What's the best Paul McCartney album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by EchoStars24, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I voted for Driving Rain. It's not necessarily my favorite, but it would be in my top five. I knew it wouldn't get many votes, so I voted for it. I never realized that it wasn't well-liked until I started frequenting this board. But I never realized that Paul McCartney as well as Wings were so controversial, with such polarized opinions about them, until I started using this board, either. :shrug:
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    So Paul leaves the UK, flies to New York City specifically to record his new Ram album, is in the studio from 12 October to 16 November working on all the Ram tracks, decides that “Another Day” is the best of the Ram offerings, releases it as his only single in advance of this critical album, and it’s not a Ram song?

    Come now, let’s be real here. Or take “Jet” off of Band On The Run as it was the lead single for that LP.
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    "Band On The Run" test pressing

    "RAM" acetate
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  6. Raoul97202

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    I agree. I would've liked to have voted for both, but since I can only choose one, I chose Ram. To my ears it's also the most Beatlesque.
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    Never heard of that one. :)
  8. angelees

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    Smile Away isn’t a nonsense rocker. It’s very clearly about smiling anyway even when things and people suck.
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  9. Darrin L.

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    Your argument's not even logical. You might as well throw "Little Lamb Butterfly", or "Get on the Right Thing" into the mix. "Another Day" was never, ever a part of the album proper. Case closed.
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  10. schnitzerphilip

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    This brings up another question. How exactly do you listen to “Another Day”?

    If you didn’t add it to Ram in your library you listen to it when? When you listen to a Greatest Hits album like All The Best? Should all of Paul’s best songs released to advance their respective albums be confined to a fragmented Greatest Hits type listening experience instead of homogeneously placed on the albums created during the very sessions in which they were recorded?
  11. EdogawaRampo

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    Boy, the results are sure unambiguous...and I have to concur with the two 'bests' the votes show. In my case, I think I've listened to Ram quite a bit more, but whether or not it's actually better than Band On The Run I couldn't offer an opinion on. I think I've listened to Ram more is simply because I heard Band On The Run far more in the day, in the '70s. I didn't actually warm up to Ram until the last 10 or 15 years or so.
  12. Steve G

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    Electric Arguments. What's the logic behind including Venus & Mars and not including Electric Arguments???
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    Have to go with the first,
    followed by Ram, and then Band on the Run.
  14. Lewisboogie

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    I voted Tug of War but listen to Electric Arguments more than anything besides comps.
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  15. Champagne Boot

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    Flaming Pie is his most consistent, IMO. I invariably find Macca records to be a few genuinely wonderful songs with a lot of low-grade filler. But when he's on, he's on.
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  16. fmfxray373

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    I gave the nod to McCartney, Junk and Maybe I'm Amazed are masterpieces.
    Band On The Run is probably better but McCartney's first album just gets better with time. Tough choice.
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  17. schnitzerphilip

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    'Another Day' might not be on the album but it's a Ram track, no different than 'Jet' which was the lead single for the BOTR LP and just so happened to be placed on that disc by the record company, just as well might have been left off if it were released two years earlier when singles were routinely removed from their LP's.

    Ram is Paul's White Album. The uneven and unorganized feeling about the work you sense is exactly what people tend to say they love about the Beatles two-disc masterwork.

    I didn't mention Let Me Roll It or No Words because I called out the must-have, classic songs on both LP's and those two aren't of that caliber.

    BOTR is polished and brilliant but it is short (only 9 tracks to Ram's 12 + 'Another Day') and it is too produced and polished (lacks Ram's warmth and honesty).

    And perhaps above all else, Ram feels and sounds like a Beatles album, the only one such work created by the 4 after they split. Maybe that's why so many of us prefer it, even though only slightly, to BOTR.
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    This has gotten to the point where I'm clicking 'Unwatch Thread.'
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    Flaming Pie for me. Flawless.
  20. Price.pittsburgh

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    You earlier compared RAM to Abbey and White.
    Paul's unfinished tracks on Abbey are polished and create a great medley.
    His more stripped down material on White are more complete and crafted.
    Mother Nature's Son, I Will, Blackbird, Rocky Raccoon, all complete and organized tracks.
    RAM to me sounds like he was lost and Ringo felt the same way when hearing it and Ringo's favorite Beatles album is The White Album.
  21. maywitch

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    No I'd say what happened is that finally enough time had passed for people who hadn't been spiteful in the early 70's(or brainwashed by their older siblings/reading too many books saying John Lennon was 80 percent of the Beatles after he died) and RAM was listened with fresh ears and given the credit it ALWAYS deserved. It's an amazing and unique album, IMO. Dear Boy is lovely and I've seen plenty of praise for it, especially the harmonies and melody.
  22. Bruce M.

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    "Tug of War." Not even close.
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  23. Bruce M.

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    This sums up my feelings about "Ram" better than anything I've read on here. He sounds lost and flailing to me. The album has a manic, almost desperate quality that's really unappealing, despite a few charming moments here and there.
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  24. PaulOnTheBeach

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    I was listening to Chris Carter’s Breakfast With The Beatles several years ago. Brian Wilson was his guest and Chris played Dear Boy for him. Prodded for a reaction, BW was like, ok, decent song, I don’t see the connection. Pretty funny...
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  25. PaulOnTheBeach

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    So Rain is now a song from Revolver and Hey Jude is a song from The Beatles?
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