U2 Zooropa On Blue Vinyl, The Joshua Tree on Gold Vinyl 2018 Releases

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  1. crazyhorse69

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    Information taken from the U2 Site

    Zooropa On Blue, The Joshua Tree on Gold



    Some very special releases coming up.

    Zooropa on blue vinyl - released to mark the UK’s National Album Day - and The Joshua Tree on gold vinyl.

    You can pre-order both these releases in an early window through U2.com from tomorrow - October 11th.

    U2 > News > Zooropa On Blue
  2. jsb!

    jsb! Forum Resident

    I saw this too. Bit odd that Zooropa went 25 years without a vinyl reissue and then got two in the space of six months, but oh well...
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  3. davecaddie

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    Is this a repress of the previous recent reissues but on coloured vinyl? Or is it something new?
  4. mBen989

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    Scranton, PA
    A; final answer, Regis.
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  5. If they were limited editions I may bite, but it doesn't appear to be so.
  6. BillyMacQ

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    Those are really cool. Not sure that I "need" them, but I definitely *want* them.
  7. vinylontubes

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    I'll wait for the splatter Achtung Baby!
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  8. GentleSenator

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    how hard is it for them to actually provide details?
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  9. jimhb

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    I was thinking about the Zooropa lp, but I seriously doubt these are all that limited
  10. jeffmo789

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    New England
    Head scratcher!
  11. Rkellner

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    i got this email too. My initial thought was "hell yeah." And then going through checkout these come up to $50 a pop after taxes and really pricey shipping. Turned into "hell no" as i looked at my still sealed copy that I bought off Amazon for 20$ with free shipping.
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  12. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Portland, OR
    thanks for a good laugh. i'm sure they're deliberately vague about pressing details, availability, etc. i bet we'll probably see them in our local shops and amazon too.

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