Which Hendrix (or related) album are you listening to?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by OneStepBeyond, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. OneStepBeyond

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    I've not seen or found a 'general' thread on this subject before, so took it upon myself to create one - inspired by this...


    So fire away, lads and lasses - I had the idea because I'm regularly discovering new to me stuff that I wish I had some time ago and a good example of this is the West Coast Seattle Boy Anthology that I'm listening to right now.


    So that's my first entry here. It's the 1CD/DVD version and I'm sure that the box set of it will follow sometime in the near future. I like the alternate versions of Fire and Love Or Confusion that kick the album off, a lot - although I'd not want the originals replaced I like the luxury of being able to choose and hear something slightly less familiar, which can shed new light on the tracks - especially when they are somewhat clearer sounding. Then there are the unreleased/uncompleted songs that gripped me when I first played this, only earlier this this year.

    By the way, my first was Electric Ladyland - which I bought on cassette in 1988 and I was 18... no exaggeration to say that it totally changed how I listened to music - all the chart stuff was out the window and I there were many great acts and albums from the past that I needed to sample. Being lead into the 'inevitable' blues and Dylan was so very exciting.

    P. S. If you want to mention Buddy Miles solo, Fat Mattress etc then I don't see why not. :)
  2. Piiijiii

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    Ruhr Area, Germany
    The sooner the better.
    There´s great stuff that´s not on the single disc, especially "Suddenly November Morning", "Angel" & "Calling All the Devil's Children" but also many more :cool:

    I´m still listening to the last two live releases.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. jc1027

    jc1027 Member

    Most recently was: the recent reissue of Axis (GREAT) and the mono reissue of Are You Experienced (NOT SO GREAT)....
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  4. OneStepBeyond

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    Yes, I think I'm going to have a bit of a Hendrixy Christmas as I'm not seeing family until the day after and have to work late on the 25th - might as well treat myself and include the WCSB box in there

    Above are more I keep meaning to buy and I'm looking at the DVD of Atlanta; need to stop thinking about it and act. :D I'm planning a visit to HMV tomorrow anyway, to check the pricing on it vs Amazon...
  5. MikeInFla

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    Panama City, FL
    Found BBC Sessions in the $5 bin at Walmart so I'll say that and Freedom, the last live release (vinyl).
  6. OneStepBeyond

    OneStepBeyond Selective listener... Thread Starter

    I think I prefer that in the form of the earlier Radio One release because it's a great listen from start to finish and although I'm very glad to have the additions found on BBC Sessions as well, having more than one version of a track and spread over two CDs does tend to disrupt the 'flow' for me a little. :)
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  7. Tristero

    Tristero Forum Resident

    Oh yeah, disc four of that set, focusing on the last year of his life, is a particular highlight for me. There's a killer, extended Band of Gypsys live take on "Stone Free", plus a great instrumental version of the rare "Burning Desire". We get a nice alternate mix of "In From The Storm", plus the complete instrumental build up of "Bolero" leading into "Hey Baby". And the ultra-rare "Suddenly November Morning" (presumably from the "Black Gold" tapes) offers a protean glimpse into his late career songwriting. This 1970 period has become my favorite phase of Jimi's work and having recently acquired the remastered Cry of Love and Rainbow Bridge, I'm reworking my "First Rays" mix.
  8. MoonPool

    MoonPool Forum Resident

    I just listened to Side 2 of West Coast Seattle Boy last night. I wanted to hear those versions of Are You Experienced and Castles Made of Sand. Fie and Love or Confusion were great, too. My first thought is usually to go to Are YOu Experienced and Axis, but I was in the mood for the alternate versions. I thought briefly about the purple box and then realized I don't know WCSB as well as I know the other comps, as I often go for the tried and true favorites. I need to spend more time with the material I'm less familiar with. It does boggle the mind when you think about how much studio material Jimi left behind, after he met with Chas and went to the UK, before passing a little over four years later, especially given how much touring he did. When I was in high school 9and Jimi was still putting out new music and playing shows) I had an English teacher who used to say "When Shelley was my age, he'd been dead for 15 years". I've taken that over using Jimi.
  9. tcbtcb

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    sugar hill nh usa
    Listening to some of the tunes on these two... Both were Christmas gifts (on vinyl) some years back, so in my mind they will always be connected w/the holidays...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Hendrix at Woodstock on Cassette
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  11. dino77

    dino77 Forum Resident

    Well, Fat Mattress 1 actually. Pleasant but underwhelming - thin pillow, as Jimi said :).
  12. Jimi said that..wow. Very astute.
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  13. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    That's the same disc I've been listening to this week."Little One" and "Are You..."
  14. Brian Lux

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    Placerville, CA
    I have almost 30 Hendrix LP's because I'm a shameless Hendrix FANATIC! but to be honest, the original studio albums are still all my favorites. Most of what I have outside those are the unfinished albums, live recordings, rare tracks etc. The compilation LPs get to be a little too much in terms of milking consumerism so I pass on most of those. If I had to list one top favorite it would be Axis.
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  15. Holy Diver

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    Greater St. Louis
    Still my favorite.

  16. OneStepBeyond

    OneStepBeyond Selective listener... Thread Starter

    Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection (2001 MCA 2CD)

    Playing disc two, which one of the best ever collections/compilations of his live tracks... next to Concerts and the 1971 release of In The West (at least, as far as I am aware of). Can be had for so cheap (used) these days, it is a must IMO.
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  17. dino77

    dino77 Forum Resident

    When he didn't tour he was in the studio during those 4 years basically. He had a few weeks off but not much. Work ethic!
  18. Mono clips of the first 2 albums from youtube. I know Jimi wanted to do "surround sound" and a lot of folks here prefer him in stereo, but for my money The Experience were still essentially a power trio and thus better suited for Mono. At least the first 2 albums. I wish I could get these on CD.
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  19. s320no

    s320no Active Member

    Kristiansund N
    Great version of Red House from New York Pop Festival ´70 on disc 2. I wish they release the complete concert on Lp one day :)

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  20. OneStepBeyond

    OneStepBeyond Selective listener... Thread Starter

    I had a US import of the s/t debut and it didn't exactly set me alight... but years later, I heard a compilation of them and liked their sound a lot more. I might grab something along those lines because as you say, it's pleasant enough.
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  21. OneStepBeyond

    OneStepBeyond Selective listener... Thread Starter

    You're not the only one who'd love them in mono on CD... and they could can put Stone Free and Midnight Lamp on them in proper mono for starters, as well. :agree:
  22. rabblerouser

    rabblerouser Well-Known Member

    Burning Desire : RSD Black Friday 2 LP set, pressed at QRP and it's fantastic.
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  23. dino77

    dino77 Forum Resident

    Some of material is good; Mr Moonshine and How Can I live in particular. But they lack a distinctive vocalist, it's like Traffic fronted by a pub singer. Noel's loveable croak is distinctive enough when he gets a chance to sing. ;)
  24. old school

    old school Forum Resident

    I have been listening too this,It's been awhile. Every disc is superb! I had the MCA purple velvet box from 2000. Then I bought the Sony Legacy edition for the extra 4 songs! There are some real gems here and a lot too get acquainted with again. Simply amazing music!
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  25. Larry L

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    Dallas, Texas
    Side 1 of Woodstock 2.
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