What were they thinking (Take 2)!?!?!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fr in sc, Mar 26, 2017.

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    That one was pretty cool in a creepy way. It got creepier when the big-hair lady and Paul and that crowd at tbn over in Costa Mesa got riled over the whole thing... didn't Pat ride in on a harley or something at one of those tbn shows during that blip of an era? I would occasionally pop tbn on just to see what was going on.....visit another universe..... (and hoping to see Laurie too.... sicko that I am)
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    I watched the entire Walsh video. Didn't remember it at all. Not a good song, but the video is basically... to me..... just an early glimpse of what we have now..... zombie millineals with their faces glued to cellphones while they walk on the left instead of the right. Since there were no cell phones in 1983... or the ones around were as big as those pacman machines, most of the kiddies in Joe's video are walking around empty-handed. But certainly in that "don't bother me, I'm texting" look.

    A very socially important video imo. But pretty crummy too. I'll probably watch it at least another zero times.
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    I liked it too. I didn't have a problem with the Chris Gaines project. I do however, have an ongoing problem with guys in cowboy hats who have not one iota of a southern or old west accent. Or guys with cowboy hats on who are also wearing wireless monitor earbuds with boom mics. On the other hand, Garth can pretty much do what he wants imo. He's got a valid place in the arts history. I'd like to see another Chris Gaines project circa 30 years later..... maybe he could redo the Joe Walsh video.
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    A film from that era, featured Donald Felder playing one of the smoothest guitar solos on take a ride on heavy metal. The film was heavy metal, good film, good times!:cool:
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    You have inspired me to watch this exactly zero more times. I haven't even seen it yet.
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    What was going through his mind? A lot of vodka, that's what.
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    I liked this. Dee Dee tried something new. I saw a Ramones documentary where he conceded years later that the whole Dee Dee King thing wasn't very good. What more can you ask. He tried something, it didn't really pan out and he acknowledged that it was a bad idea.
    As far as the video is concerned, it's hilarious that he's wearing shoes when he gets up and that there's a pizza on the floor. Pizza, as you may recall, was the subject of Dee Dee's only dialogue in Rock and Roll High School.
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    The Land of Kirk
    Spooky Tooth:


    They sent their third album to France and it came back covered in crap that could never be washed off. Not sure who's crazy idea that was but no one hated the results more than the band did.
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    The Billy Squier video posted was the first to pop in my head. I think he was even quoted saying it killed his career.
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    Love the song and video, but that could've easily just been a Freddie solo cut! Picture it on Mr. Bad Guy :)
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    dredg - Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy
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    I like this album!
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    I'm going to be that guy: what problems do you have with Black And Blue? I've always loved it (bar "Melody" which is really annoying vocally) and I'm always surprised when I see someone putting it down. Not saying you're wrong, just curious what your take is.
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    You gotta admire their sense of honesty, though. At least they packaged it in a cover that matched the content. Truth in advertising and whatnot. Imagine if they'd sold it in a Roger Dean cover instead? Egad!

    If only someone at Atlantic had thought to put a "file under comedy albums" sticker on the front. Even a token gesture that small might have managed to salvage their reputation, it might.
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    Speaking of 'Black And Blue', what were they thinking when they abandoned the LP cover art for the cassette and 8-track copies? Whose dumb idea was THAT?!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Why? those shaker thingies on the chorus?
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    I do like parts of the record... it's the sleeve that made me (and everyone else) cringe (which I'm sure is what you're referring to)!
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    I don't like any of the genre experiments, and all the straightforward songs are weak IMO.
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    See also:
    Neil Young
    Paul McCartney

    Though I'd reckon in all three cases one answer at least would be, "too much weed":laugh:
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    "Let's hope for Peace"? If only she'd give us all some! :D
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