Vanilla Ice bought Under Pressure?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by egebamyasi, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. egebamyasi

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    Worcester, MA
  2. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Worcester, MA
  3. lightbulb

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    Perhaps claiming he recorded the better version... "Owning it".... ?

    Can't / Won't read the article..... :cool:
  4. coniferouspine

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    LOL, somehow I wonder if Mr. Ice even read whatever document he signed, to avoid getting the pants sued off of him by Bowie and Brian May's attorneys in that copyright infringement suit that was settled back in 1990-ish. I bet the lawyers explained the settlement to him as best they could, on the VIP couch in the strip club, or in the back of a crowded stretch limo, or perhaps even when the waiter handed him the white courtesy telephone at poolside, or where ever Mr. Ice happened to be in his personal universe, at the time. I'm guessing maybe the explanation got kinda garbled and simplified. Sounds like he probably didn't even read the thing, just followed his attorneys' orders -- sign here, here, here and here. "Do I get to keep my song, bro?" "Yes Mr. Ice, you can still use the backing track to lip sync to."
  5. Where are you Simon

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    Ice Ice baby.
    Times have changed.
    A friend of mine had a baby last week.
    It was Chordless .
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  6. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA's possible...There was a HUGE amount of cash on the line due to the incredible success of the Vanilla Ice song and the overhang of the copyright infringement from Queen. It could well have been cheaper to buy the copyright outright than to work out an agreement at that point.

    That said, it's more likely Vanilla Ice bought the publishing for Ice Ice Baby but not Under Pressure and there was an agreement that the two songs are distinct for the purposes of publishing. Or else Vanilla Ice bought the copyright, but with a carve out for Queen/Bowie so that publishing attached to their recorded master doesn't change.
  7. Nostaljack

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    Vanilla Ice has always been a liar in the first degree. He lied about his background, he lied when he said the record company put together a bio for him without his consent, he lied about sampling the song to begin with, he lied about his contact with Suge Knight who allegedly "shook him down" for rights to "Ice, Ice Baby", he lied about...

    You get the idea. He's a liar through and through. Always has been. I put zero stock into anything he says because it's all likely untrue.

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  8. keefer1970

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  9. Matthew Tate

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    that happened and others have stated it did. vanilla ice said suge held him off a balcony by his ankles. the witnesses say suge knight grabbed vanilla ice by the neck and threatened he would toss him off the balcony but that they never went onto the balcony
  10. ibekeen

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    That's where I heard that song before! It's been bothering me for years. Thanks.
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  11. mr._mojo_filter

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  12. Yovra

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    Over here there's a pressure group who, threatening with violence and revealing Tinder Profiles, are putting vanilla ice on the market at ridiculous prices!
  13. Tony Cruse

    Tony Cruse Tc

    Essex, UK.
    Let time I heard Mr Ice he was rapping about the size of his c*ck!
  14. Oakvale

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    I always thought Vanilla Ice was treated a tad unfairly - he seems like a nice(r) guy these days and is fulfilled in his house flipping projects. He helped introduce rap to white suburbanite folk in a more, ahem, 'accessible' package and that is his biggest contribution for what it is worth.

    He definitely was a product of the rampant over exposure of new artists which was common place in the 90s especially, more simply the idea you can make a megastar out of one successful single or two.
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  15. Nostaljack

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    DC metro area
    Suge Knight and others laughed off Ice's account of events. I've honestly never heard witnesses who corroborated Ice's story. In fact, Ice's story has changed over time. At first, he said he was held over the balcony and feared for his life. On another occasion, he said Suge gave him "the smooth approach" and didn't do anything like that. If you watch his "Behind the Music", you'll see both accounts as well as the other lies he told during that part of his career. Bizarre individual.

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  16. Holy Diver

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    Well, that settles it then. :)
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  17. MarkTheShark

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    I like that
  18. carrolls

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    He looks like Max Headroom in that video.:D
  19. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Why is this even coming up now? There's not even an anniversary.
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  20. Neonbeam

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    Or rather like Max (imum) Headcase:whistle:
  21. dance_hall_keeper

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  22. BradOlson

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  23. eric777

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    I remember when he tried to say that he didn't rip that song off during an interview with MTV when the story first came out. He said that since there is a very slight difference between the two songs that it means he didn't steal it.

    I'm not real sure why he would even want to own it. I haven't seen any copies of it since the early 90s so I doubt there is anything left to be made on it financially.
  24. drbryant

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    Well, if there is some claim, there might be damages equal to past royalties paid, but I think that this claim might be barred by statutes of limitations in many jurisdictions?
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  25. ---Ask Led Zep and Spirit :)

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