Which is the better version of Crying? Roy Orbison or Rebekah Del Rio

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jojopuppyfish, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. jojopuppyfish

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  2. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    Love that scene from Mulholland Drive.

    It's a great cover, not sure it beats the original.
  3. richard a

    richard a Forum Resident

    felsted, essex, uk
    That's not bad actually, but nothing can beat the Big O.
  4. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    Covering Roy Orbison? You can't improve on perfection.
  5. Turmatic

    Turmatic Forum Resident

    Sorry. It sounds like she is singing in a long, LONG tunnel. I will stick with Roy.
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  6. ReadySteady

    ReadySteady Custom Title

    Even though I prefer Orbison's, I really liked her version. David Lynch has a knack for compelling chanteuses singing pop songs.
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  7. on7green

    on7green Forum Engineer

    Roy Orbison: "I remember Paul and John grabbing me by my arms and not letting me go back to take my curtain call. The audience was yelling, ‘We want Roy, we want Roy,’ and there I was, being held captive by the Beatles who were saying, ‘Yankee, go home.’ We had a great time."
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  8. richard a

    richard a Forum Resident

    felsted, essex, uk
    My dear mother saw that tour - The Beatles as a support act for Roy Orbison!
    She was a huge Orbison fan and wasn't actually that impressed by this new, up and coming band called the Beatles...
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  9. OnTheRoad

    OnTheRoad Forum Resident

    The version submitted here made me cry !

    In the theatre during Mulholland Drive's first run.

    Roy Orbison's version is great, hard to say if better or not to me....but it never made me cry.
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  10. BD70

    BD70 Active Member

    Perth Australia
    Rebekah who?
    It's ok, I'm joking. Her version is perfectly fine, and it joins the growing list of *good* versions done by other artists.
    Sorry, but suggesting it's better than the original ? You cannot (as John McEnroe would say) be serious!!??
    There is simply no comparison here. And to suggest as much is bordering on disrespectful.
    It's like suggesting John Mellencamp outdoes Bob on "Like A Rolling Stone".
    So can we behave, now?
    There will only be one version of this song that truely matters, and that's the one coming out Roy Orbison's mouth. His version of "Crying", and only his, is arguably the greatest song of love and loss ever recorded. Case closed.
  11. Ben Toscano

    Ben Toscano Well-Known Member

    Houston, TX
    Can't beat Roy's IMHO.
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  12. PopMusik

    PopMusik Well-Known Member

    A million times to infinity it will always be Roy Orbison over ANYONE else. His voice was made for pain & heartbreak and he conveys it perfectly in his version.

    The duet version with k.d. lang is really good as well, but only because Roy is on it with her.
  13. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    Yup. Whatever positives the cover has, that super-dee-duper echo is a massive turnoff...
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  14. sgb

    sgb Forum Resident

    Baton Rouge
    Roy, not even close.
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  15. rene smalldridge

    rene smalldridge Senior Member

  16. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Diver Dan

    Alpine, TX
    Decent cover. The original by Roy is timeless
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  17. kirkhawley@q.com

    kirkhawley@q.com Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ
    This is more than decent. And just as timeless, imo.

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  18. dynamic73

    dynamic73 Well-Known Member

    Jacksonville, FL
  19. rwil

    rwil Well-Known Member

    Fayetteville, AR
    I absolutely love Rebekah del Rio's version, especially how it fits into the arc of the film, marking a threshold moment after which everything changes. I think it's one of the great moments in cinema and the performance is a landmark... But I'm still voting for Roy Orbison cuz c'mon, it's Roy Orbison.
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  20. bunglejerry

    bunglejerry Forum Resident

    Was that not taped in David Lynch's office when she thought she was just demoing the song for him? Pretty incredible if so.
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  21. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Timely that this thread should pop up now. I was listening to Roy's version on the way to work this morning and marvelling, yet again, at how amazing that song is.

    The Rebekah Del Rio version is very good as well, but for me, nothing can beat Roy's version. Just an incredible song.
  22. kwadguy

    kwadguy Forum Resident

    Cambridge, MA
    I imagine the video for mom Vanessa Del Rio's version is better.
  23. royzak2000

    royzak2000 Forum Resident

    All song are open to reinterpretation, it's how great music works. Listening to Melanie's Ruby Tuesday now.
    The original seems to stick as definitive, even more with the so distinctive Roy, but I can't resist other versions.
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  25. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Forum Resident

    New Mexico USA
    Wow, we haven't had one of these masochistic hit-me running-up-the-score wipeout defeatist polls in a while.

    Too bad it was unwisely launched on behalf of a perfectly excellent cover version. But messing with Roy's masterpiece (and the duet with kd is also magnificent) is a guaranteed lopsided loser.

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