Wholesale records distributors?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Sprague Dawley, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Sapporo, Japan
    used to run a store so I know a few (RIP Mordam and No Idea! they were my guys!) but I want to know moarrr. especially doom metal ones.

    my take:

    Revelation: too pricey and stuck in the past
    Ebullition: always been cheap. bit too hardcore for me these days though
    Cobraside: v.good. got a lot of great stuff.
    ILD: some cheap as helll exclusives (SFTRI)
    Sound of California: nice big list with some surprisingly range but its run by 1 guy who... yeah... I dunno... I mustve ordered the INDIAN lp 3 times off the guy and each time he writes back and says "I don't have it and I havent updated the catalogue"
    Secretly Distribution: very nice. Touch and Go and Flying Nun exclusives. Most of the other bands I've never even heard of
    Midheaven: still the best stuff. and still a bit snooty. God forbid you would want to ask them a question. They'll ignore it.
    Robotic Empire: looks alluring but havent pulled the trigger yet
    Alliance: talked my way into an account, supposedly the biggest wholesaler of vinyl on the planet, responsible for “48% of all vinyl sales” on gods black earth in the last year. but wft. what a let down. Sure they got buttloads but it aint at wholesale prices. Theyre just a goddamn distributor with Big Business prices. As I said to the very helpful businessman sales rep guy, I can buy almost all this stuff from the actual source or their exclusive distributor at way cheaper. These "wholesale prices" are higher than what the lp is priced at in stores. Let alone 3x higher than the cheapest copy of it on discogs.


    $17.75 for BATS “Daddy’s Highway”? I can get that for $10 from actual wholesalers.
  2. Sprague Dawley

    Sprague Dawley Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Sapporo, Japan
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    All I know are deceased distributors. I loved being allowed to wander in their warehouses and just pick stuff for myself. My radio gig was usually my ticket past the locked doors.

    When Rounder was in Cambridge, it had an unbelievable warehouse!
  4. Were you trying to buy bulk copies or 1s & 2s? If the latter, Alliance is definitely the wrong place. And they've always been big and never particularly nice, even if you're actually trying to help them (long story).

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