TV shows that hung around a year too long

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    Do current long running shows count? I wanted to ask since the name of the topic is in past tense so I'm assuming we're discussing shows of the past that went too long? For me a show that is currently running a year or so too long that I used to love is Grey's Anatomy. I will always love seasons 1-10. Most of the original cast has left by now and the only reason I keep watching is because of the few that remain such as Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, and Ellen Pompeo, and James Pickens Jr.
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    Those 5 seasons were brilliant though.
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    Nothing happened in The Sopranos Season Six that I really needed to see. The end of Season Five would have been just fine by me.

    While I wasn't crazy about the main plot of The Wire for Season Five, there were many storylines that tied up a lot of loose ends which I enjoyed.
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    When “fake” John-Boy came on board, The Waltons were finished
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    Ashes to Ashes.

    I assumed the writers would stop at 2 seasons, like they did with Life on Mars and when season 2 closed with an ambiguous ending, it seemed like a perfect conclusion, and a nice counter balance to the generally fluffy tone of the programme. Season 3 was probably the strongest, but the overly tidy resolution was disappointing and, even for a story about time travelling policemen, implausible. It contained some furious retconning which directly contradicted some of the more satisfying plot points from earlier seasons.

    Compare with Life On Mars(1): 2 consistently goos seasons, almost everything wrapped up at the end with just enough unanswered questions to set up a sequel, the audience left wanting more but at the same time recognising that the writers had wisely quit while they were ahead.

    (1) UK version-I never caught the US remake.
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    I agree, however, I think the last two seasons were not very good- between them, if memory serves, I think there were no more than five or six quality episodes.
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    Gilmore Girls.

    The first six seasons featured extremely heavy involvement from creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino (they wrote most episodes and the show's distinctive sound definitely came straight from Amy). The Palladinos left the show at the end of season six and the show had one more season created without their involvement. It wasn't completely dreadful, but it wasn't great either and there was definitely a difference in tone, dialogue, pacing and even the kinds of pop culture references used. It just felt different. The 2016 four-episode Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was written by the Palladinos and felt more like the original show.

    The problem is that the end of season six (the last of the original series run by Amy Sherman-Palladino) ends on an extremely downer, depressing note that doesn't suit the show at all. I'm not sure if she did that out of spite, to screw the new writers, or what. The last season of the show has a pretty nice ending, but then the revival gave Sherman-Palladino to opportunity to write the ending she always claimed she wanted to write...and it was a cliffhanger. It's all very frustrating. Three different "endings" and not one of them is perfect.
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    "The White Shadow" only lasted three seasons, but due to its high school setting, half the characters graduated at the end of season two and their replacements were nowhere near as interesting.

    Three actors from the original cast went on to even bigger careers as television directors: Timothy Van Patten, Kevin Hooks and Thomas Carter.
  9. This answer works for almost any show going on past 5 seasons. The exceptions are rare (Barney Miller being one of the few).

    I also liked Seinfeld right to the bitter ending (a minority opinion).

    I agree about Rescue Me going on too long, 3 seasons and I'm out.

    Orange Is The New Black had 2 fantastic seasons and then went off the rails.

    News Radio's last season was actually pretty good (RIP Phil) as the actors all seemed engaged and trying to make things work -Lovitz was no Phil Hartman, but he made his character work in the context of the show (at least for me).

    I agree that MASH went on much too long -I think ending it at season 6 would have been about right -the first 2 seasons with Winchester are still pretty funny.

    The Office went on at least 1-3 seasons too long for me, but there are still a few episodes each season that are fun. Seasons 2-5 are the strongest.
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  10. Despite being a massive fan of the overall series, I'll nominate the final season of How I Met Your Mother, which managed to drag out a wedding to the point where I feel a lot of viewers stopped caring, only to then brush over the show's actual reason for existing in a few episodes. You can really tell that certain cast members didn't want to be there a second longer than was necessary, with their absence from many scenes hidden in ways that seemed neither inspired or entertaining. We deserved better, and that's without bringing up how much of an underwhelming disappointment the ending turned out to be!

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