What does Steve Hoffman think of the new Beatles Sgt. Pepper remix?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by NGeorge, May 31, 2017.

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    Well, I'm speaking specifically about the 50th AV Sgt. Pepper, of which I have the 6 disc box and the 2 LP edition.

    The LP* of the remix SMOKES the CD. AND the Hi-Res.

    In this specific instance.

    For your information.

    *1/2 Speed Mastered @ Abbey Road in Deadwax, btw.
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    I'd put more stock into what people who love surround think, like those at quadraphonicquad.com
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    Those at quadraphonicquad.com are great for judging the surround mix, but I've found they are not very good at judging audio quality.
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    From what I gather from previous comments of Steve's, he's not a fan of remixes in principle. IIRC, he's somewhat more appreciative of the attempt to make new surround mixes, but he's not on board with stereo remixes. For him (and for many people) the original mix is THE mix, for better or for worse.
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    i feel embarrassed to have to ask, but who is she?
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  6. Suzanna Hoffs. the Bangles.
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    Oh dear. You wasn't expecting to hear that was you....:eek:
  9. Indeed!
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    What I'd really like to hear from Steve is, whether or not he believes Giles did his due diligence, and compared it to other incarnations of commercial releases before he signed-off on this. Steve has said here several times, the remaster isn't done until you know how it stacks up to the original: did you do a good job with it, or did you just do "another" job with it.

    Giles Martin is in a difficult place here. Is he going to second-guess his own father's ears on this, or does he feel his version corrects whatever he might have felt was wrong with the 1967 (or 1987, or 2009) realizations. I'm betting that, after Love, many were expecting the son to put his own stamp on this seminal work, if for no other reason than the technology's advanced so far. So like, no pressure, dude...!

    Still don't get why Apple would set the CD up to fail by sprinkling the gold dust only on the LP version. What good does that do, screwing dedicated fans/customers who were willing to pay upwards of $120.00, knowing they were buying a potentially-substandard product? Is the ghost of Gail Zappa haunting EMI now?!
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  12. markshan

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    What does this mean? What "gold dust"?
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    I want to know what Steve (Hoffman) thinks of the cut-outs?
  15. fluffskul

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    Also, doesn't this thread put Steve in a difficult place? Trust your own ears. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't. Either way is ok. And there are hundreds if not thousands of members here with good ears and equipment who have posted opinions.
  16. Splungeworthy

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    I actually popped this question in the middle of one of the monster Pepper threads. I should have just started it's own thread. It looks like his retweet is the answer (not all that surprising). Honestly it's hard to listen to any of the previous stereo versions (with their weird sonics) when we've got this amazingly clear and robust new document. I'm finding the outtakes to be equally as revelatory as the remix.
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  17. Trashman

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    What does it matter what someone else thinks about it?

    All I know is that I am enjoying it and that's all that counts.
  18. rnranimal

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    It doesn't matter as far as my enjoyment (or lack thereof), but if we didn't care about anyone else's thoughts, we wouldn't be here.
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    Putting the unlimited mastering on the blu-ray should've been a no-brainer. A very disappointing decision.
  20. rnranimal

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    They had two versions of the final mastering. One which had been subjected to limiting (which they called light. I'd hate to see what they consider moderate) and one that wasn't. The limited mastering was used on both the CD and blu-ry while the unlimited was used for the vinyl.
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    Not to stray to far off topic, but I'm curious to know what Steve Hoffman thinks about Suzanna Hoffs... Or maybe what Suzanna Hoffs thinks of the new 50th Anniversary remix of Sgt Pepper's?? Or even what Steve Hoffman thinks about what Suzanna Hoffs thinks of the new 50th Anniversary remix of Sgt Pepper's??

    Get back to us, Suzanne and Steve! :D
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    Good info. Thanks.
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    Steve has posted a picture of the type of women he likes a couple of times
    can't find it now
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    If those pictures aren't of Suzanne Hoffs, then don't bother searching any further. :righton:
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    Good morning
    Good morning
    Wake up and smell the coffee. :laugh:

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