes left.
  8. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    Definitely, within the plotting of the show, that is probably logistically the first moment they had to have that discussion. I wasn't blaming the characters for being 14 episodes too late. I was blaming the writers for splitting everyone up, removing *the viewer* from the weight of Glenn's death by a measure of five months or so, putting a bunch of boring, tedious stuff in between, and then still expecting the viewer to feel any weight to Maggie and Daryl's conversation. It also doesn't help that Daryl just mumbles his way through everything, and as someone else pointed out, within *the same scene* that he was apologizing for his impulsive hot head which *totally DID* contribute to Glenn's death, almost impulsively got he and Maggie killed wanting to go after that Savior dude.

    This show has a serious problem (laziness of the writers for one) in depicting so many characters inexplicably volunteering for suicide missions (call me misanthropic, but way more people would be either outright cowards or cautious to the point of not doing the "I want to be useful! Let me go on your dangerous mission for which I have no experience and training!" thing). Not to mention people jumping the gun and impulsively doing things (e.g. Daryl, Rosita, Sasha).

    At least some of Rick's "mistakes" are realistic to some degree, and the fallout is somewhat realistic as well. So when he bursts into Alexandria and decides they have to proactive about moving that huge group of zombies, and then biffs the whole thing, it's realistic in that Rick long-term is probably right, but the Alexandria people rightly also feel like they were fine before Rick got there and probably would have been fine for quite a while before something bad happened.
  9. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    You make some valid points, although I can overlook some faults as I like the show so much.

    I think the Maggie/Daryl thing would have been more powerful in scripting terms if it came when he turned up at the hilltop after escaping and Maggie just hugged him and told him it was ok. That would have been very moving.

    And you are right about the suicide missions. You would think by now that those left would have a great sense of self preservation as that would be how they have survived so long. Why don't they all just sneak away to somewhere else?
  10. brimuchmuze

    brimuchmuze Forum Resident

    Farewell to those of you who have stopped watching (do you still read this thread?)

    I'm still tuning in, and it seems ratings are pretty stable at this point:

    The Walking Dead Ratings Stay Strong Against NCAA Tournament
    • 7x01: 17.03 million
    • 7x02: 12.46 million
    • 7x03: 11.72 million
    • 7x04: 11.40 million
    • 7x05: 11.00 million
    • 7x06: 10.40 million
    • 7x07: 10.48 million
    • 7x08: 10.58 million
    • 7x09: 12 million
    • 7x10: 11.08 million
    • 7x11: 10.42 million
    • 7x12: 10.16 million
    • 7x13: 10.68 million
    • 7x14: 10.32 million
  11. MikeInFla

    MikeInFla Forum Resident

    Panama City, FL
    I still watch but like many others I now watch it on DVR whenever time permits instead of watching it live. 2 episodes left so will prob. watch those live.
  12. balzac

    balzac Forum Resident

    The season has stayed relatively consistent within itself I suppose, but the ratings *are* lower than recent seasons. The 10.4 million number from 7x06 was the lowest rated episode since Season 3.

    The lowest rated Season 6 episode still brought in over 12 million viewers.

    It appears their season-opener Negan gimmick may have somehow backfired in the long-run, as the season opener this season did quite well, but then ratings dropped off much more quickly and steeply than in some past seasons.

    The show still has inexplicably high ratings, but there's no question that this season has seen an unexpected drop in ratings. I don't think AMC nor the showrunners thought the epic "Negan Season" would see a drop in ratings like this.

    I suspect they will speed-up Season 8 a bit, both in terms of how much time/action the entire season covers, as well as the action within individual episodes. I think people are dropping off as the showrunners clearly are trying to slow the show down to not pass the comic book storylines (and to just prolong the lucrative series in general; where they can attach the inane "Talking Dead", thus creating another high rated show out of thin air).

    If the trend from Season 6 to 7 continues from 7 to 8, it could eventually become a serious problem. It *may* not be simply that this season is too slow and boring and tedious for viewers. The show may simply be starting to run its course and just drop off from being such a huge pop culture lynchpin.
  13. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    I think killing Glenn really made some people stop watching.
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  14. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    yea, LOL... it was a little too chatty...
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  15. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Forum Resident

    Ottawa, Canada
    Damn, only 2 shows left! They should get exciting after this weeks ending....
  16. seg763

    seg763 Forum Resident

    can the writers pass up the opportunity to have Negan say to Eugene "Careful With That Axe, Eugene"
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