Wilco - Being There 5-CD Box Set 4 LP Vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Kevin55, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Cassius

    Cassius On The Beach

    Lafayette, Co
    Can't Keep From Talkin' is a big favorite of mine. It showed up again via Golden Smog. Amazon has these at $80 for 4 LPs. Likely hi res source for the bonus stuff. Would be surprised if the standard albums are Re-Remastered as the current ones are solid.

    If you've never heard 96/97 Era live Wilco you're in for a treat. I keep a SBD of a spring 97 show in my digital archive at all times. Gacked up & in your face RnR from the Jay Bennett era.
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  2. bhasenstab

    bhasenstab Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    Sprang for the CD bundle to get my hands on that live show. (It’s not being released on vinyl in any configuration. Just CD and digital.) But the bonus content plus the live material made it easy to say yes — even though I still have my originals of both these albums on CD.

    And you can count me in for a deluxe Summerteeth when the time comes. :goodie:
  3. jalexander

    jalexander Forum Resident

    I also like the short period with Bob Egan on pedal steel. These are a real surprise. I have BT on vinyl already, so will likely go for CD.
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  4. jalexander

    jalexander Forum Resident

    Interesting that they put When You Find Trouble on here. I’ve had this for years with no documentation, but had heard it had John Stiratt on it and it was UT’s last recording. I assume, then, that even though it’s billed as Uncle Tupelo, Jay Farrar has nothing to with it.
  5. rcb30

    rcb30 Fender Rhodesian

    Richmond, VA
    I turned out to like significantly different Wilco even better down the line, but tape-trading for a copy of the 5/10/97 Fillmore broadcast very soon after it happened really pinned down my seat on the bus. Wore that thing out. I'm glad the Bennett-era lineup is getting some quality official documentation.
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  6. Musicisthebest

    Musicisthebest Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    To my ears it is. Being There is loud but enjoyable while I find Alpha Mike Foxtrot to have all the enjoyment squashed out of it.
  7. richierichie

    richierichie Forum Resident

    Two years ago I said to a friend "That's it, there'll be very few box sets to release now". What a load of b@ll@cks I uttered. In the last two years there's been more of the feckers than ever, I'm almost destitute!
  8. harmonica98

    harmonica98 Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Must buys. I am not saying Being There is Wilco's best album but for me it is their most enjoyable. Shame there is not a bonus DVD of the pro-shot footage from that time.
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  9. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    I think the Golden Smog/Uncle Tupelo tunes are Wilco's attempts at them, esp. the former when Stirratt brought them in for the first album along with 'It's Just That Simple'.
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  10. qtrules

    qtrules Forum Resident

    looking forward to these!

    is there any overlap with the alpha box set from a few years ago?
  11. That's my only issue with this set.
    There's footage out there that would be perfect for this release.
  12. bmoregnr

    bmoregnr Forum Rezident

    1060 W.Addison
    Did you mean Schmilco or am I missing something?

    Also I was just browsing the DR numbers on some of the HD Tracks offered (I have YHF and I find it a bit better than the CD) and very few of them got any kind of DR improvement; not that that is everything of course, but I sure hope they give us a break on the CD/hi res compression as I feel like the vinyl gang is getting all the love.
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  13. n.phelge

    n.phelge Forum Resident

    Not familiar with this show, but I love the electric version of "Someone Else's Song" from other shows in this era - hopefully this one is similar.
  14. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    Preordered the color vinyl.
    Looking forward to it, but so expensive!
  15. segue

    segue Forum Resident



    *Wilco's buddies "Susto" have released one of the best albums of 2017
  16. bmoregnr

    bmoregnr Forum Rezident

    1060 W.Addison
    Oh ok cool I will check that out.
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  17. budwhite

    budwhite Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

    Götaland, Sverige
    If the Troubador is on par with the Chicago show we're in for a treat
  18. Musicisthebest

    Musicisthebest Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    Having checked the DR numbers for the CDs Alpha Mike Foxtrot looks as good as if not better than Being There but irrespective of the numbers it still sounds a lot worse that Being There to me, sounding sterile & uninvolving.

    AM - DR10

    Being There CD1 - DR7
    Being There CD2 - DR8

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot CD1 - DR10
    Alpha Mike Foxtrot CD2 - DR8
    Alpha Mike Foxtrot CD3 - DR8
    Alpha Mike Foxtrot CD4 - DR8
  19. Adam Schellin

    Adam Schellin Forum Resident

    I'm all over this one. Being There is a great record.
  20. babermac

    babermac New Member

    Yeah, no kidding. $80 is kind of nuts when you can still buy the 2009 remaster for $20.

    edit: I also can't help thinking these will not come in the deluxe Stoughton tip-on sleeves those previous reissues came in. as of the Tweedy album, it seems Wilco & Co. have abandoned those.
  21. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    It definitely has less dynamic range than I'd prefer, but I still find Alpha Mike Foxtrot plenty involving. I absolutely love that set.
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  22. jalexander

    jalexander Forum Resident

    I passed up an original red vinyl AM in New Orleans last year for $40. I did grab a used mint copy of the Being There vinyl for $15.
  23. Musicisthebest

    Musicisthebest Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    Perhaps I'll have to listen to it again? It's been a while & I've tweaked my hi-fi system since I last played it.
  24. timnor

    timnor Forum Resident

    Happy with this release but find it a bit odd that the live show is only bundled with the Being There CD set and not with the more expensive vinyl set.

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