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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SergioRZ, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. jojopuppyfish

    jojopuppyfish Forum Resident

    Dave, could you please list the pressing #s for each of the above you are referrring to?

    Dave has a good ear for u2, as he correctly steered me to the best sounding Rattle and Hum cd Japanese p33d-20075

    And Dave, what's your favorites for Boy and October?
  2. HiFi Guy 008

    HiFi Guy 008 Forum Resident

    Dave, are you referring to the Japan for Japan 1st pressing? If so, I wonder if it's the same as my Japn for US (matrix 90067 2 S3E21).

    I've compared all of the US released cd versions of War I could find. Japan for US, WG Target for US, US for US and MFSL.

    Btw, there was also an MFSL vinyl release of War, which, I was told, was inferior - but I've never heard a copy myself.

    Back to the cd: the MFSL was nice - not fatiguing at all, but the Japan for US is still my favorite - barely any (if any) difference from the WG Target. And not too difficult to find.

    I have the worst luck finding non-remastered cd's here in CT - as there must be more aggressive collectors hunting the same fields as I - and the local FYE's are a wasteland.
  3. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Thanks Dave, I take your opinion very seriously. So... my fears came through... hehehehe once again, the first press Japanese CD's take the prize for best sounding version with the most natural sound, just like the Pink Floyd CD's...

    Are we talking about the P33D CD's? And are all the U2 P33D CD's the best sounding versions? Or is there any exception I should try to avoid?

  4. Spaceboy

    Spaceboy Forum Resident

    1st press Japanese? i doubt it's just the 1st press Japanese, I'll bet there were other releases with the same mastering. I get quite annoyed when people just mention Japan 1st pressings.
  5. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    I was able to learn about the P33D and P35D japanese U2 CD's, all first press releases. But there must be more... like War... How can I identify a japanese first press War CD?

    What other product codes are there besides P33D and P35D? :righton:
  6. Spaceboy

    Spaceboy Forum Resident

    Is there any point in finding the first press? Its value has probably been inflated stupidly by people on this forum.
  7. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    My quest is for the best sound, not for most rare or exotic... :righton:

    Unfortunately for my bank account, some times the best is the most rare and exotic :(

    When this is not the case, I'm more than happy to spend less $$$ and get the same best sound, if possible.

    Do you have information about other U2 CD's sharing the same mastering as the japan first press CD's? If yes, please share, I certainly appreciate it! :)
  8. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    oooops sorry, War is a P35D also :righton:
  9. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    Northeast US
    Many are unique masterings, many are not. Nothing with early CD's should surprise us any longer!

    The threads with EAC peak values are good at helping to clear up some of the confusion and save some of us a few greenbacks.

    Here are two I started for Billy Joel CD's

    here's one that shows the early US DADC Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell is the same mastering as the 25 8P :

    and this one shows that some of the Rush 25 8P masterings are the same as "atomics" while others are unique:

    lastly (for this post) here's one from Ben for Born To Run:

    As I said these type of threads can save many of us some dough. Plus it's a heck of a lot more open-minded, scientific, and less argumentative than simply stating you have doubts one way or another about whether a mastering is the same or not.

    Maybe someone will start one for the early U2 stuff.
  10. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    What about later U2 albums like Achtung Baby, Zooropa and POP? Are there still sonic differences between different CD releases from different countries?
  11. steveharris

    steveharris Forum Resident

    I just bought a war Island cd made in japan with an orange ring? I don`t know how it will sound but it was only a couple dollars.I had bought the October Digipack from the same seller
  12. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    Northeast US
    Expect more of these baby's to hit the market now that people can buy their beloved LOUD modern remasters. See there is something to like about the remasters after all :winkgrin:
  13. Mike the Fish

    Mike the Fish Señor Member

    There's a number of people on this forum who like the remasters.
  14. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk Believe In Music

    Gilbert AZ
    I have all three and do feel they are the best I have heard.
  15. grbl

    grbl Just Lurking

    new york
    Me too. I love the MFSL's of all three.
  16. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    Northeast US

    Most folk, including sadly the majority on this forum blindly think remasters are always better. And I mean all remasters not just U2 :shake:

    I was like them only a few short years ago. Happily I am now off that nasty treadmill. Knowledge is power!

  17. Mike the Fish

    Mike the Fish Señor Member

    But conversely, new remasters are not always bad. In my experience here I haven't got the feeling that most people here think remasters are always better - quite the opposite in fact. That said, that doesn't detract from how good these MOFIs may be.
  18. Kevin Bresnahan

    Kevin Bresnahan Forum Resident

    York, Maine
    My original West German pressing of "Unforgettable Fire" has beaten all comers in my listening tests. I'll stick with it for now. I have compared it to a Japan-for-US early pressing and the MFSL disc. It sounds best to my ears on my system. The Japanese pressing sounded different, which surprised me since they were from the same time frame.
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  19. HiFi Guy 008

    HiFi Guy 008 Forum Resident

    That Japan for US certainly does sound different. The most different sounding of all U2 pressings I've heard.

    What is the difference between the Japan for US and your German?
  20. O.k., I just received an early German Island pressing of "The Joshua Tree". I think the CD is definitely early enough that it could be considered a West-Germany pressing.

    Here's the data:

    Back inlay: Island with rainbow-colored border and palm-tree
    Catalog no.: 258 219 / CID U26
    Matrix code: Sonopress 258 219 A (mirror band, clear hub)
    CD label: Island in blue lettering on top part of CD (diagonally)
    Total time:

    Peak levels:

    These levels are the same as the P33D 1st Japanese pressing, so there is an alternative available which sounds very similar (or to many the same) as the more expensive pressing.
  21. monewe

    monewe Forum Resident


    Used to have a copy of that disc Roand but purchased a copy of the Japanese 1st pressing which is now my preferred copy. The Japanese disc is so smooth and easy to listen to. Whereas I always found the WG pressing to be a little harsher sounding.

    There is space/air round the instrutments, back to front depth and for me it just has a sparkle that any other copy I have heard doesn't.

    Though haven't heard the MFSL but won't be going after it anytime soon.
  22. If you like them a little dryer and slightly compressed,
    the remastered cd's will definitely be to your liking.

    If you like 'em wet with infinite depth and more dynamics,
    get the MFSL of War, UF and JT.

    The first two: I like the French cd's myself.
    More bass than the remasters, and certainly more dynamic.
  23. The WG 'Unforgettable Fire' is the first decent sounding copy I heard;
    sadly I never had the WG and MFSL side-by-side for a shootout.
    I believe they are made from the same tape.

    The JPN-pressed-for-sale-in-the-US early cd was compressed and
    midrangey compared to the WG. I *did* get to play those two side-by-side.
  24. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    :thumbsup: Well stated monewe and I agree 100%. An unparalleled real in the room presentation.
    You're not missing a thing passing on the MFSL FWIW.
  25. Mike the Fish

    Mike the Fish Señor Member

    Thanks for this info. :righton:
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