Thoughts / Experiences / Opinions on Captain Beefheart?

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  1. I played Clear Spot in full two days ago, and wondered about the possible or likely uncredited contributions from the guitar players especially. Golden Birdies sounds like your typical, atonal piano-based transcription for other instruments, like on TMR. But the riffs and licks from all the other songs have that "made for and from guitar" feel, and I wonder if Don really wrote them.

    In any old way, it's an amazing album! I like the more avant-garde ones they did too, but CS is my favorite because it has that bad-ass swing and groove to it, the lyrics are hilarious, and the Captain's voice is at its zenith... Sun Zoom Spark!
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  2. One thing I noticed fairly recently is that Don Van Vliet was an awesome diatonic harmonica player. Possibly the best I happen to have heard in 60s/70s rock music. Great swing and expressivity, and also a sense of structure in his tight little solos.
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  3. Captain Keefheart

    Captain Keefheart Forum Resident

    My name on here is a bit of a giveaway. Complete and utter genius. My hero.
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  4. elaterium

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    Bill Harkelroad came up with a lot of those guitar parts.
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  5. elaterium

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    So did I. My transcription of One Red Rose That I Mean is in there.
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  6. Platterpus

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    My favorite Beefheart period is the A&M, Buddha/Kama Sutra, Blue Thumb/Liberty years. TMR is a great album but I prefer Decals for it's cohesiveness that sort of putters out on about the last 3rd of the TMR program IMO. The material on TMR I like the best is about two thirds of the material in but the album is still a cult classic and one I would never part with.
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  7. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly 1964-73 rock's best decade

    I really like SAFE AS MILK.
    "Zig Zag Wanderer" is a fantastic song. Love the guitar, bass, vocals, and lyrics!!!!
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  8. patient_ot

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    Rarely am I in a Beefheart mood, even though I have 5-6 albums by him. When I am in the mood, Decals is my favorite.
  9. rjp

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    an acquired taste that i never acquired.
  10. I watched some of his late interviews recently; he is a great guy!
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  11. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Elliptical Envelopment

    East Bay, Ca
    Mirror Man
    Clear Spot

    Those are the Beefhearts I usually go with. TMR is an complete emotional investment.
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  12. Purple Jim

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    Little Britain

    Live at the Bataclan, Paris - April 15th, 1972
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