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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. black sheriff

    black sheriff Forum Resident

    Welcome to the forum @redshift1 . I worked at the UPS Miami and Hialeah hubs from '87 to '90.
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  2. noise

    noise Member

    Thanks for all the information. Looks like a good forum, hope to learn more about vinyl.
  3. 340six

    340six New Member

    new orleans
    Glad to be here very smart group and helpful. Even with my sill questions
  4. redshift1

    redshift1 Member

    The Hubs, twilight and preload some of the more demanding jobs at UPS or anywhere for that matter.

    Thanks for the welcome !
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  5. Zumba Zumbic

    Zumba Zumbic Active Member

    Hi. I'm new here. How do set up my avatar? When I just click on it from my profile settings, I get an error message.
  6. tmsorosk

    tmsorosk Forum Resident

    Alberta Canada
    Looks like you got the avatar thing figured out.

    Welcome aboard, I think you'll find this one of the friendlier sites. :righton:
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  7. Tony Dogs

    Tony Dogs Active Member

    I'm new here. I want to change my avatar, because the one I currently have was pre-set by the forum. But I get an error message when I click on it. Why is that?
  8. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    You need three posts to access your control panel. You only have one. :)
  9. Stedy

    Stedy New Member

    Hey, joined today, just getting into vinyl, have a huge Cd and digital collection, and thought I'd give LPs a go... I have an entry level turntable Audio technica LP60 to start off with.
  10. Hap "Hazard" Lee

    Hap "Hazard" Lee New Member

    Los Angeles
    I'll start off by saying a little bit about my journey to the SHF. As a teenager I got the bug for record collecting. Growing up in a small town in north Ventura county music was an easy escape to far away places. I was part of a small group of teenagers who enjoyed "Underground Music". Being young with nothing to do but look for trouble,we skateboarded around town & listened to American HxC. Seeing bands like Black Flag,Dead Kennedys,Minutemen,Descendents,& the Subhumans U.K.,along with local favorites like DR Know,Aggression,False Confession,Ill Repute,& Isolation was my first exposure to live music. Finding the original Lps & 7"s for most of this stuff was near impossible in Ventucky county,so we had to venture to Hollywood. And this is the point where my interest in records really started to ignite. Eventually my taste started to change. I became more interested in Post Punk,bands like the Raincoats,Joy Division,The Cure,& The Birthday Party. Which waylayed into The Cocteau Twins,Dead Can Dance,The Wolfgang Press,& Death in June. As I entered into my late teens bands like Bongwater,Dinosaur Jr.,Sonic Youth,Stone Roses,& The Pixies filled my record & tape collection. When I was 20 I was afforded to opportunity to move to San Francisco. And this is really were music took control of my life! At this point in time my interest in audio equipment was also starting to blossom. I lived in a "bachelor pad" with my flat mates who were all in the same band. We would stay up al hours of the night discussing music. Bands like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,The Jesus Lizard,The Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine,& RIDE were always blaring from my newly acquired Kenwood reciever & Bose 301s. Living in S.F. at the beginning of the '90s was probably on of the greatest experiences of my life! Somehow after applying to Rough Trade Records,with no experience,I acquired a job there. It must have been the cut of my jib & my overwhelming enthusiasm for music which landed me that position. At this point in time all I did was live & breathe everything that had to do with Alternative music. My favorite live music venue at the time wax a placed called the Kennel Club. Bands like Nirvana,the Melvins,Jon Spencer Blues Explosion,Ween,Stereolab,the Pharcyde,& Pavement all played there. Rough Trade sold concert tickets to other venues as well,The Covered Wagon,Slims,The Chameleon,The Trocadero,& the DNA Lounge. I was literally going to see live music 5-6 days a week. During this time I picked up a second job as a bouncer for the very popular Jazz supper club the UP & down,ground zero fir the burgeoning Acid Jazz scene in the early '90s. I got to see Don Cherry & Omar Sosa. And a Young Charlie Hunter Trio,along w/all the other major players on the early scene. During this period of my life my tastes really started to broaden. I started to listen to Coltrane,Dolphy,Coleman,& Davis. I was also starting to listen to Dylan. & Hank Williams. I had already discovered people like Nick Drake,Renborn/Jansch,& Jackson C. Frank. I also listened to a lot of Indie Rock,bands like Sebadoh,Palace Brothers,Mercury Rev,& Flying Saucer Attack. I saw bands like Mazzy Star,Rev.Horton Heat,Verve,Tool,Teenage Fanclub,Portishead,Massive Attack,Swervedriver, Radiohead,beck, Sleep,Neurosis,& Fudge Tunnel. At the end of the millineum my wife & I had decided that "the City" just wasn't the same anymore. The "E-boom" had already started to invade the city. So we packed up my Harmon/Kardon & Soundcraftsman separates,along with my CD,45,& Lp collection & moved to sunny Southern California. This happened to coincide with the arrival of Amoeba Music. After spending half the year looking for a new job I decided to apply as a buyer. Once again my love & enthusiasm opened a whole new set of doors. Now I sit in a remote room up in the wharehouse cleaning,grading,listening to & appraising records. One of my associates brought up the SHF one day,in reference to trying to figure out the pressing plants that Capitol owned & used to press its catalog in the '70s. Needless to say we found endless forums discusding the topic. Since then I constantly return here to find all kinds of resourceful information. I am not a rich man.the system I have put together was done over years of research to find gear that I could afford but still gave me top quality performance. I try to collect the best sounding pressings out there. Most of what I have acquired are first pressings or at the least original issues,a lot of WLP & imports from the late '60s & early '70s. Imports from the '80s & '90s. I constantly upgrade my collection if I find a better sounding pressing. Being in a room full of music enthusiasts with over a 100 yrs experience between us is not something must people have access to. On the SHF I feel like I'm just in a bigger room. I'm looking forward to sharing my opinions and accumulating more knowledge from all the enthusiast here! Thanks for having me!
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  11. Echo

    Echo Forum Resident

    All music lovers are here welcome! And all persons not even mentionning the Beatles or classic rock in his inauguration (as member of the SHTV forum) is to me even more than welcome!!! :D:wave:

    So have a nice and long stay here at the great forum!
    A fellow post-punk lover
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  12. UchihaTom

    UchihaTom New Member

    Hiyall from Australia

    Joined last night but only just saw this thread :laugh:
  13. Jerome Disney

    Jerome Disney New Member

    New to the forum - just joined this morning. Hoping to learn a thing or two about mixing/mastering my own tracks. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa but currently resident in Ireland.
  14. NotOneStraw

    NotOneStraw Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! My first post! A craft beer forum I chill at uses the same software as this, so at least it feels familiar.

    I live in Bergen County, NJ, right near Giants Stadium (not MetLife, though I'm a Raiders fan, sorry, I digress). Grew up in the '80s, college in the early '90s, and I've amassed a CD collected of roughly 2,400 or so, about 50% all forms of metal (Iron Maiden was, is, and probably will always be my favorite band), 50% other stuff, but mostly punk rock, alternative/new wave, hip-hop/rap, and lots of Grateful Dead (huge Dead/Phish/Widespread Panic guy too). BUT, after 6+ years of feeling like she was living in my dorm room, my wife said "get rid of the CDs," and I relented.

    Because it gave me a chance to buy a turntable! So while I know music, I am as new as they come to the wonders & glory of vinyl. Hope to learn a LOT from this place. I bought a TEAC TN300 as a nice starter based on some good reviews, and I just invested in a solid set of Bose headphones (wife goes to bed early; can't listen to Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" after 9pm without them), and I run a pretty nice rig (Denon receiver, Polk Audio 5.1 speakers) that admittedly was bought with TV viewing & BluRays in mind.

    Anyway, looking forward to adding an avatar!
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  15. PackmanJim

    PackmanJim Member

    Rogers, Arkansas
    Thanks for having me here. Merry Christmas!
  16. Hi guys,

    this is my first post in the SHMF Forum.

    My name is Michael, I'm from Germany and at first I have to apologize my bad English because English is not my native language. I was here in this forum for several times but only in the 'background' and I enjoyed the discussions in several threads very much. Thanks for welcome.

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  17. Luvtemps

    Luvtemps New Member

    hi all,i'm luvtemps and yes I'm a big temptations fan from way back but I love all kinds of music,mostly soul-r&b-doo-wop-jazz and some of today's sounds this looks like a good music sight so I hope to visit often and rap with fellow music fans.
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  18. Ophelia

    Ophelia Forum Resident

    New York, New York
    This place is awesome. One of the best forums on the internet, with a wide array of differing but polite opinions and knowledgeable members, and a place where music (my one true love) can truly call home. A place, it seems, shared by both fans and industry people alike, all just chatting as fellow music fans with no bias or bull. I wish more forums were like this one - good people, good taste, good music, good vibes and good manners to boot.
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  19. Aphrodea

    Aphrodea New Member


    I'm Justine!
    A vocalist and writer.
    Looking forward to learn new things about Music and talk to new people!


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  20. cobbler

    cobbler Active Member

    Northants, UK
    Been lurking for a while, picking up great tips on sacds.

    I'm a valve amp convert, big fan of sacd and Analogue Productions in particular. Like most music with particualr interest in folk, americana and recent convert to Jazz.

    Look forward to picking up more tips and advice.

  21. Marcmusic

    Marcmusic Member

    West Virginia
    I've haunted this site for about a two years. Every time I would do a google search for "best version of " a certain cd. I would always end up here. The forum has been an invaluable resource for me. When I was curious about my choice of CD player, I was relieved to it received positive comments here (Onkyo 7030). Just loads of info to be had.
  22. Wes_in_va

    Wes_in_va Active Member

    Southwest VA
    I've been a member here for a while but only recently have I become really active.
    I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I'm enjoying things here. I'm learning so much about the music I love. The knowledge base here is off the hook.
  23. kokishin

    kokishin Well-Known Member

    Silicon Valley
    Just joined a few minutes ago. Wanted to set up my avatar but couldn't find a way to do it. Now I know ^^.
  24. kokishin

    kokishin Well-Known Member

    Silicon Valley
    I just got a trophy for posting my first post. I like SHMF already! avs never gave me a trophy. :cussing:
    And many cool emojis too! :goodie:
  25. pa82

    pa82 New Member

    Hello to all of you here! :wave:

    (Well, I'm not sure if I should post this in some other place of the forum, but I'm sure nobody will be offended...:))

    I'm Pedro, I'm a musician, music teacher and of course a music addict since I can remember.. I've just signed up and I bring no big deal for now. Most of all, I would like to express my immense gratitude to Steve Hoffman for conceiving and starting this forum, and for doing it with such a wonderful sense of diversity and enjoyment. I've been peeking into the forum threads for years and now decided it made no sense for me to be on the outside anymore (even knowing that I have much to read and possibly almost nothing to offer, at least in matters of detailed comparative analysis and such, which I usually find here).

    I come here mainly because of my disillusion with remasterings that seem to yell BUY ME, YOU DEAF!!!!:yikes: instead of seducing me naturally with a slogan-less sound. When I want to get a CD of any of my favorite albums (of which 99% will certainly be older than my 34-year old self) I usually need to check the disillusion-potential of the latest release, so I know the place to go is the SH forums. Just like feeling I'm hungry but need an advice on a good restaurant. Then I spend huge amounts of time going all over the threads and everything gets much more complex :shrug:but, in the end, much more fulfilling. :pleased:

    Thank you all, and especially Steve, for keeping a world of information and enrichment so readily and openly available. It's wonderful to feel like I deserve it.

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