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  1. Diorama

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    Anyone have any vinyl from Vinyl Lovers?

    Just wondering the quality and where they are sourced from.

    Maybe they are just another DOL.

  2. heyday2day

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    I just did a search on the label and this thread with no responses is all I can really come up with. I've learned that they are a Russian outfit and that's about it. I own a 2LP Reissue that they did for The Who's Sell Out (a vinyl release of the 1995 digital release) as well as an obscure psych album by a band called Hunger, the title of that is Strictly From Hunger. As far as quality goes, the reissue of Sell Out is the best sounding vinyl version that I've heard (and I own a bunch) but I've also heard rumor that they are the same cats behind the Four Men With Beards label. I picked up a few Four Men releases a few years ago and they were crap. Still, Sell Out sounds great.
  3. Neonbeam

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    'Orrible grey area label. Sublabel of Lilith. Some of their releases are blocked in the Discogs market. Some of them were pressed at GZ. All of them have nice glossy covers, often gatefold but they come from unidentified digital sources.

    I also have "The Who Sell Out" which I kept because of the remix and the extras.
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