They Might Be Giants Dial A Song 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ash76, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Ash76

    Ash76 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    TMBG have rebooted their Dial A Song service again for 2018 with a new song each Wednesday.
    I'll link them here as they're posted like I did in 2015.
    They also have a new album coming out on January 19 called I Like Fun which is set to be a very dark album and according to an early review, their best album in a quarter century

    First up
    Week 1 - All Time What

  2. CBS 65780

    CBS 65780 Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    John and John are back!
    (Though were never away)
    Already 2018 is looking up.
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  3. theholygoof

    theholygoof Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Very cool--thanks for doin so, Ash! I remember calling the old answering machine and hearing an early version of'Hey Mr. DJ'. Love-love they continue to do this.
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  4. Ash76

    Ash76 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    You can still call Dial A Song though the number's changed from the good old days. The number is (844) 387-6962.
    There's also and their youtube channel.
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  5. gonz

    gonz Well-Known Member

    Phoenix, AZ
    just learned that taco bell is adding fries to their menu.

    and now this!
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  6. Ash76

    Ash76 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I forgot to mention, every 2nd week the DAS offering will be from their new album until they've all been posted. This is a non album track which probably explains the quality not being up there

    Week 2 - Dr. Sy Fly

  7. Ash76

    Ash76 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Next is the title track from their new album which is officially released on Friday. Took a couple of listens but now I really like this song.

    Week 3 - I Like Fun

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  8. Ash76

    Ash76 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm hijacking my own thread to remind anyone interested that the new TMBG album "I Like Fun" is out today (tomorrow for most of you).

    I have been listening to this album pretty much every chance I get for the last week since it was made available for preview and it's fantastic - quite possibly in my top 5 TMBG albums though it's still early days.

    The tracklist is:

    1. Let's Get This Over With
    2. I Left My Body
    3. All Time What
    4. By The Time You Get This
    5. An Insult To The Fact Checkers
    6. Mrs Bluebeard
    7. I Like Fun
    8. Push Back The Hands
    9. This Microphone
    10. The Bright Side
    11. When The Light Comes On
    12. Lake Monsters
    13. McCafferty's Bib
    14. The Greatest
    15. Last Wave

    Highlights for me after my first 10 or so listens are Let's Get This Over With, By The Time You Get This, Mrs Bluebeard, I Like Fun, Push Back The Hands (probably my favourite), This Microphone, McCafferty's Bib and Last Wave but they're pretty much all great with only a couple that don't really do it for me.
  9. Westerwick

    Westerwick Member

    I will be getting a copy, one needs a new TMBG album every now and then ! Saw them play live two years ago, they were fun !
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  10. Ash76

    Ash76 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I see you're in Scotland. They're touring the UK in a few months time. Tickets are available now if you want to catch them again

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