Worst failed solo careers?

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    You´re both right, of course. Cliff could walk down just about any street in the US and not get noticed. Something he knew to appreciate. And yes, spread over his whole career he did have many tiny hits, and a few Top Ten + Top Twenty hits in the 70 and 80s. It all fizzled out after 1983, though.

    Glad to see someone sticking up for him, though! :righton:
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    It says Bob played lead guitar on that track, but I have it on good authority that Ace Frehley is ghosting for Bob on side three of the double vinyl version of this album.
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    You assumed wrong, as mentioned they grew up together. George, Andrew and Shirley were all friends at school together and formed Wham in their teens together with DC Lee.
    George was an awkward teenager, overweight, pimples, curly hair and wore glasses. Andrew gave George the confidence to form a band. Wham just wouldn't have worked with George fronting the group alone. If you look at their very first Top Of The Pops appearance they presented as immediately fantastically choreographed and polished.
    Andrew Ridgley looked fantastic next to George Michael, just as the very handsome bongo playing Mickey Finn looked amazing next to the androgynous looking and much more talented Marc Bolan.
    Successful bands throuhout the years have often had a member who doesn't appear to do very much, often because bands are formed when very young amongst a bunch of friends. Depeche Mode are a good example of this, and they are still a huge act nearly 40 years down the line.
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    Aparently Andrew was the stylistic source for the band as well providing the visual fabric. My guess is they started out very much as equals but over time one member gains prominence.
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  5. He also had a couple of legitimate co-writes on the early singles.
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    That is probably the case for most young bands I would imagine. They start off as friends and equals until a natural talent/songwriter emerges.
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    What group was Don Johnson in again before going solo??

    Also, "Heartbeat" was Top 5 U.S.
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    He wasn't in a group, but had only one hit.
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    Sorry but I don't understand your reply , this is what the OP said:

    "What artists from hugely successful bands went on to have zero success as solo artists? I'm talking no Top 50 entry's on any major music chart...both with singles and albums."
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    Izzy Stradlin's career after GNR was pretty low key, but that might've been by choice. Artistically, The Juju Hounds album is a classic but from what I've heard, nothing he's done since comes even close.
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    I agree. I saw a clip of them reunited in 1991 singing "I'm Your Man" and George even sang Andrew's lines. The gall! :)
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    I agree.

    Anyway, I can only speak of their success, or lack thereof, in my country, compared to when these aforementioned artists were in a band that did have some local recognition.
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    US, Canada...nothing. My fame of reference. I can only speak about that, really.
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    Paul Weller keeps popping up but does he really count? If Style Council counts, then Paul most certainly has had some hits. Otherwise, his solo career has seemed kinda like a giant victory lap for just being "The Modfather" .... He's a musical and style icon pretty much.
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    I thought people from not just bands, but solo acts also.
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    It's hard to tell if John Lodge actually had a solo career. More like a short visit to Natural Avenue....10,000 light years ago.
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    That first album did get released in 1993; I have it on CD. It was the follow-up, Countryside Blvd., which was shelved and never saw a physical release (according to Wikipedia, it was released on some online outlets in 2011, but withdrawn within hours).
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    :laugh: :agree: :righton: :thumbsup: :edthumbs: :evil: :laughup: :biglaugh: :uhhuh: :pineapple: :tiphat: psst, join the club!
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    Re: Paul Weller
    That much is obvious. But that didn't stop you from saying this to someone else.

    Too bad you didn't follow your own sage advice. :righton:
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    I remember hearing a Phil Everly solo album. He sounded lost at sea without his brother.
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    John Fogerty did not play on Joyful Resurrection.
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    Have you heard of the internet ?Google ? Wikipedia ?
    There are already numerous threads here about artists only successful in one part of the world.
    This, however, is not one of them.
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    Steve Perry had two solo albums. Street Talk went Platinum and For the Love of Strange Medicine went gold. Not a failure! A failure would be someone who's solo albums didn't make gold or platinum, anybody with gold or platinum can't really be considered a failure.
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