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Vintage Mitchell Cotter B-1 turntable [Denon 6000]

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Eddie Williamson, May 20, 2007.

  1. Eddie Williamson

    Eddie Williamson Active Member

    does anyone know anything about this vintage turntable from the '70s? a guy has one for sale near me, and it looks pretty cool. i think it would go well with my vintage system (JBL 200s, McIntosh MC2150 amp, McIntosh C26 preamp). that it cosmetically matches my other components is a factor, i will say. but having not heard it, or even heard of it, can someone edify me as to the qualities and history of the table?

    Cotter B-1 turntable base
    Cotter updated Denon 6000 Platter
    Cotter updated Fidelity Research 66-S/FR 66-SS arm-plate
    Cotter updated Denon 6000 motor with servo electronic
    Cotter updated Denon motor mount
    Cotter walnut wood case

    this is a direct-drive table and, sadly, no tonearm is included. i would have to wait to find an original Fidelity Research arm to match, or go with a newer arm. i'm going to inspect the unit tomorrow.


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