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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by World of Genesis, Aug 14, 2006.

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    And the studio version is "Revolver" compared to how they sounded live (sloppy, out of tune, just BAD).
  2. tvstrategies

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    98051 WA USA
    ...and now he gets no respect.
  3. Bill Cormier

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    Malta, New York
    The Hounds opening for Journey and Walter Egan around 1978. Pre Spinal Tap Spinal Tap !
  4. Cassiel

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    This is still not a compelling argument to make the case that Train aren't a terrible band in any billing context.
  5. Gordon Crisp

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    And that little band grew up to be...Limp Bizkit. And know you know the rest of the story.

    Seriously what band was it? It seemed like you were building up to a hilarious reveal.
  6. RichC

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    Nope, they're still terrible, but the difference in long-term success between them and Connells is staggering.

    It's a bit like complaining about how bad the Rolling Stones were when you saw them opening for the Knickerbockers.
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  7. Jack

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    Orange, MA
    I was there too. I remember you!
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  8. Rubber65

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    I honestly cannot for the life of me remember. I've even tried to look up the Proclaimers 94 tour dates in Canada and who were their opening acts and I couldn't find anything. This was 23 years ago and all I remember was that this band all wore black jeans and black t-shirts, long hair, grungy looking, and I think they said they were from Washington state. They just seemed so out of place with their genre of music opening for the Proclaimers who are pretty tame.
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  9. brianplowe

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    Talk Show (STP without Scott Weiland) opening for Foo Fighters in KCK in 1997, got booed and walked off stage cursing the audience.

    Even worse, Cold (bad post-grunge band) opening for Weezer in Chicago c. 2005? Same thing got booed off stage after a couple of songs they were so bad. Weezer wasn't that great either that night.
  10. Young and Restless

    Young and Restless Well-Known Member

    US Maple opening for Pavement.
    Two times, New York and Vancouver.
    Migraine material both times.
  11. sheffandy

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    Sheffield, UK
    AIIZ support for Girlschool in 1981.......memorably rubbish.
  12. TwentySmallCigars

    TwentySmallCigars Well-Known Member

    Jeff Beck in Calgary 1999. The opening act was a stand up comedian from Red Deer, Alberta.

    As soon as he was introduced, the entire audience got up and went to the bar. Probably scarred him for life.
  13. tomvox

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    South Wales
    Terraplane opening for Meat Loaf mid 80's at Hammersmith Odeon. Loud, out of tune, distorted - one of the few occasions where a support act drove me to the bar.
  14. Bathory

    Bathory Well-Known Member

    there are so many which were just bad, be it poor soundboard crew, lack of wanting to be there and play, no emotion for the audience, bored, caught wife with another man the night before, whatever the reason, people are allowed to have bad days, and it stink we are the ones who pay good money to watch a bad day turn into a poor performance. Thats the way life is. life isn't always a bowl of cherries, st times we chomp a pit, and " #@@!!**@$!#" must happen sometimes.

    its happened to us, an dit happens to band members also.

    metallica is notoriously boring, and out of sync, COC opened for them in 199? and it was horrible. COC were the much better band.

    Leon russel at some small club in chicago - he went on started his songs, played 6-8, then just disappeared to his bus, and left - after promising me an autograph...%!@$#!$@#@$!#@$

    destruction at Milwaukee metal first years back, with the other singer, not Schmier, the curly headed guy. horrible show, spilled water on a fan, and stopped the song to apologize, really, its a metal band, keep playing dude.!!

    lots of times the singers getting mad, Cronos (Conrad Lant from Venom) at house of blues chicago, was so not wanting to be there, because he could not get the proper practice time in because Disney show was there, and he could not do the soundcheck, or something like that, he sang fast through the songs, little banter, no audience participation, just seemed very cold, and uninvolved, while his brother Anthony Lant the drummer for that show, was super cool, having fun, seemed genuinely excited to play, and meet the fans at the bus after the show. While Conrad hid on the bus, and would not come out to greet the fans who have admired him for 35 years.

    anyway, thanks Anthony Lant for your attitude, it is what a rock star should be !

    many others to list, can't think now, my head hurts from thinking of these past fumbles.

    ooohhh RAVEN !!! and Destruction with schemer in chicago.

    Raven played for 80 people in the audience, and NOT ONCE did they lose their power, their wanting to play. they smoked and played like they were in front of 78,000 in Wacken, stand up band ! always professionals ! cheers Mark and John Gallagher for your professionalism, it shows your love for music and your fans !

    destruction or some brazilian death metal band, the small venue, the crows was no more than 20 people, really, there was an echo in the place between songs, thats how empty it was. but the band powered on, played with ferocity, and a force to awaken the heaviest of sleeping demons.

    maybe it was destruction,.... anyway. cheers to those bands who DO always put on a good show, and meet the fans with smiles, makes us happy !

    booo to those grumpy members, who run, and hide, don't greet fans. THIS is why i like the small venues,..large venues, treat you like a criminal from the get go. tinley park venue......is the worst I've been to. after the deep purple show, i will not be going back to that place, even if bon scott, hendrix, and gary moore were resurrected to play a one night only gig.
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  15. stagnation

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    Bridlington UK
    The Eagulls (not the American band) they supported the manic street preachers on the 'Rewind The Film' tour. Talk about a tuneless racket. I've never heard an crowd/audience moan about a support act as much as that night in Leeds
  16. Spazaru

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    Too many to count, but Alice In Chains opening for Iggy Pop in 1990 comes to mind.
  17. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Please label the photos you post

    Austin, TX
    I'm confused by your post. First you list a bunch of what seems like headliners and not opening acts then you list 2 bands on the same bill where both kicked ass.
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  18. FredV

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    Saw Rockpile with Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds at the Palladium in NYC around 1980 and the opening act was the British poet John Cooper Clark who didn't go over very well with the New York crowd, especially when some of his poems were laced with a series of F-bombs. The boos were louder when he did an encore! :cussing:
  19. Bathory

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    i did, i like being honest. some bands were SO GOOD, i had to list them. A for effort!

    off topic, but rrrright back on now..........
  20. Raubhautz

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    Costa Mesa
    NEGATIVE on two (s) counts! T-Bone Burnett then The Clash opened for The Who at the LA Coliseum on 29NOV1982!!! Best times for me. It was T-Bone Burnett who got booed. I do not know many Who fans who would have booed The Clash, I'd have had issues with that. The Who not only opened with 'My Generation' on that set, but ran a 4x piece encore - awesome concert.

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