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    The other day I was thinking about the number of record stores selling vinyl in my neighbourhoods in Stockholm. Almost ten I thought, but when I counted it was actually fifteen! That’s a lot for any city, and this is just in my neighbourhoods with easy walking distance between them all. So I thought I should mention them here if anyone’s in Stockholm for vacation. I also added other record stores in Stockholm in other areas, within easy reach by subway or walking. I have tried to describe the genres of each store but they might have other genres as well. Prices for used vinyl records are quite high nowadays but you know that already.

    Keep in mind that on weekdays most stores close at 6, a few might be open until 7 but don’t count on it. On Saturdays they close around 3 or 4, Sundays always closed with some exceptions. Some day I might point them all out on a map that can be printed or saved. If anyone’s interested in restaurant or bar recommendations please ask or PM me, there’s a lot of good places to choose from. Please also add other stores if you know any.

    Start at subway stations St Eriksplan or Odenplan.

    Record Hunter
    Sankt Eriksgatan 70
    Used to be a lot of indie and rock, but now rock, hip-hop, reggae etc on vinyl.

    Beat Goes On
    Sankt Eriksgatan 67
    Rock and more.

    Sankt Eriksgatan 71
    Most genres, a bit messy, dark and dusty but can be fun if you have patience.

    Sankt Eriksgatan 78
    Most genres, mostly classic rock.

    Runt Runt
    Odengatan 90
    Most genres but I like them especially for the jazz.

    Golden Oldies
    Sankt Eriksgatan 96
    Mostly from the 50’s, weird opening hours.

    Sankt Eriksgatan 101
    Everything and more, indie, rock, jazz etc, it’s very big and fun, set aside at least an hour or more.

    Trash Palace
    Sankt Eriksgatan 101
    Hard rock, metal and punk, goth too I think.

    Andra Jazz
    Rödabergsgatan 9
    Jazz and more jazz, cash only here.

    House of Oldies
    Torsgatan 63
    Country, rock, jazz from 1950’s-1980’s.

    Hagagatan 3
    Rock, jazz, hip-hip and more, music books too, a good charity shop. Open Sundays too.

    Upplandsgatan 47
    Most genres, a bit dark and small but worth a visit, strange opening hours.

    Stockholms Skivbörs
    Upplandsgatan 47
    Rock, soul, jazz, mostly CD’s but vinyl too nowadays.

    Wasa Skivbörs
    Hälsingegatan 2
    Rock and some other genres.

    Stockholm Serie- och Skivhandel
    Sveavägen 104
    Rock and other stuff, dusty and dark but quite fun.

    City / Old Town
    Start at subway stations T-centralen, Gamla stan (Old town) or Östermalmstorg.

    Drottninggatan 20
    All genres, big store on the main tourist shopping street, mostly new vinyl.

    Skeppargatan 53
    Very small but nice selection of new vinyl, a lot of audiophile records, check opening hours or call. They know a lot about record players in general and sell hifi as well in another place nearby.

    Got To Hurry Records
    Yxsmedsgränd 4
    Mostly rock, nothing after the 70’s, nice place on narrow street in Old town.

    Sound Pollution
    Stora Nygatan 18
    Hard rock, metal, punk, mostly new vinyl I think.

    Plugged Records
    Stora Nygatan 7
    Jazz and blues, mostly new vinyl.

    Start at subway stations Slussen, Medborgarplatsen or Hornstull.

    An Ideal For Living
    Södermannagatan 19
    Classic rock on main floor, indie, rock, jazz, soul etc downstairs, great place. Also vintage interior.

    Pet Sounds
    Skånegatan 80
    A classic record store in Stockholm, indie, rock, electronic, soul and more, new and used records. Worth visiting but not cheap.

    Söders Serie- och Skivhandel
    Katarina Bangata 49
    Rock and other genres, video games too, nice small place.

    Record Mania
    Östgötagatan 2
    Jazz, blues, electronic, hip-hop, very small place but very good.

    Push My Buttons
    Skånegatan 105
    50’s, Rockabilly, punk, exotica, country and other fun stuff, vintage clothes, interior and toys also, open Saturdays only.

    Högbergsgatan 32A
    Classic rock and pop, jazz, blues and other genres. UK to the left, US to the right, I think.

    Alley Stuff
    Urvädersgränd 2
    Rock, soul and more, dusty and not the greatest place but quite fun, can be cheap.

    Fade Records
    Skånegatan 78
    Electronic, dance, hip-hop etc.

    Snickars Records
    Hökens gata 11
    Electronic, dance, hip-hop etc.

    Mickes Serier och Vinyl
    Långholmsgatan 20
    Most genres, mostly classic rock, dusty but fun. This place is famous for the generous opening hours!

    MJ Retro
    Hornsgatan 153
    Vintage interior and vinyl, nice little place.

    Subway stations Solna or Näckrosen, this is outside of the city centre.

    Delicious Goldfish Records
    Förrådsgatan 4, Solna
    Indie, rock, electronic and other genres. Mostly new I think.

    Hot Records
    Råsundavägen 110, Solna
    Rock, metal and other genres.
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    Toronto, Canada
    Stockholm sounds like a record collector's paradise. I was in one of the record stores 2 years ago in the summer. I can't remember the name but it was on the "shopping street" I think it was called where it's a pedestrian mall. It also coincided with a Rolling Stones date in Stockholm.
  3. egoBen

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    You probably visited Bengans, originally a famous record store in Gothenburg that also opened up in Stockholm about ten years ago, on Drottninggatan in the city centre, a very boring tourist crowded street that I try to avoid day time and every other sane person should do too. :) There are many other really nice areas to visit instead, with much less tourists and many record stores instead, which is perfect for us!

    Yes there are many stores to choose from if you know where to go. The prices for records are seldom super cheap as it's very easy for the record store owners to check the prices on Discogs nowadays and who can blame them? People buy the good stuff sooner or later no matter how high the prices are. But as there are no shipping costs it's still cheaper in general to buy records directly in the store, and more safe and fun too I think.
  4. Adam9

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    Toronto, Canada
    Well I did sort of go off the beaten path a bit and stumbled upon a church where Olaf Palme is buried and met a fellow music fan who was working on maintenance there. We talked about the Stones a bit and he said that he met some of them and that Darryl Jones, the bass player, nicknamed him "The Terminator" because of his stiff-brush-like hairdo.
  5. AcerBen

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    Great list, thanks for this! I'm going to Stockholm next week.

    Are you able to recommend anywhere that would stock CD singles from the 90s and 00s?
  6. egoBen

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    Sorry for late reply. The first on the list, Record Hunter, might be a good chance here, they have the cd's in the basement, both used and new, should be some singles too but ask when you get there. Also Atlas very close on the same street. Across the street you will find Skivbörsen and Beat Goes On. Try them all.

    Also Mickes Serier och Vinyl is worth visiting, 15 minute bus ride away (blue bus nr 4 or subway), they used to have a lot of stuff like that and you might find something still. It's a good and fun store and very generous opening hours so finish with this one if you have limited time.
  7. NedMerrill

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    Thanks so much for this, egoBen! I will be arriving in Stockholm on Wednesday morning and be there for 6 nights. And, there's few things I love more than shopping for records in new towns. Needless to say, I'm very excited about this trip. Do any of the places on your list stand out as far as soundtrack selection is concerned?
  8. NedMerrill

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    And, if you have recommendations of bars and restaurants, I'm all ears.
  9. egoBen

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    Is it CD or vinyl? CD:s are becoming more and more rare, it's mostly vinyl nowadays. I should have written in the list what the stores mostly sell. I don't know much about soundtracks, never looked for it myself. If it's vinyl Nostalgipalatset will be good, they have old soundtracks, and posters for sale as well. But no CD:s what I can remember. In the same neighbourhoods are Record Hunter and Runt Runt, and also Atlas, they have all CD:s too. These are in Vasastan.

    I would also try An Ideal For Living, but only vinyl, I like this place, can spend and hour here in this small place. Mickes Serier och Vinyl have CD:s too, and Pet Sounds is always a classic to visit. All should have soundtracks. These are on Södermalm.
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    On Södermalm you can try Bananas for modern and italian, Östgötakällaren for tradition Swedish/German food, Svejk for good Czech food, Oliver Twist for great beer, Akkurat for Belgian beer and other too, have very good mussels, Omnipollos Hatt for fantastic pizza and extraordinary beer (mostly Swedish micros) but it's a small place.

    In Vasastan try Tennstopet for traditional Swedish food. Vasahof for seafood (try the plate of crayfish in butter and sit at the bar for cheaper prices or outside if it is warm). Peppar is cool for music lovers (like Grateful Dead and stuff like that, New Orleans food). Tranan for really good Swedish/French food, but can be pricey. An old traditional café is called Ritorno, a nice place, not many left of these sadly, serve food too. A good pizza place next door. Minh Mat is a very good Vietnamese restaurant.

    Your hotel is probably not in Vasastan which is fine because there are no regular tourist activities here (I live here).

    My e-mail: if you need any more recommendations.
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    Just found this thread as I will be in Stockholm in a couple of weeks. Thanks! Are these shops still around? Any others that have opened since?...

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