Unfunny Comedies?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by driverdrummer, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Fortunately he and his hair plugs are easy to avoid.
  2. Rubberpigg

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    "The Couch Trip" with Dan Aykroyd, Walter Matthau, and Charles Grodin.
    I remember falling asleep in the movie house.
  3. cgw

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    Upstate NY
    I never saw this (Caddyshack II). From the trailers it looked beyond horrible.
  4. FredV

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    The director wanted Howard Stern for the film, but he backed out. Walter Matthau was cast in the role meant for Stern, note the wig Matthau is wearing which resembles Howard’s hairstyle.

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  5. Wombat Reynolds

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    anything with ben stiller.

    not funny to me.
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  6. I once watched "Happy Gilmore" on an airplane, because I couldn't sleep. Never again.
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  7. Claus LH

    Claus LH Well-Known Member

    First things first: I cannot stand Woody Allen in anything. He is regarded as a major filmmaker and comedic genius, yet all I want to do when I see/hear him on-screen is to punch him and tell him to stop whining.
    For the record: I have tried, I have really tried. I sat through "Hannah and Her Sisters" recently, and it was the same frustration-inducing, self-congratulatory ego fest I remember from any of his other works. No more.

    The only Judd Apatow film I have actually enjoyed parts of is "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" and the parts I enjoyed were solely due to John C. Reilly and the songwriters who worked on the film (I have the BR just for the songs). The song parodies had WIT, a word I suspect Apatow has never heard of.

    "The Blues Brothers" started as a fun, surreal buddy movie, and got ruined by the escalating orgy of destruction towards the end. Way too much, way too long.

    "Analyze This/That" and "Meet the Fockers" are really not "films" in any dramatic sense, just lots of skits strung together, but some of the material is very funny. The 'milking' scene and the prayer in "Fockers" are hilarious,
    and seeing Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro riffing off each other in the "Analyze" films is priceless.

    Spielberg proved he has a tin ear for comedy in "1941", with a great cast wasted on an alternatively over-produced and juvenile-smutty script. The film's saving grace is as a late example of great physical effects work and large-scale model building.

    "Life is Beautiful" is grotesque, a mish-mash of moods that make for grating, un-funny viewing. Benigni works as hard as Jerry Lewis, to much the same result.

    On the "banned" list:
    Adam Sandler
    Any of the more recent SNL grads
    Jerry Lewis
    Jim Carrey
    Woody Allen

    Finally, two TV shows that have been massive hits, "Seinfeld" and "Friends", have yet to yield a millisecond of pleasure for me. I have struggled manfully through a couple of episodes over the years, simply to see what I am missing, and I have come to the conclusion that I am not missing anything :)

  8. You could almost work as a reverse indicator for me, as almost everything you hate I enjoy and vise versa. Except I also love the Dewey Cox music (and the whole movie) and I agree about Adam Sandler movies -but everything else we are of opposite tastes. :)
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  9. rburly

    rburly This space for rent

    I watched it on a flight to London. Other than watching a movie I hadn't see, I was less than impressed too. I'm a fan of Will Farrell movies, but Get Hard is a stinker.
  10. clayton

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    minneapolis mn
    Doctor Detroit
    Animal House and the Blues Brothers haven't aged well for me, thought they were funny when they came out, not so much now.
  11. driverdrummer

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    The Heat-Enjoyable only if you want to listen to a potty mouthed Melissa McCarthy for 2 hours straight-nonstop.
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  12. KeninDC

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    I had a tequila hangover over the Everglades in a small prop plane. The pain and discomfort is burned into my synapses.
  13. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    Yep, same here. I worked on the WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY film a little bit and thought it was a riot, even though it wound up as a huge bomb.

    I liked a lot of Woody Allen's films in the 1960s and 1970s ("the early, funnier films"), but he's been hit and miss since then. I also liked a lot of Jerry Lewis' 1950s and early 1960s films, but that went south very quickly after that.
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