Vinyl Reissues To Avoid

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by iamthecosmos, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. firefoxussr

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    cape coral, fl usa
    I agree with that I have 3 Marilyn Manson LP sets and a Bush LP set which are all post-2000 and the best sounding issues available. (Also all on Interscope... coincidence, i think not).
  2. Paul Saldana

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    I am thrilled that they did not rip you off. What experience I have had with their reissues was all negative and consequently I have determined it is nearly always worth my while to seek out original pressings. Two eras? Bootlegs? I've heard enough to stay away even without this additional information.
  3. M.Deutrom

    M.Deutrom Active Member

    I have yet to hear a good pressing of Tilt or The Drift by Scott Walker. These
    have all kinds of surface noise. Bish Bosh is also pretty awful. Any ideas about
    who 4AD is using for those ?
  4. SimplyOrange

    SimplyOrange Well-Known Member

    I have two Friday Music LPs. Deep Purple's Fireball and Mountain's Climbing. The latter was also done with Kevin Gray. Fireball sounds shrill and Climbing sounds great, except that some of the instruments sound as if they're missing from the mix (bad EQ?).
  5. Marko K

    Marko K Active Member

    EU or US pressing? There is a huge difference between The Drift reissues - the EU reissue pressing is 180g and the US reissue pressing is 140g. The US pressing has scuffs and nonfill, the EU pressing is perfect. I have two copies of the US pressing and three copies of the EU pressing. I dont have the original which is supposedly the worst - a lot of surface noise.

    The EU pressing of Bish Bosch is pretty much perfect too, i dont have the US pressing for that to compare.

    I have only listened to couple of sides of both of the EU pressings (The Drift and Bish Bosch), and there was minimal surface noise if at all.
  6. Alan2

    Alan2 Forum Resident

    No, not quite the only person here, if you mean the whole of SH forums. Stone Turntable has it about right, above. The best way to approach SV is on a case by case basis. They've done John Martyn: Solid Air not that long ago, from original tapes, for instance. :)
  7. M.Deutrom

    M.Deutrom Active Member

    Looks like I need to seek out some EU issues. Thanks.
  8. sgb

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    I have only ONE Simply Vinyl LP, Getz/Gilberto, which was recommended by someone here in another thread. It's terrific! :righton:
  9. jeffrey walsh

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    Scranton, Pa. USA
    Does the Mountain pressing have the original Windfall labels?

  10. SimplyOrange

    SimplyOrange Well-Known Member

    Yes. It has the original Windfall label except it might say something like "Friday Music" on the bottom. Not sure if it's the same pressing as the one in that video.
  11. schelti

    schelti Well-Known Member

    Which reissues are you talking about?
  12. schelti

    schelti Well-Known Member

    I have a few Elvis Presley records on Friday Music, sound really good to me.
    If you like Elvis, try From Elvis In Memphis.
  13. jeffrey walsh

    jeffrey walsh Lewis Allan Reed

    Scranton, Pa. USA
    let's hope not!
  14. Geoffsterpiano

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    As someone who has also recently started rebuilding my vinyl collection, I've got a few questions about some particular reissues .. First, the 40th anniversary Back To Black reissue of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I've heard BTB reissues are treated with some suspicion, although this particular release claims - on the cover - to be a 2014 remaster by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering from the original analogue tapes, and mastered for vinyl by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab. In which case, how can you go wrong? Still, I'm curious as to whether anyone here has heard this particular version of GYBR and to know their opinion.
    Another I'm curious about is a Music On Vinyl 180gm reissue of S&G's Bridge Over Troubled Water. Any reports about that one?
    I've recently bought the reissues of Fleetwood Mac (the white album) and Rumours - the 33&1/3 RPM single disc versions, as I couldn't afford the 45rpm versions. Haven't had the chance to hear them yet as I'm waiting for my new turntable to arrive, but I'm keen to hear any opinions on those too...
  15. falc0nwhit

    falc0nwhit New Member

    I once found a mint copy of Television Marquee Moon reissue by 4 men w beards - sounded so bad compared to my original copy that I couldn't play it past a couple of song and got rid of it immediately. horrible.
  16. celticbob

    celticbob Well-Known Member

    The Rock
    My 33 & 1/3 of Rumours sounds good to me. I have the GYBR but have yet to play it. I have read good things about it. May spin it today. If I do I will let you know.
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  17. davidshirt

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    The '70s and '80s Cohen albums that got reissued by 4men with beards? Yeah. They're not that good.
  18. James_S888

    James_S888 Well-Known Member

    They suck.
    The original "Various Positions" was a Europe only vinyl edition, mastered at Sterling, pressed in the Netherlands. It is fabulous sounding. The reissue is nowhere close. I had a listen at the record shop around the corner from where I work. It sounds digital.
  19. James_S888

    James_S888 Well-Known Member

    Bob Ludwig so far as I know only does digital. Which means he probably sent 96k/24 bit files to doug sax. or maybe 192/24.
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