Vinyl Shops in Tokyo, Japan and Japan in General

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    You are right, it would have been a great time to be in Japan during those years. The 80s-early 90s were boom time years in Japan. There was a sense of being a great nation and the Japanese were buying up stuff and 'conquering' the world with its products, money and culture.

    Since the bust, Japan has been in low level doldrums with deflation and a rapidly aging society. It continues til today with Abe desperately trying to 'reflate' the Japanese economy to get it to grow again.

    Aside from Disk Union, my recent conversations with some store owners seem to indicate that things have become tougher since the financial crisis of 2008. But there still appears to be many record stores around so they must be at least surviving. We need to support them!
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    Adelaide Australia
    Tokyo is the Vinyl mecca in Japan.I have 3 days at the start and end of my trip in Tokyo which I know most of the Shops..Apart from a week hiking in Shikoku Island ,I just bought a 7 Day JR Pass for my last week.Starting in Hiroshima ending in Tokyo I might do a Vinyl Shop run between Nagasaki -Osaka .Using the Vinyl Hub map I can Record Shop Hop .
    Anyone who can recommend shops on the list???
    Im after Japan Pressings from 70s-80s British rock ,pop ,electronic Funk Disco .I generally limit myself to 90 LPs 30Kg

    Record Stores in Japan
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    tokyo is calling me again.
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    Last summer I was given this (大阪レコードマップ Osaka Record Map 2016 ) flyer which lists with most of the shops in town.
    Long story short, the best ones for me were King Kong in Shinsaibashi and Disk Union in Umeda.
    Wish I had more time to properly check a couple of the shops in Namba which looked promising but closed when I tried.
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    Adelaide Australia
    I met a regular record shop buyer who sends back with DHL to Australia.He goes to Japan 3-4 times a year.He opened a account with DHL in Japan which cut his freight cost down 50%.He sends enough at a time to avoid customs duty.Using a container is the cheapest method.I have just contacted a Japanese shop in my city to see if they will take some records (for a fee) and add to there container.Fingers Crossed....
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    Does anyone know what these "merchandise inserts" are that I find in some 7" singles? I seem to find them mostly in WEA, Warner Bros., and Atlantic releases. They are 4 page gatefold-style black & white inserts with an order form in the middle, and photos of the artist and releases on the outside. I cannot imagine what all the items are that are listed on the inside. If anyone can give a better explanation I'd appreciate it.

    Here is one from a Howard Jones single P-1976 "Look Mama"
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  8. Thanks for posting the Osaka Record Store map Johnny. I'm going to be in Osaka in a couple of weeks time and this will be useful. Although I have had a few trips to Japan and covered the Tokyo shops pretty well I've only had a half day in Osaka previously. Nowhere near enough time with so many stores.
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    If anyone's into rock/metal this is a great shop in Osaka....

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    Please report back with your findings.
    I saw a bunch of cool spots in Namba but I always was out of their opening hours.
    I'll try to post some pictures later today.
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    Ok, here's a gallery with a few pictures from Namba, Osaka: Namba, Osaka, Record Shops
    It's been a few months so take my comments with a grain of salt.
    There were so many stores crammed in a few blocks that my recollections are a bit blurred.
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    Thanks for this. Namba seems to be packed with stores. Unfortunately I had left it until the last day to visit Namba...

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