Unreleased Joni Mitchell?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BlueGangsta, Jun 29, 2016.

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    So, in her most recent interview with Tavis Smiley she was complaining about Rhino going into her vault and eventually said explained 'that's why I don't have many outtakes' because of studio costs. So it got me thinking, what is out there exactly?

    This is all I really have so far.

    Blue - Early Version

    Back in 2008 and acetate was put up on eBay which appeared to be an alternate configuration of Blue. Though it seemed to have been bootlegged before then as 'Alternate Blue'. It contains Hunter, which was never released and Urge For Going which was eventually a b-side.

    Little Green
    A Case of You
    My Old Man
    Urge for Going
    This Fight Tonight

    Live at Carnegie Hall, New York

    So according to some testimony people who were there that night, Joni said that this would be her next album. An alternate theory could be that she was speaking about a specific song, as she was performing a lot of new tracks that night. However, the notion that this was properly mixed would make sense, given that an [almost full] soundboard has been bootlegged for decades.

    This Flight Tonight
    Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire
    Big Yellow Taxi
    For Free
    All I Want
    A Case Of You
    Lesson In Survival
    You Turn Me On (I’m A Radio)
    For The Roses
    Both Sides Now
    My Old Man

    The Hissing of Summer Lawns - Early Version

    So this is very well known as The Demos/ Seeding of Summer Lawns. Hunter has been tracked onto the end. All of the tracks are mostly-acoustic mixes.

    Harry's House/Centerpiece
    Edith and the Kingpin
    In France They Kiss on Main Street
    Sweet Bird
    Shade of Scarlett Conquering
    Shadows and Light
    Dreamland (Re-recorded for Don Juan's Reckless Daughter)
    The Boho Dance
    Hunter ( Blue sessions)

    Anything else that people are aware of? Obviously there is a lot of live stuff out there, but studio stuff is where large pieces seem to be missing. Also, I'm not just referring to what's available online...
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  2. klaatuhf

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    I'm very surprised you just didn't google it and then you would have been taken to jonimitchell.com which contains everything you ever need to know about her music including this incredible list of unreleased songs performed live (mainly pre 1972) and in the studio which, it seems, sadly she will never release for her fans:
    Ballerina Valerie
    Blue on Blue
    Born To Take The Highway
    Brandy Eyes
    Cara's Castle
    Carnival in Kenora
    Come To The Sunshine
    Daisy Summer Pipers
    Day After Day
    Dr. Junk
    Eastern Rain
    Favorite Colour
    Free Darling
    Gemini Twin
    The Gift of The Magi
    Go Tell The Drummer Man
    Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
    I Won't Cry
    Just Like Me
    Like Veils
    The London Bridge Song
    Looking Out For Love
    Love is Like a Big Brass Band
    A Melody in Your Name
    Midnight Cowboy
    Midsummer's Night's Dream
    Moon in The Mirror
    Play Little David
    Poor Sad Baby
    Sad Winds Blowin'
    Strawflower Me
    The Student Song
    The Way it is
    What Will He Give Me
    What's The Story, Mr. Blue
    Who Has Seen The Wind
    Winter Lady
    The Wizard of Is

    A few of these early songs are available on youtube taken from 1966-1968 Canadian TV Shows all in excellent quality.
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  3. Planbee

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    A better-sounding official Carnegie 1972 is about the only thing on my Joni wishlist.

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  4. badsneakers

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    United Kingdom
    I'm just imagining what it would be like having a 4 disc deluxe version of Miles Of Aisles, a la Van treatment. That would be worth paying good money for.
  5. pbuzby

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    I'm curious about the early sessions for Mingus with different musicians mentioned in the liner notes of that album.
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  6. Planbee

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    Yeah, in addition to a cleaned-up Carnegie 1972, I'd also want to hear the Mingus alternates that were supposedly going to be on the ill-fated Rhino best-of box. I forgot about those...
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  7. Almost Simon

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    So will there ever be a Joni-box or reissues? How likely is this.
  8. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    I have a copy of this and thought it was just Joni and guitar with the other instrumentation removed. Is that the case?
  9. BlueGangsta

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    I'll pretend not to be insulted by your assumption that I don't have the intellectual capacity to 'Google it'.

    Obviously I'm referring stuff that requires a bit more digging.
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  10. mkolesa

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    AFAIK they're the demos that she showed the label before going into the studio... & apparently that's why some key tracks are missing, like the title cut, because it was prior to the actual recording sessions.
  11. sparkydog

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    BlueGangsta, not exactly unreleased, but not too commonplace. If you have surround capabilities, the Quad version of Court and Spark is "out there" and is well worth seeking out. Some alternate mixing decisions and "on the normal stereo version "People's Parties" and "The Same Situation" are joined together... on the quad version this doesn't happen."

    Mitchell, Joni: Court and Spark [CD-4/Q8]
  12. Planbee

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  13. pbuzby

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    There is also a quad Hissing of Summer Lawns.
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  14. BlueGangsta

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    Actually, now that you mention it, one infamous unreleased quad mix from the early 70s is Blue!
  15. pbuzby

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    Trying to think, how many quad mixes were there of albums where most of the songs were solo voice with guitar or piano?
  16. BlueGangsta

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    That's probably the reason it was abandoned. Although, Blue does have some amazing reverbs on it, if they could have recreated that in a multichannel set-up, it would have been like she was pouring her heart out to you in your lounge room.
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  17. rstamberg

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    MILES OF AISLES is a fantastic live album. A treasure trove of great live versions with Tom Scott's L.A. Express doing a fine job of backing Joni up, circa 1974. Great album cover, too.
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  18. DmitriKaramazov

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    Joni recorded quite a number of original songs prior to her first album and many have never appeared for general consumption, but you can access some of the videos through her official website. Some nice stuff here!

    Joni Mitchell - Library of Videos »
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  19. DmitriKaramazov

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    Here's another:

  20. pbuzby

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    The Warners "Loss Leader" record Record Show has a couple of dialogue bits from Joni at Carnegie Hall in 1968 or thereabouts. I don't know if the tape of the whole concert exists.
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  21. jkauff

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    Joni doesn't like to look back, and she'll never authorize the release of this stuff. Just enjoy the bootlegs.
  22. kwadguy

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    Not at all, as long as Joni is in charge of her estate.
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  23. showtaper

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    Unless Joni burns the tapes they will get out........
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  24. Hexwood

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    It makes you wonder how many songs she's written on the guitar and piano that she's probably never even demoed. Not to seem morbid or anything but I doubt we'll hear any unreleased material until she passes away. Her record label will probably milk whatever is locked away in the vaults. They know her fans are thirsty for new stuff.
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  25. barnaby

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    I'd love to have official recordings of her 1976 tour.
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