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    Both of them are pretty big department type stores with a huge range of vinyl, cd's and other media. One of the stores has an audiophile equipment department too last time I checked.
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    I lost interest in both the Shibuya and Shinjuku Tower locations when they got rid of their large foreign book/magazine floors a few years ago.

    Amazon Japan now has a larger selection and better prices than Tower ever did, but I often spent too much time and money at the Shibuya Tower back in the day.

    IMO, Recofan is the best place for new releases. Their prices are often MUCH cheaper than Tower, and they have a ton of used records and CDs.
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    I work about five minutes walk away from the main outlet.

    Reasonable selection of CDs but not that deep.
    Vinyl expensive.
    Sometimes decent deals on DVDs / BD.
    Customer service not great. Some staff are quite flakey (maaaaannnnn). Reasonably high hipster quota.

    I tend to avoid it now and prefer to support the independent shops or buy online.
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