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    I just did, and there's nothing there that I haven't already said about the mythology arc other than the numbers. The author states that there are 67 mythology episodes out of 203 total episodes, 33% mythology episodes as you stated. However, I stated in my previous post that I agree with you about the mythology arc.

    There is one glaring error in the article that leads me to believe that perhaps the author wrote it during season ten, before the season finale, "My Struggle II." Near the end, the author states that the mythology arc was retconned to be a government distraction, that the alien invasion scenario was a hoax. Yes, that was suggested in the first episode of season ten, "My Struggle," but proven to be false in the season finale, as we discover that humans have been infected by a virus and a UFO shows up over Washington.

    I agree that the mythology arc should have been wrapped up some time during the show's initial run. The show could have continued with story of the week episodes and would have been better off. Every once in awhile, I throw on an episode, but it's always a standalone episode, as they have rewatchability. The mythology episodes do not.
  2. The mytharc always had problems because Fox kept renewing the show; Carter never had a long-term plan after the movie and any plan he did have got destroyed when David Duchovny decided he was tired of filming 20-some episodes a year. I really don't blame him, the mytharc episodes were a big lure until the entire edifice of continuity they had built around them fell apart. With David threatening to walk every season and his reduced commitments each year, they couldn't really develop the next logical phase in the mytharc - Mulder and Scully's child. Afraid of messing with the established X-Files formula, they had no convenient plan for the kid. What we got with William wasn't particularly satisfying for anyone.
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    I think that was a big part of the problem. The other was that they were just throwing stuff at the wall in the writers' room and seeing what stuck.
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    I'm excited
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    The problem, though, is the way in which the mythology episodes indirectly affect the enjoyment of the standalone episodes. I mean, how can you care about a sasquatch in the wilds of North Dakota when there's an alien conspiracy for world domination going on?
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    Apparently, that's Langly of the Lone Gunmen on the iPhone at 1:19. Missed that the first time around. Skyping from beyond the grave?
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    Gillian Anderson Confirms X-Files Exit: 'This Is It for Me'
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    Didn't she say this a few years back too?
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    I always thought the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I love the show... I just thought it was incredibly bizarre how during the standalone episodes, everybody just went about their business and seemed to completely forget that there was an impending alien colonization. :p
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    I agree to an extent. It’s not a problem if you acknowledge that it’s a show about the fantastic that requires suspension of disbelief going into it.
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    Exactly. And in this upcoming season, only two of the ten episodes have to do with the mythology, while the rest are standalone. That's an even worse proportion than the last mini-season. How are we going to get any kind of closure on ten years of convoluted story-telling in just two hours of TV? Instead, they'll spend 80% of the season chasing a swamp monster in Sioux City, Iowa or exploring a haunted house in the Old South. Why not just devote the whole ten episodes to the mythology and finally end it? With that out of their system, they can then continue with strictly standalone episodes, using a revolving cast of agents in the style of Law & Order, which will allow the show to keep on going for as long as the viewers remain.
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  13. Reading this thread today made me realize that Disney now owns the X-Files and these beloved characters.:(
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    Review of the first five episodes doesn't sound too good when it comes to the mythology... (no spoilers)

    ‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Review: Mulder and Scully Return, and The Results Are Genuinely Exciting

    And let’s get this out of the way first: The season premiere, entitled “My Struggle III,” is not good — specifically, it’s not good in the same ways as the previous two “My Struggle” episodes, with slightly better pacing but a few bonus moments of bad choices and confusing plotting.

    Following up on the events of the Season 10 finale (to some degree), the Chris Carter-written-and-directed installment is our re-entry point into the show’s completely tangled mythology, but the storytelling is messy and unfocused. In addition, it ends with a reveal that won’t endear the show to longtime fans, and (depending on how the show follows up on it) could prove deeply problematic.

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    If Anderson is really leaving then it is even more ridiculous that only two episodes this season will deal with the mythology.

    Why does Chris Carter hate X-Files fans?
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    I hope we get closure.

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    But it does sound rather good overall and a lot better than last season. Fortunately.
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    If the new season is mostly non-arc stand-alone episodes, it could be a fun romp.
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    Still, I fear my enjoyment of the standalone episodes will be affected by the treatment of mythology... I just find it really difficult to imagine how they are going to return to the "case-of-the-week" routine after actually setting off the apocalypse in last season's finale. How do you backtrack from that? I suspect the "solution" to that problem is what the advance reviews are referring to as problematic with the first episode. The Forbes review is calling it "one of the most divisive episodes of the series ever produced". I just hope we won't be entering Dallas territory...
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    Apparently not quite yet, as the deal has to be approved. Unfortunately, there's little chance it won't.

    But hey, maybe Disney can take over in time to block a Blu-ray release of this new season and save it for their new streaming service. :rolleyes:
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    I'm actually going to wait until I watch this before I form an opinion. I liked the the last season. To me it was just like the original series - a bit of conspiracy, some humor and a creature or two. I don't care about the conspiracy because I gave up on the whole conspiracy thing many years ago. It's more X-Files, Yay.
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    Sorry, that's not how the internet works. :D
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    It's certainly not how this place works!
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    So far I am confused.

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