SH Spotlight "Wanna Buy A Record?" movie with Mel Blanc at Capitol Studios, how records are recorded & pressed..

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    Read this and weep:

    Hollywood, September 10 [1955] - Capitol Records will accomplish a major promotional coup this month via the slotting of five top recording artists and as many songs on five important television shows with a cumulative audience expected to top 150 million viewers. Them most ingenious show bows September 26 on the Ziv-Tv syndicated "Mr. District Attorney" airer, with Nat (King) Cole airing "Someone on Your Mind." Script for the show was penned by Cap staffers, while the plot deals with record piracy. Film will show scenes of Capitol's recording studios, depict an examination of the Capitol label, with the bogus disk and other details concerning disk bootlegging. "Someone on Your Mind," of course, gets the plug and is heard thruout the show, latter syndicated in some 200 markets areas thruout the nation.

    [Note to fellow Nat fans -- the song's title is incorrect.]
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    Guess that the photo above fits in this thread -- somewhat. (Just gave up, after spending some time searching for a more suitable open thread! Anyway, not the greatest picture quality, but still, a nice visual memento from the early years of the revered label ...)
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    The song in question is "Someone You Love,"and it apparently was featured in the background of this episode. No idea about whether actual shots of the studio were featured as well.

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