Unreleased Joni Mitchell?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BlueGangsta, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. jlf

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    I'll ask my sources and dig around in my Joni stuff and see what I can find.

    Stay tuned...

  2. bartels76

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    Copyright law expires after 50 years in the US so maybe it will free these unreleased recordings.
  3. kwadguy

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    Nope. Effectively, ALL Sound Recordings are under copyright protection until 2067 in the United States
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  4. JohnT

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    I saw her in 74' at Roosevelt Field Long Island along with CSN&Y. The only thing I can remember from her is 'Woodstock'.

    Edit: actually, here's the setlist.
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  5. Tuco

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    Not to mention that if she actually owns the recordings, she could in her estate instructions completely nix any further release ever.
  6. Ken.e.

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    A little off topic. I have almost picked up some of the early live Joni only to shy away because of my concern over audio quality. Is there any of them with good sound quality that should be purchased?

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