X-files reboot?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Mirrorblade.1, Jan 18, 2015.

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    Thanks for posting this. Really good news.
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  3. My guess is that Duchovny will be MIA in the first couple of episodes or minimally involved. Maybe he dies. Wouldn't be the first time.

    I hope Chris Carter learned something from the last run--critics largely hated it fans ate it up. He always wants critical acclaim and maybe an Emmy for himself so here's hoping he will up his game.
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    Sigh another dream season where everything we known is does not exist..
    Just rambling... :sigh:
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    The show is S&M and I mean that in a couple of ways. Scully and Mulder are all anyone cares about. If you are trying to piece together the plot, seek help. I enjoyed their personal journeys and interplay in the mini. Neither die unless it's an officially declared we mean it this time final episode and that doesn't seem to be part of the plan.
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    My guess is that Chris Carter will just keep painting himself into that corner.
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    I'm glad. But they have to realise that in a limited series, they can't get away with producing three or four crappy episodes like they did in the old days when a series meant 20+ shows - especially after the massive hype the last series had. Let's face it, it was just waiting to be shot down - and I mean criticism beyond the "He looks bigger; she looks thinner; he's wearing his pants lower; the show isn't doing what I want it to; it hasn't got so and so in it; it'll never be as good because these things never are - wah, wah, wah..." stuff. And the scripts left it open to fairly damning - and deserved - criticism. Looking back at it - generously - I thought there were two good episodes; two fair and two bliddy awful. It was almost as if Carter hadn't thought it through - which, of course, was/is the criticism levelled at him for show's later years.
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    I have always loved this show and I'm glad they have decided to do it again.

    Now, just bring "FRINGE" back!
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    Fringe is my favorite show of all time and I think it ended perfectly. Any more would just ruin it.
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    It did end perfectly I have no hang ups about that.

    I just miss it..the whole casting was superb as was the story line.

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