Vinyl and 15 Years Old Son

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Greg Kelly, Nov 15, 2017 at 1:04 AM.

  1. Greg Kelly

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    Pittsburgh PA
    I am new to the forum, and just wanted to post a thought to see if it strikes a chord with anyone. Got back into vinyl a couple of years ago, and the unintended side effect is that my son, who liked music quite a bit to begin with and plays two instruments, has changed his music listening habits. He still listens to Spotify, but has discovered the joy of listening to an album in its entirety. He has purchased a bunch of his own vinyl, and has, due to the vinyl format, grown to really appreciate bands he would not have ever spent any time listening to. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Summerteeth, Deltron 3030, Abbey Road, Paul's Boutique, Superunknown, The Wall, are just a few of the records he loves to spin. It is a great way for him to slow down. I shop for old school and golden age hip hop 12" singles and LP's, and he even loves many of those. I love it.
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  2. Fishoutofwater

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    Nice one!!
  3. MilMascaras

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  4. Greg Kelly

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    Pittsburgh PA
    That looks exactly like me!
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  5. Blender

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    I hope he grounded her for handling the record in that manner.
  6. George Blair

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    Nice post Greg. Strikes a big major chord with me. :)
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  7. seaisletim

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    You're right on about slowing down. I'm happy to hear you've made a deeper connection
  8. Greg Kelly

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    Pittsburgh PA
    It's been good.
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  9. MMM

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    Lodi, New Jersey
    Only six years later, it's almost the opposite... ;)
  10. Greg Kelly

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    Pittsburgh PA
    It's funny...I used to try to impress my kids with all my 80's and 90' hip hop cassette's, but they just laughed at me. Vinyl, obviously, has a greater allure!
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  11. lightbulb

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    Cassettes are “in”, now ! To a lesser extent...
    (You can search for threads on this.)

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t have guessed you as hip hop fan.... :p;):winkgrin:

    Oh yeah -
    Welcome To The Forum !!!
  12. Greg Kelly

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    Pittsburgh PA
    Thanks. Have read it for some time now. Grew up in Western NY...loved hip hop from day one. I have seen them all live....for example, Public Enemy six times, Grandmaster Flash and the Original Furious Five (with the Ramones and a young Living Colour), met Ice T...the same day I met my future wife, and am on the back cover of Doug E Fresh's 2nd album The World's Greatest Entertainer in a crowd friend and I are two fuzzy white faces in the crowd. A new record shop opened in my neighborhood and he's got a lot of great hip hop from the early days, and he's searching for that Doug E Fresh record, as it's out of print.
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  13. Splungeworthy

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    Judging by the musical selections that kid is getting off to a great start.
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  14. deadcoldfish

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    My 15 year old is busy making Frank Ocean cassette "releases" to share with his friends, and of course, Instagram.
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  15. Wes_in_va

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    Southwest VA
    Great story!
  16. jazon

    jazon Member

    My four year old often asks me to put on records. His favorite songs are we will rock you and yellow submarine, haha.
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  17. SixOClockBoos

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    I got into vinyl when I was 14, but I really got into it when I was 15, almost 16.
  18. DrStroganoff

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    South Wales, UK
    I have a 5 year old daughter who is currently obsessed with 2 LP's in particular, The Muppet Show Vol. 1 and the best of Disney.

    The only thing she's asking for Christmas is her own record player. So I'm currently shopping for some kind of bright pink portable TT that she can play with til her heart's content!
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  19. Greg Kelly

    Greg Kelly Member Thread Starter

    Pittsburgh PA
    He is pretty into the listening experience...just having a hard time getting him to shop with me. He doesn't yet have the patience...
  20. I wish I had a Son.
  21. Eleventh Earl of Mar

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    New York
    I got into old ass music... well, I've always been strange. I think it was Dream Theater that made me go look at the 70s prog stuff, and then I felt stifled with only listening to progressive music, and found a middle ground with Talking Heads which lead to new wave, and then crossover bands like Renaissance led me to folk, and certain circles led me to electronic music... and this year I've come full circle and listen to those Radiohead albums I loved when I was 15 and pay attention to modern music just a bit more than I have the past five years - still going to be on the fringe of music culture but... I basically learned good music has always existed and will continue to.
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