Why is Walmart not selling vinyl yet?

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    i have gone to a record store, many actually, and have asked about vinyl sales.

    overwhelmingly the response is that used, cheap vinyl sells to kids, older people buy new vinyl, and not much of it. no one i spoke with orders more than one copy of anything on vinyl, if they sell it, then they order another, but they sit on it for weeks.

    as for jack white, i don;t know how many vinyl records he has sold, but i am guessing that he has sold more CD's then records.....i said, guessing.
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    This article is primarily dealing with Walmart/Amazon pricing on Groceries, but it may provide some insight on how vinyl is/would be treated.

    I get the impression that it is more likely that Amazon will be putting a hard pricing squeeze on vinyl distributors in the future to cover returns and shipping costs than it is that Walmart would get into the game.

    Amazon and Walmart are in an all-out price war that is terrifying America’s biggest brands

    Not directly related to the thread, but thought it may be interesting to some of the thread participants.
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    Ontario Canada
    Anderson Merchandisers has a handful of budget records on Walmart Canada. Do they press these or something?!? I don't see them listed anywhere else but Walmart Canada. The budget line seems to be called "Collectors Edition"

    Few examples of upcoming releases priced at $15.99 Canadian


    Anyone know anything about these?!

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