What does Steve Hoffman think of the new Beatles Sgt. Pepper remix?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by NGeorge, May 31, 2017.

  1. Seems like the public do have access to something resembling his opinion.
  2. Derek Slazenger

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    Listened to the surround in the car a few times last night. I thought it was an uninvolving sound, although I do like the mixes :) The title track especially poor but the one straight after probably the best of the bunch. Strange.
  3. DRM

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    I think Sir Steve Hoffman might like a crack at remixing Sgt. Pepper's.

    Or remastering it.

    He did a great job with the Buddy Holly material.

    I agree, you turn up the 1987 mix of Sgt. Pepper's and it's great.
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  4. The Hole Got Fixed

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    I couldn't care less what Steve or ANYONE else thinks. Lemmings.
  5. telepicker97

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    Audiophile half speed mastering.
  6. DRM

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    Thanks for sharing.
  7. delmonaco

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    If Mr. Hoffman opinion on this remix is not favorable (and by logic - how can it be? The new mix pretty much summarize the antithesis of his philosophy and approach as an audio engineer), how you can expect he to be vocal about it? Moreover if more than half of the members of his supposed-to-be-an-audiophile forum are so in love with this new mix, that some of them even reacts a bit aggressively to the negative opinions, expressed by others that dare to expect more audiophile approach for this remix and questioning the levels of loudness, compression and all trickery performed.
  8. graystoke

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    I think it's unfair on Steve to be asking him to publicly comment on the Pepper remix, particularly on his own forum. He may wish to do so in the future, when the dust has settled but that's for him to decide. He is active in the profession so he always needs to be careful that he doesn't compromise his standing and the opportunity to work on further audio projects himself. We should all be mindful of that.
  9. violetvinyl

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  10. Joy-of-radio

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    I'm not a mind reader, but based on the style and quality Steve asserts to his own remasters, I've got a pretty good idea. I'll admit though that I'd love to hear it in Steve's words.
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  11. delmonaco

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    I meant some showoff sound effects like fake stereo, artificial echo etc.
  12. I've listened to the stereo remix a lot since it was released. I have to say, for the most part I agree with the guy Steve re-tweeted.

    I bought the super deluxe box, which is a very nice package. I've listened to all the outtakes, which are cool to have, but it will probably be the one-and-only time I do. It's nice to have the book and another disc of the mono mix, even though I have the 2009 mono set. The documentary on the DVD is worth having. I'll try to get around to listening to the 5.1 mix soon (and that will probably be one of the only times I do). But the stereo remix leaves something to be desired.

    While there are some interesting moments, this remix actually hurts my ears (and I'm not just saying that metaphorically). I compared the 2017 remix of A Day in the Life to the 2009 mastering on Apple Music. Even in the car I could hear how they squashed the dynamics even further on the orchestral crescendos. There is no difference in volume between the beginning of the crescendo and the end. I apparently need to dig out my 1987 CD now.
  13. Chris Schoen

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    The new remix is not an audiophile thing at all. It's like when an artist paints over a picture.
  14. alexpop

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    Would love a Stereo Hoffman version.
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  15. Joy-of-radio

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    Yep, short and tweet... Couldn't have said it better!
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  16. Jim B.

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    Why join a forum then to read other people's opinions???
  17. delmonaco

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    None of the Beatles recordings are audiophile, but a more audiophile-friendly approach is possible during remixing and remastering, regardless the state and sound quality of the available tapes.
  18. Jim B.

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    I don't get why Giles is the only person allowed to do this stuff. I know his father was involved but why should that be a guarantee? I mean would they give Sean Lennon control over the back catalogue?
  19. Yovra

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    Hey, that's MY tweet! :) ('Wim @ Yovra'). Maybe I have to give the old '87 a spin to compare it with the new one. I think mr. Hoffman wisely refrains from comments on the new version...
  20. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    I think the remix was not done with an "audiophile-friendly approach" - the remix is an art re-construction of sorts.
    I can see how, on this forum, the remix is hard to swallow. On the one hand the remix is a celebration, on the other hand
    it is not what an "audiophile" would do...
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  21. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Steve Hoffman (imo) does not play around with recordings like Giles Martin. Steve is a remastering expert. Two different things.
  22. Smegman

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    Right Here
    The Hoff approves it.

  23. Vinyl Socks

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    Digitally-Encrusted Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
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  24. theshape

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    Yikes! I hope not! :eek:
  25. willy

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    Were these cut-outs printed digitally do you think? It is difficult to tell on first handling but I'm thinking I prefer the dot gain of the original litho... the tonal value increase makes certainly my original copy appear just a tad more dense to the eye.

    Has anyone done a cut-out video on YouTube yet? What scissors did they use?
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