Wilco - Being There 5-CD Box Set 4 LP Vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Kevin55, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Justin Brooks

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    so, are the masterings the same on the CDs or not?
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  2. krlpuretone

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    Dynamic range is the points between lowest and highest volumes on a graph - nothing about what is in between, which is all the detail of a recording...

    The other variable there is someone listening on, say a computer with three inch speakers is more likely to be affected by distortion/breakup of overly loud or bassy sections than someone else listening on a full-range floorstanding speaker (see Soundgarden Superunknown remaster)
  3. marcb

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    It’s pretty funny that someone who doesn’t seem to really understand the whole concept is calling it voodoo.
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  4. Jack

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    Really diggin these latest Wilcos, sounding fine in the car or at home on the hi-fi set. The live discs sound pristine and the outtakes are sublime. Bring on Summerteeth, hopefully for next year’s Solid Sound Fest.
  5. Musicisthebest

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    I'm grateful that when our host masters CDs and SACDs he doesn't make them crunchy.
  6. But Sometimes that’s exactly what the artist wants.
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  7. Musicisthebest

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    No doubt. Presumably such artists haven't yet realised why CD sales are falling.
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  8. Not because of that. Just listen to the few top sellers lately. It’s a popular sound. Most buyers don’t care.

    These forums are far from being a representative of what sells
  9. Musicisthebest

    Musicisthebest Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    The top sellers now are selling less than the top sellers a few years ago. It's not the people who buy the CDs that the artists should be concerned about but those who would have bought the CDs had they provided the listener with greater emotional impact by having decent dynamics. I believe people have lost interest in music because it's harder to get involved in it. Many people write off losing their love of music as one of those things, others myself included, find this forum.
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  10. Not accurate at all. People love music as much as they ever did but there has been huge shift in terms of ownership. Most people now just don't want or need to own records or CDs and in some cases even downloads. All they need is streaming; either via one of the monthly sevuces or through Youtube. Music is on all the time.

    My 27 year old son never buys physical releases. Occasionally he might download an album or song but usually just works to some of the YouTube playlists.... and he even has access to all of my music but youtube works for him a good portion of the time.

    Nobody is losing their love for music.
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  11. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    I still believe the majority of music lovers do not have the DR Loudness site as their home page. :)
  12. Echoes71

    Echoes71 Forum Resident

    I'm really digging this release...I am a moderate fan of Wilco but a HUGE fan of this album, which I count as one of the very best releases of the 1990s. This is how a boxed set should be done. 5 discs loaded with rarities for under $30. I especially like how they packaged the discs into three different sets, with the original album in one sleeve, the outtakes in another, and the live set in a third. This is especially nice for car listening, as I don't have to bring the whole box or put the discs into paper sleeves, which is what I end up doing with the big, bloated boxed sets.

    Plus, the outtakes/rarities are real treasures - even the alternate mixes are sufficiently different from the originals to warrant repeated listening. Good stuff!
  13. Echoes71

    Echoes71 Forum Resident

    I forgot how incredible this electric version of "Someone Else's Song" from Live at the Troubadour is!!
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    AFCBRINGWOOD Well-Known Member

    Regarding the vinyl set, LPs 2, 3 and 4 are fine but I'm getting a significant number of pops on LP1, on 'Far, Far Away' and at the end of 'Hotel Arizona'. I've tried two copies and the pops occur in exactly the same spots. Anyone else found this?

    AFCBRINGWOOD Well-Known Member

    I'm not finding much difference between this version and the 2009 LP - perhaps a bit more low end presence on the 2009. Interesting that there is more dead wax on this new version.

    The CD versions are very similar as well. The new version sounds a tad cleaner, similar to the remastering of OK Computer last year.
  16. Sci-Fi Kid

    Sci-Fi Kid Well-Known Member

  17. Billy Bird

    Billy Bird Forum Resident

    Yep. Tried two copies and had the same issue.
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  18. Gez

    Gez Forum Resident

    Yes, this is totally aligned with my experience. I love all types of music, buy physical media (mostly vinyl these days) and pay attention to "best pressings" and other such nonsense. Our twenty-something daughters also love music but both could care less about "sound quality", or "albums", etc. - they just stream/download a ton of music that they like.

    This was initially a struggle for me until I realized that the "love of music" part has not changed at all, just the contextual surroundings. Bottom line - don't worry about if the next generation cares about the "Chris Bellman" in the dead wax (although you or I might search for this) as much as if they just love music, period. If they do, great music will continue to be created and live on past our short spans.
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    AFCBRINGWOOD Well-Known Member

    Thanks for confirming that. Vinyl can be so frustrating, especially when it's a multi-disc box set. Not sure there's anything we can do then unless it's just a batch that are affected. I got mine from amazon.co.uk, can I ask where you got yours from?
  20. Billy Bird

    Billy Bird Forum Resident

    Same again. Got mine via the recent reductions. Tried a couple and then just gave up. Not sure how often I’d be reaching for the bonus disc and I have a decent copy of the main album already.

    AFCBRINGWOOD Well-Known Member

    Aside from the aforementioned defects on the deluxe vinyl, this pressing to me is much better than the 2009 version. At least with my copies anyway. The 2009 is good but there are occasional ticks and pops I've never been able to get rid of through cleaning on a RCM. The deluxe is virtually silent throughout.

    On another note, has anyone else compared this new mastering with the 2009 version? I'm siding with the deluxe ever so slightly - the midrange seems sweeter to me whereas the 2009 has more bass presence.
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  22. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

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    Awesome little box of CDs:cheers::cheers:
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  23. ParanoidAndroid

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    Bournemouth, UK
    Yes, the extra content is great, isn't it? I like the packaging as well with the mini LPs. All in all great value for the £20 or so that I paid.

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