What's in Your Ultimate Beatles Box Set?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sid Hartha, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Sid Hartha

    Sid Hartha Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    The Midwest
    If you had a few grand to spend, and a few months to get it together, what would you put in there? I'm talking about pressings that already exist (all in NM or better condition), tracked down and purchased for inclusion in a package of your own making - as an alternative to the currently available box set that not everyone seems to be crazy about.

    Think of this as being a variation of that service that sells "hot stampers", only in this case you're putting together the ultimate Beatles catalog in its entirety - marketed to the discerning Beatles fan. I'd also be interested in seeing choices for an alternate "starter" set - consisting of very good, but easier to find pressings for the fan on a budget.
  2. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    I would go with the standard UK BC-13 Blue Box, plus the German MMT and UK Red & Blue albums, all of which I have, except that I would get the tube cut editions and mono copies of the first few albums (my copies are all ss).

    Talking more fantastically, I would add a new remixed & expanded Live at Hollywood Bowl.
  3. Sid Hartha

    Sid Hartha Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    The Midwest
    I suppose I should post mine. Two sets, both containing 14 LPs:

    "The Stereo Albums" (UK Parlophone/Apple unless indicated)

    Die Beatles (Hor Zu, Germany)
    With The Beatles (Odeon, Germany)
    A Hard Days Night (-2/-2 or earlier)
    Beatles For Sale (-1/-1)
    Help! (-1/-1)
    Rubber Soul (-3/-3 or earlier)
    Revolver (-1/-1)
    Sgt. Pepper (-1/-1)
    Magical Mystery Tour (Hor Zu, Germany)
    The Beatles (German DMM reissue)
    Yellow Submarine
    Hey Jude
    Abbey Road (-2/-1)
    Let It Be


    "The Mono Albums" (US Capitol, west coast pressings - unless indicated)

    Introducing The Beatles (Vee-Jay, second state)
    Meet The Beatles
    Second Album
    A Hard Days Night (United Artists)
    Something New
    Beatles '65
    Beatles VI
    Help! (Parlophone, UK - '80s repress is acceptable)
    Rubber Soul
    Yesterday And Today (standard cover)
    Sgt. Pepper (Parlophone, UK - '80s repress is acceptable)
    Magical Mystery Tour
    The Beatles (Apple UK - '80s repress is acceptable)
  4. quicksilverbudie

    quicksilverbudie quicksilverbudie

    Original Albums in MONO along with their Stereo counterparts from the best sources ie: German Horzu MMT etc.
    Like the MONO box set CD's plus the Stereo versions for comparisons (fun)

    On the best vinyl possible! 45prm release, 180/200 gram, clear vinyl (heard good things about this), re-productions of the sleeves as originally release....and number# the White Album copies!

  5. JamieC

    JamieC Forum Resident

    Detroit Mi USA
    Is it heritical to think an "ultimate" box set should also include Hollywood Bowl and BBC at the very least? And then there would be a deluxe box of the Anthology(including the single bonus tracks).
  6. socorro

    socorro Forum Resident

    Ooh, this looks like fun! Here's my stab at it, from an "artifact," rather than an audiophile, perspective.

    Please Please Me, Bolivia, yellow Odeon Pops
    Con Los Beatles, Argentina, yellow & green Odeon Pops
    A Hard Day's Night, Norway, purple Parlophone/Odeon
    Socorro, Ecuador, green Odeon
    Beatles Vol. 5, Mexico, Musart stereo
    Rubber Soul, Greece, champagne cover
    Revolver, Thailand, black & yellow Parlophone
    A Collection of Beatles Oldies, Finland, black & yellow Parlophone
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Nigeria, black & silver Parlophone
    The Beatles Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Chile
    Yellow Submarine, UK export edition, black & silver Odeon
    Abbey Road, Egypt, black & silver Parlophone
    Let It Be, Japan, box set, on red vinyl with green apple medallion obi


    Please Please Me, New Zealand, pink Young World
    With The Beatles, Denmark, black & gold Parlophone
    A Hard Day's Night, Japan, on red vinyl with half-obi
    Les Beatles 1965, with foil insert
    Help, Norway, black & gold Parlophone
    Rubber Soul, Germany export edition, yellow Odeon with horizontal "obi"
    Revolver, Jamaica, black & yellow Parlophone
    A Collectionof Beatles Oldies, Belgium, red Odeon
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Finland, black & yellow Parlophone
    The Beatles, UK export edition, black & yellow Parlophone, Decca contract press
    Yellow Submarine, Dominican Republic, Apple
    Abbey Road, Barbados, one-box Parlophone
    Let It Be, Argentina, box set
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