Used vinyl store recommendations for Brussels, Cologne, and Amsterdam

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    Dubai, UAE
    Hi all- spending the Christmas holiday in Brussels, Cologne, and Amsterdam. Planning on getting to Concerto in Amsterdam. Any other recommendations for used vinyl in these three cities. Mostly interested in classic rock collectibles, blues, and jazz. Thank you.

  2. ABBDutchFan

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    Hello Jim,

    Instead of looking up some record store names and adresses in Amsterdam for you (okay, here's one: "Record Friend") here's a suggestion: in many of the second hand record stores in Amsterdam you will find a leaflet with names / adresses / map location of a whole bunch of second hand vinyl / cd stores in Amsterdam. Maybe they are ven available at the Tourist Information offices (?). For new stuff (and a small second hand section) i would also strongly suggest the only music "megastore" left in Amsterdam: Fame / Mediamarkt. When uou leave the front entrance / exit of the main (Centraal) train station immediately turn left and walk for (300 - 400 metres (?). It's in a large modern building. Just tell people "Mediamarkt" if asking for directions.

    Brussels for vinyl fans
    (english language information)
    Personal recommendation: "The Collector - Record & Movie Gallery" which is mentioned on that website. If having difficulties in regard to asking directions you might want to add "it's near the Brussels Stock Exchange".

    Maybe this can be of help:
    Discogs Groups - Cologne | Köln Record Stores
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  3. Jgirar01

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    Dubai, UAE
    Thank you very much for the information, ABBDutchfan. It is very appreciated!! I will read the links.
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    For jazz in Amsterdam you might want to check out Back Beat in the Jordaan (they even have a Blue Note sign outside the shop!), it's also a great neighborhood just to have a stroll. A couple of other places I liked when I was there was Recordfriend and Waxwell, you're probably not going to find a lot of bargains but the selection is really top notch.
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    RecordFriend for sure. Much better than Concerto IMO.
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