What's the most copies of an album you have?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gabacabriel, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Japage 3 fan

    HMV boxsets. They came out around the same time as the regular CD's but HMV was owned by EMI at the time so they released these box sets with various posters,badges, 12x12 booklets, etc. To me, it was a deluxe way that the Beatles CD releases SHOULD have been offered for those inclined. I got carried away and bought a couple of each of them at the time. I still think they are really great, but after a month or so and everyone here recovers from Christmas bills, I'm going to sell some of the extra ones in the classifieds here.
  2. soundboy

    soundboy Forum Resident

    Just 3 versions of Spandau Ballet's "True"....(L to R) Japan Sanyo CD pressing, US DADC CD pressing, and the SACD. Eventually, the Black Triangle and the remastered CD versions....


    There're many "duplicates" though. Amongst many such "duplicates" are....

    The Beach Boys - Made in the USA (Japan CD pressing and US CD pressing)


    Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet (DualDisc and Japan "alternative" cover CD version)


    REO Speedwagon - Hi-Infidelity (CBS/Sony 35.8-4 CD pressing and US pressing)


    Olivia Newton-John - Greatest Hits (Japan Black Triangle CD pressing and regular Japan CD pressing)


    "Flashdance" original soundtrack - West Germany CD versions

  3. Lonson

    Lonson I'm Just a Lucky So-and-So

    Bay Village, OHIO
    No, both SACDs are of the 'nineties remix, sadly.
  4. winopener

    winopener Well-Known Member

    Agree. my dozen of DSOTM does span 38 years and 4 different formats (six considering the quads) so it's not too much.
  5. bhazen

    bhazen Abbey Roadhog

    I feel bereft, with only an '82 Capitol LP, '87 US CD, '87 Japanese (Toshiba) CD, Compact Disc EP Collection stereo/mono EP, and '09 CD remaster of Magical Mystery Tour.
  6. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Japage 3 fan

    How do you get by with such a meager Magical Mystery Tour collection Bruce ? :D

    Ah, I remember now. You told me the story a few years ago..
    Selling all your excess Beatles albums and investing that money in more copies of The Very Best of Walter Brennan. I can't argue with that Bruce. It's a win-win situation.:D

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  7. bhazen

    bhazen Abbey Roadhog

    ...Including several HMV box sets!

    (sigh) Walter is so dreamy...
  8. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Japage 3 fan

  9. greelywinger

    greelywinger That T-Rex Guy

    Dayton, Ohio USA
    Any you think you have too many records?




  10. bodicus

    bodicus Active Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    8 copies of Hemispheres on lp by Rush at the last count :righton:
  11. GroovinGarrett

    GroovinGarrett Beatles Press Release

    Atlanta, GA
    I've posted this list before. I think I'm done buying copies of Pet Sounds for a while.


    Pet Sounds:

    1966 Capitol mono LP (2 copies, 1 sealed)
    1966 Capitol Duophonic LP (2 copies, 1 sealed)
    1966 Capitol/Toshiba Japan red wax mono LP
    1972 Brother/Reprise Carl and The Passions "two-fer" LP
    1972 Brother/Reprise standalone mono LP
    1977 Capitol/Toshiba Japan WLP reissue
    1980 Capitol SN-series mono reissue LP
    1995 DCC Compact Classics LP
    1999 Capitol 180gm stereo LP
    2001 Capitol mono/stereo 2-LP set (yellow/green wax)
    2008 Capitol "From The Vaults" 180gm mono LP

    1989 Capitol/Toshiba Japan "Greenline 2800" CD
    1990 Capitol mono CD (CDP 7 48421 2)
    1993 DCC Compact Classics 24kt Gold CD
    1997 Capitol "Sessions" 4-CD box
    1999 Capitol mono/stereo CD (7243 5 21241 2 1, Sandoval version)
    2006 Capitol 40th Anniversary CD/DVD set
    2008 Audio Fidelity 24kt Gold CD
    The "SOT" CD boxes

    1966 Capitol Duophonic 4-track open reel tape
    2003 DVD-A
  12. GroovinGarrett

    GroovinGarrett Beatles Press Release

    Atlanta, GA
    What/where in the world is that????
  13. liv3evil

    liv3evil Well-Known Member

    NY USA
    10 copies of Bowie's "Low" spanning LP's, CD's, and cassettes.
  14. Tom Perry

    Tom Perry Well-Known Member

  15. GroovinGarrett

    GroovinGarrett Beatles Press Release

    Atlanta, GA
    Yes sir.

    My go-to LP is: 1972 Brother/Reprise standalone mono LP
    A close second is: 1980 Capitol SN-series mono reissue LP

    My go-to CD is: 1989 Capitol/Toshiba Japan "Greenline 2800" mono CD
    A close second is: 1993 DCC Compact Classics 24kt Gold CD
  16. Tom Perry

    Tom Perry Well-Known Member

  17. I think I just noticed the other day I have 5 copies of A Night At The Opera.

  18. Smash Hits : Jimi Hendrix Experience

    One Reel to Reel Reprise 4 track 3 ¾ ips
    Two Cassettes Polydor (different Cat. Numbers)
    1 CD EH / MCA
    14 LP’s:
    1 Track stereo
    1 Track mono
    2 EH / MCA , one numbered
    2 Reprise, one import, 1 80’s re pressing
    7 Polydor,1 Japanese mono, 2 Audio club (different cat. Numbers), 1 Dutch, 3 Various, different country’s and 1 miss matched sleeve / LP

    A sad total of 18. Maybe more tucked away but I think I have it covered.

    Odd, but it's far from my fav' Hendrix !
    Please note the use of mono / stereo is a loose description and is taken from label or sleeve. Numerous tracks / pressing rely on enhancing techniques. Also, all the Polydor pressing's (except the miss matched) carry differeing Cat. Numbers.
  19. citizeN

    citizeN New Member

    Bellingham, WA USA
    i have 3 copies of Gordon Lightfoot's Gord's Gold, if i see more, I will buy them, Lightfoot is a pretty regular find at thrift stores
  20. fortherecord

    fortherecord Well-Known Member

    Upstate, NY
    I have 10+ copies of The Doors S/T on vinyl and CD.
  21. nbakid2000

    nbakid2000 On Indie's Cutting Edge

    Springfield, MO
    3 of Wonderworld by Uriah Heep (2 remasters, 1 SE). 1 copy of the regular remaster got ruined by my brother so I had to buy it again.

    3 DSTOM (Doug Sax, Black Triangle, MFSL vinyl)

    I think those two are the most.
  22. serge

    serge Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA
    so far I'm showing 13 copies of Sgt Pepper's on LP.. pretty much all rainbows (mono and stereo)

    its kind of funny given how i'm always talking about how its completely overrated and yet i seem to have picked up more of these than say abbey road or revolver which i much prefer...
  23. greelywinger

    greelywinger That T-Rex Guy

    Dayton, Ohio USA
  24. viper66

    viper66 Active Member

    new jersey
    The most copies i have of any title would be The Monkees Headquarters.
    One copy handed down to me in the early 70's by my older brother, That is no longer playable,One mint opened copy still in the shrink wrap, One mint sealed copy, All on the original Colgems label, & The recent deluxe cd's on Rhino.
    That was always a favorite album growing up in the 70's.:righton:
  25. havefun6699

    havefun6699 Active Member

    12 copies of Wish You Were Here, 7 copies of The Wall, In the Court of Crimson King (5cd box counts as one piece) and The Dark Side of the Moon, 5 copies of Amused to Death and In Rock.

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