War for the Planet of the Apes

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    As stickler for this sort of thing, I would have to disagree. To the extent that a non-existent animal can look 'real', I think they've achieved that, completely. The same goes for the kinematics - at no point did anything take me out of the moment of believing the apes were 'real' (which I cannot say for the previous films). I thought they nailed it, which makes me excited to see Cameron's magic in the next Avatar installments...
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    Thank you. You are so right. These are some of the most boring, derivative, lousy movies I’ve seen. I still haven’t finished the war for the planet of the apes. I can watch about 15 minutes before my eyes start rolling with how dead brain these movies are. Not a wit of originality. Just so cliché.
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    As far as the next one being the original story: Not gonna happen, unless you're expecting that a band of semi-articulate, still mostly primitive in nature, apes are going to suddenly become evolved apes, wearing clothes and speaking clear, articulate English and hunting humans for sport/medical research subjects/target practice? BATTLE made the mistake of evolving the apes over such an incredibly short time, I don't think these new films would repeat that same old mistake...

    In addition, and more importantly, listen to the director's commentary on WAR and you'll hear him say they're not the same timeline as the original films... These aren't in the same continuity as the originals.
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    PS: That little girl in the WAR film is *not* the same Nova that was in PLANET and BENEATH... Ridiculous to even imply it unless you're saying that a little mute girl who was named Nova based on a classic car emblem is going to grow up to be a mute jungle-living savage who lived nearly two thousand years later, was placed in a cage with Astonaut George Taylor, who coincidentally happened to name her Nova as well?
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    Not the females! They looked like I don't know what, but their appearance didn't match the male apes very well at all...
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    I finally saw this with the family tonight. The boys and my wife had seen it at the theater and liked it. This was the first time for my daughter and I seeing it. The two of us hated it. This film couldn't be much more boring and pointless. I still think the first re-boot was great. The second film except for having Keri Russell in it was a waste of time, and a big step down in interest. This one, ugh, I'd never want to have to sit through it again. I can't even fathom what my wife and boys even remotely like about it as a film, because they claim it's not because of the CGI. The CGI is the only thing this film has going for it.
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    Costing a mere $3.66 for two tickets, my wife and I took a chance on this movie at the "dollar" theater. We didn't talk much about it, but we just walked out about half way through. Needless to say, neither of us went "ape" over this movie. That being said, many in this thread enjoyed it, and that's great. It is just for a different audience, one I don't belong to. I really thought Cesar was a bore.
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    I loved this film as well as the entire reboot. I especially enjoyed the second film.
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    Bad, no story , boring.

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