What is Your Favorite Song, Right Now, This Very Minute?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bzfgt, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. bobc

    bobc Bluesman

    Right now? That Song About The Midway (Joni Mitchell)

    Yesterday? No, I mean if you had asked yesterday. Back On The Chain Gang (Pretenders) - I'd just finished reading Chrissie Hynde's book.
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  2. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    Right now my favorite high energy head banger is Tad's "Behemoth ". Super tune!
  3. The Lew

    The Lew Senior Member

    West Wales
    Steve Miller Band - Kow Kow (off Brave New World)
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  4. Frosst

    Frosst Vinyl-obsessive kiddo

    Listening to this song as we speak

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  5. mfp

    mfp Forum Resident

    Paris, France
    Right this very minute? Well I'm listening to a song, so it makes it hard to concentrate on any other song. The song is Runaround Sue. Not a bad choice really.
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  6. GroovyGuy

    GroovyGuy Forum Resident

    Halifax, NS Canada
    Rush - Red Barchetta. I was stuck in traffic one day this week and this came on and it was an epic air drumming session as a salute to Neil's masterful work on this piece. I'm sure someone recorded my performance on their phone and put it up on social media but I'm not lookin' for it lol ...................

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  7. not yonder

    not yonder Forum Resident

  8. LarsO

    LarsO Forum Resident

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  9. pokemaniacjunk

    pokemaniacjunk Forum Resident

    south paris maine
    The turtles - can i go on
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  10. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    Even though my all-time favorite is set in stone, right now there's nothing I want to hear more than "One Day" by the Church.
  11. The Revealer

    The Revealer One of the Eggmen

    Metro Chicago, IL
    David Gilmour's Faces of Stone.

    It's there in my head when I go to bed and wake up. I'm not even listening to it every day. It's not an ear worm. Just an incredibly bittersweet musical poem about walking with his aged mother who struggled with dementia.

  12. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    My favourite song of all time never changes. It is Dylan's Visions of Johanna. I also think it is the greatest song ever written. My favourite version is the Blonde on Blonde mono one. My second favourite is the first Royal Albert Hall version from 1966.
  13. Dear 23

    Dear 23 Forum Resident

    Midwest USA
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  14. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    Maybe it's a knucklehipster, and the laugh is on us...
  15. Scott S.

    Scott S. Indie Music Curator

    Walmartville PA
  16. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Please label the photos you post

    Austin, TX
    Perfect in every way...

    Nick Drake - Three Hours
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  17. strummer101

    strummer101 Forum Resident

    Lakewood OH
    Iggy Pop. Yeah, there's power there.
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  18. uncarvedbloke

    uncarvedbloke Forum Resident

    S~O~T UK
    Sparks ~ Edith Piaf
  19. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    Good one! That, Negativland, Hallogallo, Für Immer and Lila Engel are basically Neu! for me...
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  20. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Trying to consolidate my various artists compilations into one area.
    Had this playing.
    Covenant-Brave New World (Alternative Radio Version), 2007
  21. Subvet

    Subvet Forum Resident

    Southern Maine
    Right now this very minute?
    Guns Are The Tongues - Richard Thompson
  22. Spazaru

    Spazaru Angry Samoan

  23. rodentdog

    rodentdog Forum Resident

    Today...Marshall Crenshaw "Fantastic Planet of Love". Tomorrow, a different song.
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  24. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    It's always "Strawberry Fields Forever"

    but the next one to come off of the top of me head is "She" by Elvis Costello (from the "Notting Hill" soundtrack)
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  25. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    I prefer "Ooh, Baby, Baby," "Long, Long Time," "Blue Bayou" and the vastly-underrated "White Rhythm and Blues"

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