What are your Mark Knopfler favorites?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by smorrison, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. smorrison

    smorrison His Master's Voice Thread Starter

    Since today is Mark Knopfler's birthday, this morning I started a playlist containing all his work from Dire Straits onward. (Currently on Live Aid version of "Sultans Of Swing".) So what are your favorites from Mark?

    1. Vote for your favorite Dire Straits and solo studio albums in the poll. Vote for as many as you wish.

    2. What are your favorite songs from these albums? A top five or top ten? Whatever you please.

    3. What are your favorites among Mark's "side projects" - soundtracks, live albums, EPs, collaborations, productions, etc.?

    4. Have you ever seen Mark play live? Any favorite memories?
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  2. Spazaru

    Spazaru Angry Samoan

    The only thing I ever liked that he did was "Why Worry", the song he wrote for The Everly Brothers.
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  3. smorrison

    smorrison His Master's Voice Thread Starter

    I love all of these studio albums. Lately, I've really been into Communiqué - such an underrated album, start to finish. Tracker is his best album since Shangri-La - it keeps getting spins from me.

    Favorite Dire Straits songs:
    "Sultans Of Swing"
    "Once Upon A Time In The West"
    "Where Do You Think You're Going?"
    "Follow Me Home"
    "Romeo & Juliet"
    "Telegraph Road"
    "Industrial Disease"
    "Why Worry"
    "Brothers In Arms"
    "You And Your Friend"
    "Planet Of New Orleans"

    Favorite solo tracks:
    "Done With Bonaparte"
    "What It Is"
    "Sailing To Philadelphia"
    "Devil Baby"
    "5:15 A.M."
    "Song For Sonny Liston"
    "Punish The Monkey"
    "The Fish And The Bird"
    "Get Lucky"
    "Miss You Blues"
    "Long Cool Girl"
    "Lights Of Taormina"

    Mark has done so much great work on "side projects". Producing - Infidels. Writing - "Private Dancer". Accompanying - "Blind Willie McTell". So many favorites - "Slow Train" for Dylan, "Time Out Of Mind" for Steely Dan, "It's Money That Matters" for Randy Newman.

    I've seen Mark play live four times. The first time was with Eric Clapton on his Crossroads tour. Very cool to have the two dueling on "Layla". Also got to see him open for Dylan and join Bob for several songs like "Things Have Changed". Mark's been touring with a great band. They just work up some great arrangements from Mark's career. Some highlights have been "Telegraph Road", "Coyote", "Marbletown", "Your Latest Trick", and "Romeo & Juliet" is alway great.
  4. PCM7027

    PCM7027 Forum Resident

    I decided to opt for one album apiece from Dire Straits (Making Movies) and solo (Shangri-La). Of these, Tunnel of Love and Boom, Like That would be my favourite tracks on each.
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  5. Folks, one of the greatest moments was playing Skateaway very loudly in the engineering spaces of a destroyer. The power of that song came through.
  6. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    Love Over Gold is a masterpiece of subtly and expression.
  7. bobc

    bobc Bluesman

    Dire Straits were fine, but now I find myself listening more to a couple of outstanding albums:

    The Ragpicker"s Dream
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  8. sgb

    sgb Forum Resident

    Baton Rouge
    I limited my picks to two, but my favorite Knopfler song isn't on either of those albums.

    "They say it's mostly vanity that writes the plays we act..."
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  9. booker

    booker Forum Resident

    While all DS records are my beloved ones I have a soft spot for Golden Heart album and Darling Pretty song. I saw Mark in concert promoting this album in May 1996 in Royal Albert Hall. I think he played there 3 nights that later appeared on DVD. This was unforgettable night and he opened with Darling Pretty. Really love this track - the melody and thick Gibson Les Paul lead on it really make this thing.
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  10. Mark B.

    Mark B. Forum Resident

    Concord, NC
    I enjoy his soundtrack work. "Local Hero" and "Comfort and Joy" are both excellent, even if the latter is still only available as a vinyl EP.
  11. blueslover99

    blueslover99 Forum Resident

    It's all excellent...he is a truly consistent writer, player and producer. Regardless of genre, Knopfler brings his sensibility and professionalism to the table.
  12. vonseux

    vonseux Re-channeled Stereo

    Voted shangrila

    Heard it first time last year after a recommendation while talking about Kurt Vile

    Love the chill atmosphere
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  13. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis Forum Resident

    For Dire Straits my vote goes to "Communique." It's often dismissed an easy repeat of the success of their debut, but the part where the songwriting and especially the singing improve twice over is often left out. Weirdly, my two favorite Dire Straits discs are probably the most frequently written off: this and "On Every Street," which feels very much like a bridge between DS's proggy Americana and his rootsier solo stuff. All their other albums have good songs on them but these two really play through well for me.

    Solo-wise it's a toss-up between "The Ragpicker's Dream" and "Kill to Get Crimson," though I'd probably take the former for sentimental reasons. Both are masterpieces of narrative- and character-driven songwriting, and among my favorite albums of the 2000's.

    Listening to his "One Take Radio Sessions" EP as I type -- a hidden treasure from the "Shangri-La" era.
  14. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis Forum Resident

    Top ten, at this moment:

    Wild West End
    Once Upon a Time in the West
    How Long
    What It Is
    Old Pigweed
    Quality Shoe
    Ragpicker's Dream
    In the Sky
    Secondary Waltz
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  15. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Local Hero soundtrack is right up there.
  16. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Member Of The Midnight Society

    Greater St. Louis
    Dire Straits

    Brothers In Arms

    My favorites are:

    Sultans of Swing
    Lady Writer
    Money for Nothing
    Walk of Life
    So Far Away

    Don't know his side projects and have never seen him live, but I do love this video from You Tube.

    Dire Straits - Lady Writer.

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  17. smorrison

    smorrison His Master's Voice Thread Starter

    Communiqué is a perfect summer album for me, and I agree that it is even stronger than the debut. On Every Street is a perfect late-summer/early-autumn album for me. I played the heck out of it in that autumn of 1991, and revisit it often. It's every bit a good as any of their other albums.
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  18. Carlox

    Carlox Forum Resident

    Porto, Portugal
    Your words are my words.:)

    Solo albums:

    Golden Heart
    Sailing To Philadelphia
    Ragpicker's Dream
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  19. mrpleasant

    mrpleasant Forum Resident

    I would have voted for several of his motion picture scores, too. I'm particularly fond of Cal, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Shot At Glory, and Princess Bride. I also rate his work with Chet Atkins and with The Nothing Hillbillies quite highly.

    I do wish he would cut down on the waltzes, though. Too many on his last few releases, I've kind of gone off him as a result. But I do love the majority of his body of work.

    So many favorite songs, but Hill Farmer's Blues live on the tour when he opened for His Bobness was a real standout.
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  20. Ernest T

    Ernest T Forum Resident

    Dire Straits - Making Movies
    Solo - Shangri-La
    colab - All the Roadrunning

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  21. deany76

    deany76 Forum Resident

    North Wales, UK
    Not keen on Mark Knoffler's solo stuff.
    Give me Dire Straits anyday.
    I'd get out of bed to see them live (original 80's band), not many Artists I'd do that for nowadays, Peter Gabriel are you listening?
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  22. Dan Steele

    Dan Steele Forum Resident

    Chicago suburbs
    Good shout out to Mark, OP. I voted the first 5 and suggest Alchemy Live should be included because it is unique enough compared to the studio albums. Love Dire Straits, one of my favorite bands and he is one of the great guitar players and song writers. I have tried but have not yet been deep into his solo career. Like a few songs on Shangri-La and Philadelphia but a lot of it sounds too much the same.
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  23. Lovealego

    Lovealego Forum Resident

    Danville, CA
    Shangri la is my favorite of all his. Tracker is his best in a long time though. There are some great tracks on Get Lucky as well. On Every Street is my favorite Dire Straits album and Wag the Dog is his best soundtrack album.

    Too many great songs to list. Favorites are:

    Terminal of Tribute To (my current favorite, should have been on the album proper)
    Get Lucky
    You and your friend
    How long
    Shangri La
    Trawlerman Song
    So far from the Clyde
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  24. pdenny

    pdenny Blow up your TV

    Solo SAILING
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  25. Dan Steele

    Dan Steele Forum Resident

    Chicago suburbs
    To each his own, but I am shocked by the results so far. Telegraph Road is one of my favorite songs of any band but I couldnt put that album above self titled or Making Movies or even Communique. Down to the Waterline and Sultans are an incredible one-two punch on their debut and Tunnel of Love, Romeo and Juliet, and Skateaway is one of the best album sides of all time. Expresso Love is strong too. I know people dislike Les Boys but that was a different time, less PC in 1980.
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