Tim Buckley / Complete Album Collection: 8CD box set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by hulloder72, Sep 12, 2017.

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    I wonder why "Starsailor" and "Blue Afternoon" can be released on CD as part of collections like this as well on vinyl but not on CD individually? Makes no sense.
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  3. Roger Thornhill

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    Odd choice of title given that it's not complete without Sefronia and Look At The Fool!
  4. jh901

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    Looking forward to reviews on sound quality.
  5. Rgfinch

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  6. DeRosa

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    it's the complete Rhino collection, all the albums controlled by Warner.
    Would like to see this on vinyl!
  7. Electric Sydney

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    Though they could all be whatever the most recent remaster was, I think.
  8. Rgfinch

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    i thought most of those albums had only had 1 cd release
  9. I'd buy this if I didn't already own the first 5 in a previous Warner set. I'm not going to buy an 8 CD-set for only 3 albums.
  10. Andrew J

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    What's the 8th in that sequence? Doesn't look familiar
  11. bleachershane

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    Is this the first time since the legendarily withdrawn "Blue Afternoon" and "Starsailor" CDs of yore that these two titles have been released digitally? I haven't been keeping up to date with Tim's reissues recently.
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  12. bleachershane

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    CD 8 – Works in Progress (1999)
    1. Danang (Take 7+8 Intercut)
    2. Sing A Song For You (Take 11)
    3. Buzzin’ Fly (Take 3)
    4. Song To The Siren (Take 7)
    5. Happy Time (Take 14)
    6. Skies (Let Me Sing A Song For You) [Take 8]
    7. Chase The Blues Away (Take 3)
    8. Hi Lily, Hi Lo (Take 7)
    9. Buzzin’ Fly (Take 9)
    10. Wayfaring Stranger (Take 4)
    11. Ashbury Park Version 1 (Take 8)
    12. Ashbury Park Version 2 (Take 14)
    13. Ashbury Park Version 2 (Take 25)
    14. Dream Letter (Takes 17-16 Intercut)
    15. The Father Song (Take 3)
    16. The Fiddler (Rough Mix)
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  13. oxegen

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Originally, it was a Rhino Handmade release.
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  14. Worth picking up for someone who has no Tim? (provided the sound quality is decent?)
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  15. Blue Afternoon appeared as part of this set in 2011:


    Starsailor and Blue Afternoon were also released on CD in Japan a few years back.
  16. sammy davis junior

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    Rhino put out Starsailor - The Anthology in 2010 which is a double cd and it was remastered - sounded very good to my ears. They also put out a singles compilation of all the A&B sides with mono mixes last year, called Wings: The Complete Singles 1966-1974, which was also remastered. I'd be very surprised if this isn't remastered based on the fact both those things were, and it wouldn't be that much more hassle to have remastered the actual albums - and the info does say remastered - so if they've been done by whoever did those other releases they'll sound very good.
  17. jh901

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    Who was the mastering engineer?

    Does Rhino ever use a forum favorite engineer?
  18. sammy davis junior

    sammy davis junior Active Member

    I'm not actually sure, it went out of print quickly and the price went up quite a lot, so I sold mine - so I can't check, I sold it also because I'm not really a great fan of compilations. It did sound really great, though - a lot better than the other cds I have of the albums, it's just I'd rather listen to a whole album than a comp. The fact that it was a double album and contained a lot of songs makes me think the full albums were probably remastered at the same time, and they held off putting them out for whatever reason - that is just my guess, though.

    I think the only thing that is probably going to let this down is the packaging - doesn't look very good quality from the picture, and also based on recent rhino box set releases. I can get over that, for an upgrade in sound and to get Starsailor, which I don't currently own.

    I got it wrong in my other post about the singles collection - that was on omnivore, not rhino.
  19. Davmoco

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    I just pulled out my old vinyl copies of Greetings from LA and Sephronia because I seemed to remember that Buckley was associated with Warners up to his death, and saw either a WB logo or the words 'A Discreet Recording distributed by WEA Records Ltd.' The cover art of Greetings is a detachable post card showing a very smoggy view of downtown LA, and the art on the rear cover is the back side of the post card. The addressees on the post card on the back side art are 'Herb Cohen and Mo Ostin ... Straight-Warners Records'.

    The collection is not near as complete as claimed.
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  20. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Dayton, Ohio, USA
    I only own 2 of these albums--Goodbye and Hello and Happy Sad--so I'm interested in this.
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  21. Theadmans

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    I bought the 5 CD Original Album Series set only about 6 months ago.

    Because I couldn't get "Starsailor" on CD I bought the Music on Vinyl LP Reissue of this.

    So the new box only gets me "Greetings" and the Works in Progress CD.

    A tough call to make whether to get this.

    Probably depend on sound quality v. the 5CD Original Album Series I guess.
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  22. DeRosa

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    For whatever the reason, those two titles are currently licensed to "Real Gone Music", which is also associated with Warners but is not Rhino.
    They were also just re-issued on vinyl in the last month or two.

    Tim Buckley - Look At The Fool
    Tim Buckley - Sefronia
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  23. Boaz

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    I only have the first two albums on cd, so Ill guess I need this as well.
    going toward an expansive winter...
  24. Side one of Greetings from LA is one of my all time favorite record sides. So different from his moody folksy side

    Very upbeat soulful funky. Great rock n roll and what a voice. It's perfect.
  25. jh901

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    I only have the 1st and 3rd albums. I believe each are the original US issued Elektra CDs. Haven't spun in a while. I sure hope this set is well mastered!

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