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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Funky54, Dec 4, 2017.

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    A little update.

    I received a call from the tube seller that I returned the tubes to. Same fellow. This time he was polite and fair. He tested all 8 tubes and infact felt non of the tubes meet his level of quality. He said there were some things that didn’t hold up well with extra extensive testing.

    We worked out a deal that I’m happy with for tungsol 34b tubes in place of the JJ tubes. I have not received them.. but I hope they work out alright. They are paying shipping to me with the new ones.
  2. Funky54

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    Another update.

    I installed the 8 tung sol EL34b tubes and have about 5-6 hours on them so far. So far, they sound boxy and veiled compared to the worn out old original jolida branded tubes. But they likely need to burn in longer. Also... they stink like boiling mercury.

    I do think/hope its just the burn in needed. They glow even and seem like a quality product. I already reset the bias twice.. hardly any fluctuation.
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