Whitesnake 30th Anniversary (1987)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by everyday_ffm, Aug 16, 2017.

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    The double vinyl looks interesting.
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    4 audio CD's - very interesting. After listening to the original US DADC pressing since it came out, I bought the original U.K. EMI CD a couple of years ago and it sounds great (and better). I don't know if that can be improved on but it will be interesting to see what the bonus tracks there are.
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    David had this to say in an interview for the 20th anniversary release which gives a little insight into what might be on this 30th Anniversary set ----

    Why are there no “extras” from the ‘1987’ era on the Collectors Edition, such as live performances, studio outtakes, original demos or even unofficial material?

    DC… There are no studio out-takes simply because I do not have access to my original multi track tapes… You’ll have to wait ’til I get them back to search thro’ them for that kind of thing… Record companies don’t like the artists who create the work getting anywhere near them, for some reason… I’m still learning thro’ my website that some people want just about anything at their fingertips… regardless of quality… That’s a bit of a tough one for me… If you’ve followed the horrid, scraping the barrel albums that Deep Purple’s old management throw out there without our blessing, you may understand my reluctance to stick just any old thing on a record under the name Whitesnake… Even then, I know some people seem to delight in scratchy videos… Crappy sounding shows… I don’t get it… but, I’m trying to understand…

    I haven’t closed the door on researching more of this avenue of questionable delights from my sordid past for possible inclusion in future projects… As anyone who has seriously followed my career knows I have always tried to maintain strict quality standards for Whitesnake… to make sure you get as much bang for your buck, as possible… & I will continue to do that as long as I can… If we utilise bootleg audio or visuals, you can be assured they will be the best quality we can find… then someone will probably tell us they have a copy much better than ours! I’ve never collected bootlegs until recently… & those I make available on WS.com…

    I do have some decent quality cassettes of John & I composing the songs… & the original working titles… then the first rehearsals with Aynsley & Neil playing the songs for the first time… & some other drummers, of course, as we auditioned the entire percussive community of Los Angeles trying to replace Cozy! Who knows… maybe they’ll see the light of day…
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    CD 1 Original Album - New Remaster
    CD 2 Alternative Versions/Mixes
    CD 3 Unreleased Live in Japan 1988
    CD 4 Demos and Rehearsals
    DVD Promo videos, live footage, David Coverdale Q&A (new)

    I just discovered this show a few days ago and wondered why the **** they hadn't released any live material from the 1987/88 period. Thankfully it seems to be coming out now. If it's the bonus CD on the 2CD edition I'll probably be buying it. So long as they don't resequence the ****ing tracklist again. For that reason alone I found the last reissues a total botch job.
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    It makes you wonder if this Rhino reissue has Lord Coverdale's blessing or not!
    I do remember how critical he was over the recent Burn and Stormbringer remasters!
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    The EMI UK CD is my favorite.
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    I was begining to wonder why there was no word on a 30th anniversary version of this album yet, especially in light of the similar recent 30th anniversary edition releases of Def Leppard's Hysteria. These were two of the biggest, and my favorite albums from 1987. The box set sounds interesting, but will probably be more than I want to pay for it (like the Hysteria box set). I'll be down for the double Vinyl edition, especially if it restores the two tracks from the UK version - "Looking For Love" and "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again" - which were left off the US version of the album. A&R man John Kolodner had them excised from the US version of the album so that the vinyl versions wouldn't be so compressed sounding as a result of the album's run time. With the album spread out onto two LPs, there's zero reason not to include them now, as well as some of the album's b-sides and/or remixes.

    Agreed. They should have just used the UK run order. Instead they tried to make some sort of hybridized version of the US and UK versions, which made absolutely no sense.
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    So most of 1987 big albums received 30th anniversary/super deluxe editions... Hysteria, Whitesnake 1987, Joshua Tree, Girls Girls Girls

    Hope that Appetite and Permanent Vacation will join the festivities
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    My thoughts exactly exactly!!!
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    Disc: 1
    1. Still of the Night (2017 Remastered Version)
    2. Give Me All Your Love (2017 Remastered Version)
    3. Bad Boys (2017 Remastered Version)
    4. Is This Love (2017 Remastered Version)
    5. Here I Go Again 87 (2017 Remastered Version)
    6. Straight for the Heart (2017 Remastered Version)
    7. Looking for Love (2017 Remastered Version)
    8. Children of the Night (2017 Remastered Version)
    9. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again (2017 Remastered Version)
    10. Crying in the Rain (2017 Remastered Version)
    11. Don't Turn Away (2017 Remastered Version)

    Disc: 2
    1. Bad Boys / Children of the Night (Live)
    2. Slide It In (Live)
    3. Slow An' Easy (Live)
    4. Here I Go Again (Live)
    5. Guilty of Love (Live)
    6. Is This Love (Live)
    7. Love Ain't No Stranger (Live)
    8. Guitar Solo (Adrian & Vivian) [Live]
    9. Crying in the Rain (Live)
    10. Still of the Night (Live)
    11. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City (Live)
    12. Give Me All Your Love (Live)

    Disc: 3
    1. Still of the Night (87 Evolutions Version)
    2. Give Me All Your Love (87 Evolutions Version)
    3. Bad Boys (87 Evolutions Version)
    4. Is This Love (87 Evolutions Version)
    5. Straight for the Heart (87 Evolutions Version)
    6. Looking for Love (87 Evolutions Version)
    7. Children of the Night (87 Evolutions Version)
    8. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again (87 Evolutions Version)
    9. Crying in the Rain (87 Evolutions Version)
    10. Don't Turn Away (87 Evolutions Version)
    11. Crying in the Rain (Lil' Mountain Alternate Take) [Ruff Mix] [87 Evolutions Version]

    Disc: 4
    1. Still of the Night (2017 Remix)
    2. Is This Love (2017 Remix)
    3. Give Me All Your Love (2017 Remix)
    4. Here I Go Again 87 (2017 Remix)
    5. Standing In the Shadows (1987 Version)
    6. Looking for Love (87 Versions Version)
    7. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again (87 Versions Version)
    8. Need Your Love So Bad (1987 Version)
    9. Here I Go Again (Radio Mix)
    10. Give Me All Your Love (Single Version)

    Disc: 5
    1. Still of the Night
    2. Here I Go Again 87
    3. Is This Love
    4. Give Me All Your Love
    5. Video Memories - The Making of the 1987 Album Documentary
    6. Here I Go Again (Purplesnake Video Jam Version)
    7. Crying in the Rain
    8. Band Intros
    9. Still of the Night
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    Please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly does "Evolutions Version" mean?
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  14. Claus

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    Nope.... the new remasters are definitely better than the Anniversary-Brickwallstuff
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    I know Coverdale worked on these he mentioned it in an interview this year. He always sad he wanted to remix this.

    This looks awesome BTW. I tweeted at him not to compress the CD's to death. :)
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    Off on a tangent, but I'd like to see a 2lp release of Coverdale/Page one day.
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    I bought the 20th anniversary CD but will sell that and pick up the single edition for this one -£6.71 on Amazon UK right now.

    I bought the UK pressing of the album from discogs the other week with the US remix of Here I Go Again on it but I much prefer the UK single version. Does anyone know which version of that song will be on the vinyl reissue?
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    This is fantastic news...must buy for me!
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    We'll have to wait and see...but the word suggests to me that they would be some form of demo. As in "the song was still evolving"
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    One of my favorite Coverdale vocal performances is on "Looking for Love"... which I never heard until this year as it was excluded from the US version. I love when he sings in his deep voice.
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    Coverdale wanted to do as far back as a 10th Anniversary thing for C/P and EMI was game. Guess who wasn't??

    Coverdale has at least has a handful of unreleased tracks.
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    It's been available here as well for years. Have you heard You're Gonna Break My Heart Again and Sweet Lady Luck yet?

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