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    Sarasota, Florida
    I'm here in Tokyo for 4 months and I plan to visit the main branch of Tower Records in Tokyo ( 9 floors of media goodness). As a lover of The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Donovan, and many other 60's music, what distinctive Japanese suggestions might you have to seek out? I assume that most of you are aware that Japan continues to have over 80 Tower Records locations and it is still HUGE here despite having gone out of existence everywhere else in the world. I'm in heaven and plan to spend the entire afternoon there when I visit (probably multiple times as it is only a little over an hour from Soka University where my wife and I are staying). Thanks. I suspect you all will have A LOT of recommendations, hopefully :).
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    really not sure why you've decided to limit yourself to a single branch (albeit the biggest) of one store when you're in Japan for four months. plenty of used stores carrying far more interesting stock than Tower.
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    Have a blast!
    Please post some "wishing we were there" pictures when you can.
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    Instead of being critical of him why not be useful and give him some names and addresses of stores he should check out.
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    Like @JerolW, I'm very envious.

    Is this your first visit to Japan?

    The trains are very convenient. Walking around various neighborhoods can be an experience in itself.
    Amazing restaurants to enjoy.
    Nature is everywhere... A huge lotus pond just a block away from the baseball stadium. (Maybe in Osaka)
    I found beauty even in the lights at night.
    Have a great time!

    Post some pics to make us green with jealousy...
    That won't be too difficult.
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    That's how it goes here: "You didn't go to Yagamucho's CD Emporium and Pretzel Warehouse? Explain yourself, sir!!!!"
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    Er....... Still here in Dublin. Only 2 locations but still here..
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    Have you been to Disc Union yet?!
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    I didn't know they were anywhere outside of Japan either...what are the Dublin stores like? Large and a good selection?
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    In Shibuya, you'll need to check out the local branches of Disk Union (they spell it with a K, not a C), and Recofan. Both are just down the street. (Diagonally across from Tower is the Seibu department store. It straddles the street you'd need to walk down. Just look for the sky bridge they use to connect the two buildings.)

    Walk down the street and it will eventually fork (with a police kiosk in the middle). The Disk Union will be on your left almost immediately. It's above (and below) a perfume store that's on the ground floor. (The Shakey's Pizza joint next door is a good bet for lunch, with its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, complete with curry rice, spaghetti, and yummy fried potato slabs.)

    The Recofan is on the 4th floor of a large building that sits between the two roads that just forked. I can't remember the building's name, but if you can see the Outback Steakhouse, you're likely standing next to it. (The Outback is on the street that runs adjacent to the Recofan building. Pretty much diagonally across from where you want to be.)

    You should also head up to Shinjuku, where you'll find Disk Union's main branch, plus a bunch of other record stores (if they are still around. Many have closed over the past few years). There is also another Tower in Shinjuku – right next to the station.
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    This brings back memories.....
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    Funny, it's making me hungry for Shakey's potato slabs.

    Shakey's pizza is nothing special, but those potatoes... (Looks like I'm going to need to forget about my usual lunch routine today and head to Shibuya...)
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    Weren't they called "mojos"? Shakey's had great pizza crust and great mojos!
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    I just googled what you wrote, and it looks like the potatoes are called mojos – just not here.

    In Japan, the menu has them merely as "fried potoatoes".
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    No pictures = didn't happen. Fun fairytale though.
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    Louisville, KY USA
    Pics Please!
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    BEAMS $B%"%/%;%9(B $B=BC+E9(B - $B%l%3%U%!%s(B
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    Cool. I'm planning a visit t0 Japan next month. Looks like there are stores in Kyoto and Hiroshima. Which one is better?
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    But 2 of everything. That's what I do.
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    Well, all morning I kept thinking about those yummy potato slabs.

    Got a huge plate of them right in front of me right now. (This is being typed between bites..!)

    So tasty! (Wasn't this thread about record stores or something? Guess I'd better make a cursory visit to Recofan in order to keep this post on topic.)
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    The Tower Records in Shinjuku is at least as good as the one in Shibuya. I've had better luck finding rare stuff there, anyways. There's also a Tower in Akihabara that's worth checking out. Don't forget to go to Ichiran Ramen, less than a half a block south of Tower Shibuya. You'll thank me later.
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    "And the lady will have a plate of your best fried chicken gizzards."
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    Venice, CA
    When you visit Tower Shibuya, if you're into sushi Google Uobei Sushi -- it's a few blocks away. It's the latest in sushi technology -- you order using a tablet PC, and in a minute or two whatever you've ordered comes zooming out of the kitchen on some sort of maglev tray on rails that stops directly in front of you. And it's damned good sushi, and most of it is 100 yen (about one dollar) a plate.

    As far as Tower Shibuya goes, I was there with my 14-year-old son last week and he was literally mesmerized. I told him that they used to have stores like this everywhere, and he complained (not for the first time) that he was born too late.

    I know next to nothing about Japanese rock/pop, although when I was at Tower I did discover a psych pop group named Glim Spanky that might be up your alley.
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