U2 - The Joshua Tree vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bjohnsen74, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Seems to be a repress of the 2007 remaster. It's a double disc on the Island / Universal label.
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    @SweetTea check this out!
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    That is so good - chills down my spine! Thank you for posting!!!!!
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    They wanted to make the listening experience as inconvenient as possible. It does sound great, but I've only played it maybe 2 or 3 times in the decade I've owned it. :\
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    It is also worth asking around here, if that is the case with the 2007 US pressing. I found recently with the KISS reissues of 2014 that the EU versions (pressed at GZ) were cut 'sort of' standard and had long run-out grooves, but the US pressings were cut different and used much more of the side, even if it was only 16 mins. of music.
    So, any owners of the US 2007 reissue I would like to ask to give feedback on this.
  7. c-eling

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    The US Bernie 2007 is cut the same way
    My guess is that this remaster was not specially made for this format.
    Looking at the Spek, it may be a 24/48 of the digital 2007 re-leveled, the EQ sounds identical
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    Thx. So I have a original UK vinyl and the MoFi cd. I could skip this one then? Or is there something about this reissue that makes it worth it?
  9. c-eling

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    Seems there is a back and forth on these concerning an original.
    Fpas, I don't have either of those. So I can't say. For early digital there are a slew of mastering's, almost fatiguing. I have a few of them and need to revisit.
    One thing I do enjoy about the 2007's, digital and LP is the EQ. If you can source the 2007 compact disc for dirt cheap it would give you an idea before spending good money on the 2x12
    Hope this helps :)
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    Oh yes, I forgot, I do have the 20th ann. boxset.
    I'll check that one against my mofi and UK Townhouse pressing.
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    Interesting thread this. I had The Joshua Tree on vinyl when it was first released. I can't remember much about it, sonically. Just used to put it on a (really) cheap set-up I had at the time and enjoyed it. That was a long time ago and things have moved on. Anyway, I long since sold my vinyl copy and wanted to replace it with a c.d. version. I now have a decent stereo set up and love playing my c.d's on it. With a good set up, and decent material, it really is surprising how much more enjoyable the listening experience has become. Often, playing a c.d. I have played countless times in the past, becomes almost like a first listening experience. Things I had never noticed in the mix before etc. Anyway, I did a lot of research before buying, checking the threads on this forum and elsewhere and finally plumped for the 2007 20th anniversary remastered version. I can't speak for the vinyl as I have never heard them but as they use the same mastering they can't be a million miles apart. What a let down... yes, it is certainly clearer but where are the drums!? On the first play I was loving the detailed and atmospheric build up in the intro to "Where The Streets Have No Name" gets to the part where the drums should really kick in and wtf? Where are they? So far back in the mix to be almost non existant. Rest of the disc pretty much along the same lines. Do you guys feel the same with your vinyl? Bitterly disappointed.
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    Is Bono faking that he's playing guitar??? Sure looks like it.........
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    Nope. Definitely playing here. He's moving his strumming hand like crazy and only making contact every other pass or so. Only three chords so Bono can handle it ;^) Too bad about his arm injury. I always liked it when he played some guitar live, even if it was just the occasional strum.
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    Got a NM promo LP for $10
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    Just received this (via Music Direct 20% off). They stated it's from QRP, but I didn't check the sleeves/liner/dead space very closely. No QRP sleeves (as it comes with the records in heavy inner liners...I've since switched to anti-static sleeves). Has the booklet w/photos, etc.. Not the quietest vinyl but not unacceptable, and slight warps on both albums...not what I would have hoped from QRP but OK (i.e., not Beach Boys quality). Sound-wise...much better than my original US. Much. Old cliche, there's stuff going on I've never heard (cd or vinyl), nice bass lines in some songs that are much easier to follow. Less sibilance than my original. Depth. Yet another reissue retiring my original...
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    does the deadwax say "QRP" anywhere?? the original reissue was pressed at GZ and you're describing a typical experience of their quality...
  18. DPC

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    Still don't see a QRP reference...nor do I see a GZ reference (e.g. www.gzvinyl.com). I will say I have at least one gz that is great (dire straits oes...quiet, flat), and this one is not bad. Now I'm intrigued...I'll check out my other QRPs for a baseline.
  19. DPC

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    Likely this:
    U2 - The Joshua Tree
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    I thought I would just chime in and agree that the original pressing of Joshua Tree is outstanding, sounds incredible and shreds the CD version (which is not bad it it's own right). No need at all to search for a reissue, get on Discogs and get yourself a NM original. It is well worth it. Tight bass, everything well defined, and that sublime warm vinyl sound. Absolutely beautiful.
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    There is apparently a 2017 vinyl release of this title:

    U2 - The Joshua Tree

    Is this different than the 2007 20th anniversary release? Or the exact same just purposed as a 30th anniversary release?

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