which of these 5 songs is your favorite

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pinkrudy, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    just a random poll. 5 long epic "trippy" songs. which of these do you prefer?
  2. dbz

    dbz Bolinhead.

    Live At Leeds (UK)
    Riders or Echoes.

    Going to have to go with Riders as it's so atmospheric and well, perfect.
  3. mikrt17

    mikrt17 Forum Resident

    It has to be Riders for me ....no contest.
  4. KariK

    KariK Forum Resident

    Espoo, Finland
    The End and Echoes. Hard To choose.
  5. progrocker71

    progrocker71 Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    I had to go with "love them all equally", because I do.
  6. goodiesguy

    goodiesguy Boulful Sallad

    New Zealand
  7. murga

    murga Active Member

    Voted for Riders,but I also like The End and Echoes very much.
  8. BlueSpeedway

    BlueSpeedway If our love song, could fly over mountains...

    London, England
    Echoes, but I like them all except King Crimson.
  9. Dear 23

    Dear 23 Forum Resident

    Midwest USA
    The End
  10. Robin L

    Robin L Musical Omnivore

    Fresno, California
  11. brew ziggins

    brew ziggins Forum Prisoner

    The Village
    Not that fond of Epitah, but can't choose between the rest. Odd poll; doesn't seem 'fair and balanced' to have 40% of the choices being The Doors, who aren't that trippy anyway.
  12. Jackson

    Jackson Forum Resident

    MA, USA
    Doors ''Riders''


    Doors ''The End''

    ''Riders On The Storm'' is simply one of the greatest tunes ever recorded by anybody.:righton:
  13. Scope J

    Scope J Forum Resident

  14. Coldacre

    Coldacre Well-Known Member

    Echoes by a long shot.
  15. kevintomb

    kevintomb Forum Resident

    Echoes, as I can barely stand to listen to the doors at all anymore. I loved them in my teenage years in the early 80s as they were seen as semi-cool in some revival way back then, and kinda listened a lot to them in my early 30s again, but geez, there is only so much to be gotten from a 40 some year old song to me.

    I know most of their songs so well, that I cant even stand to hear 5 notes of "The End" or of "Riders on the storm"...
  16. JustVinyl

    JustVinyl Well-Known Member

    Echoes ... I never get tired of this track.
  17. DrAftershave

    DrAftershave Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    "Riders On The Storm"
  18. rburly

    rburly This space for rent

  19. Emberglow

    Emberglow Forum Resident

    Waterford, Ireland
    'Riders On The Storm'. I love 'Epitaph' but I consider it to be a poem rather than a song.
  20. smorrison

    smorrison Forum Resident

    Riders, easily.
  21. Mike McMann

    Mike McMann Forum Resident

    Riders on the Storm
  22. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen PORKCHOPS! Productions

    Had to go with "Echoes"...back in my younger days Meddle was required listening whilst tripping out:righton: (I seem to recall I was under the influence of certain psychedelics that were fashionable back in the 60's when introduced to that album...what an experience!)

    I like "1983" as well even though, like a fair bit of Hendrix, it comes off as a little dated (IMO).

    I have no use for The Doors. Not even to use their CDs as coasters.
  23. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Forum Resident

    I'm not a big Doors fan, but Riders is brilliant.
  24. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    The End

    The atmosphere is just unbelievable for a 1967 debut. It still blows me away all these years later.
  25. Linolad

    Linolad Well-Known Member

    I went with Riders, but it was a close run to Echoes. I like the rest except for The End which I hate
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