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    To quote the article: launching with a 0.6 Live+same day rating in adults 18-49 for its two-hour premiere from 9-11 PM, likely the lowest ever premiere rating for an in-season broadcast drama series. It drew 2.5 million viewers.
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    And is it gone?

    All I said is it is on tonight at 9 in response to someone unable to successfully look at ABC listings for one week and find it. Sorry I tried to help. :help:
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    It's still on as far as I know. Sorry you misinterpreted what I was saying. I merely wanted to provide a quote of the meat from the article about the ratings for those who don't follow links. When a show is a "lowest ever", it can't bode well for the series' longevity. With ratings like that I can guarantee it won't be around for the May sweeps unless ABC is throwing in the towel.
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    If you look over the ratings for Sunday night network shows you'll find they're all pretty low. Even a "success" like Madame Secretary only drew a .8, Elementary .5. The fact that Time After Time actually held at .6 live (.7 when the +5 was factored in), a good sign for a network Sunday show these days. Cable shows have stolen away the audience on Sunday nights, not surprising as they are of a much higher caliber.

    You'll find in coming weeks that the new characters featured in episode 3 play a huge part in the plot evolution which takes on a new twist on Wells' Island of Dr. Moreau.
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    OK, I'm not arguing. I AM watching the show, as I love time travel stories. I just don't hold out much hope for continuance with the ratings I've seen so far. I recognize that MADAM SECRETARY is doing just as badly for CBS, but that network seems to like to have a "prestige drama" in that slot. They allowed THE GOOD WIFE to live in that slot for years. We'll just have to see whether the ABC network is willing to bide its time, but if few watched at the start, I don't see many hopping on board later on.
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    Over the air viewers really can't jump in on later episodes, it's an ongoing narrative. But those with Hulu or on demand availability from their cable company can start whenever they like. Now will they?, that's the question. The TV market is too fractured and cluttered nowadays, when TV shows come up in conversation as they often do, it's always facinating how many people have never even heard of shows I watch and consider outstanding, and vice versa.
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    The loss today is of those water-cooler disussions that we used to have on the day after an airing.

    Today, all discussion is stifled with the spoiler alert mentality.
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    That's true, however, I much prefer to binge watch a heavily serialized show than have to wait a week for the next installment. Navigating spoilers doesn't bother me because I simply don't read articles/threads about stuff I haven't yet seen.
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    Personal preferences- which are great. The closest we get to binge-watching is to watch one - rarely two - episodes per day of a series. I feel it takes away from a specific episode to immediately drown it in whatever the next episode offers. By limiting it to one a day, I have time to reflect on the episode just watched. This is the way we've handled most of the series that we stream, and even those we watch on Blu-ray or DVD. One a day is enough and I feel enhances the experience that it is a series and not a horrendously long movie.
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    This is actually a plot element from the Jack Finney novel, "Time and Again", not "Time After Time".
    Time and Again (novel) - Wikipedia
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    I've been watching the show... grew up watching the film dozens of times on HBO when I was a kid.
    To me the most distracting part of the show is how Jack The Ripper is a dead ringer for Mac from 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'... and that gets me to think that unless the series finale has the time machine landing in Paddy's Pub where the gang uses it for multiple ungodly purposes, then there's just no point to this whole thing.
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    :hide: Thanks for that. It's been a while since I read that book, I guess the similar plots confused me. I read both books. (I could throw in a Beatles reference from Time and Again, but I'll leave that for others to discover. :) )

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